Hi! New here

Hi! My name is Em, 27 years old. First time trying MFP to lose some weight (10-15LBS)
Open to any tips and tricks! Trying to hold myself accountable without over restricting etc. Not understanding how Macros work on the app (honestly, or what macros are)


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    hey, im trying to lose 20 pounds. lets motivate each other! idk how this works though
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    Hi! My name’s Emmy too <3
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    OK guys - your Macros - short for Macronutrient - this is your Carbs, protein & fats - be sure your get enough protein & fats, adjust your carb intake to get your amount of calories you need for a slow weight loss. & Eat your veggies .
    You are looking to loose 10 -20 lbs so make it 1/2 lb maybe 1 lbs per week
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    Hi. Feel free to add me.
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    The only tips would be to find a sustainable routine, be patient . . . and with so little total to lose, plan to lose slowly, for best health and appearance results. Tricksy named diets, so-called hacks, extreme exercises: Completely unnecessary, and often unsustainable. Wishing you success!