Women 200lb+, Let's Have An Extraordinary January!!!



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    Happy New Year! <3
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    49 yo 5’3” 6/11/2013 SW 277
    December goal: Maintenance or lose 1-2 lbs
    Ultimate Goal weight: 141 (normal BMI)

    1/1/2022 172.2
    1/1/2023 155.0
    1/6 151.4

    🧅 Hit 3 servings of vegetables every day except Sundays! I reserve Sundays for not hitting my usual protein/oil/carb goals.
    🌶️Always be thankful!!!
    🍆Be patient! Remember that increments are where it is at, and focus on habits.
    🧄Remember: Total loss of 125 lbs!!

    I know it looks like I drank a bunch of saltwater for New Year’s Eve and then faked my losses, but I didn’t!! I did consider it though... I mean, this is Christmas! Until Feb 2! Also, I had my 28th wedding anniversary on January 6 - to the most wonderful man I have ever met, and love more than I did when we first got married. I love him more every day actually. Then Lent, which is always pretty life changing for me. So January I don't usually buckle down all that fiercely.

    I am grateful for the whole year of fitness, the changes in my stamina with walking are crazy amazing. I really love that the hubby can take me anywhere and I am all like, "Hey I will walk till you are done" and walk 2 miles exploring like I was a fish in water! I am keeping that up.

    Also, the low weight is really really strange since I am supposed to be on my TOM. So last year, my cycle would begin every 21-25 days then last 10 days. Maybe this new year will see a little more peri-menopausal sort of pauses... which I would love, even though I have noticed that the hormones are horrible. And the brain fog and memory loss are sometimes horrendous!

    I am glad to see you again @lmgoff232 I always wonder about those who "graduate". I am so slow. But again, I am also still learning maintenance of a lower weight and I am taking that pretty seriously.

    As for the DOM's (delayed onset muscle PAIN) whew. I attempt to plan very very carefully. i.e. just because I can do 30 squats whenever I feel like it and it is nothing, days later it is full on crisis. So for the DOM's I have to be meticulous in how many I do (it is never to failure, or I would spend a month cursing myself every time I try to pee) I do squats for a few times for 5 days, then add a couple. Until I see how much I can actually build without becoming a complete invalid.

    Usually, gardening makes that impossible because for some reason since I refuse to kneel in the muck with my filthy kneeler - I end up paying every single time feeling like I did marathon squats! If I stayed consistent and built up forever this would not happen to me.

    I seem to be able to walk consistently, and track consistently. As for the muscle race, not as consistent and it NEEDS that tracking and consistency. I just haven't taken myself to task with that yet. Maybe this year will be my muscle building consistent year.. I try a little bit, and it isn't time consuming but I haven't figured out how to rein in my stupid brain fog to keep at it. Especially with "rest days" rest days are more like "full brain wipe, what was I doing again?"
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    69 years old
    SW: 266ish
    CW: 249.
    Next Goal weight: 220 (how much I got down to the last time I lost a significant amount on MFP)
    Halfway GW: 199.5
    UGW: 150 (healthy weight) then reconsider
    January GW: Get back into the 240s and start to slowly lose.

    I post weigh- in when I lose.
    8/3: 244.4
    9/1: 245.2
    10/1: wavering between 245. 6 and 248 after starting back to work full-time
    11/1: 249.2 then have been wavering around 250.
    1/2/2023: 251.8
    1/3/2023 250.4
    1/4/2023 249.8
    1/6/2023 249

    ⭐ Aquafit 3 days a week and walk between – Aquafit 2 times and no walking yet
    ⭐ Plan and cook healthy meals at home – we did well at this
    ⭐ Log daily on MFP and track on my spreadsheet –I logged some but not every meal
    ⭐ Eat at a sensible deficit - staying within my calorie goal
    ⭐ Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep

    I went down last week and hope to continue. I am logging more but not all the time. I have logged for years so that helps me stay within calorie goal even when not logging but it would help to log. I only went to Aquafit twice last week since we are getting used to our new schedules and the Y’s aquatics schedules. I was very busy at work last week but got a lot out of the way. More to do this week to get on top of things.

    We are starting to get estimates to remodel our kitchen. This is not a luxury but necessary since our kitchen counter and floors need replacing. Our dishwasher hasn’t worked since a week after we bought our house years and years ago so things may be challenging as to eating at home when that starts. We are trying to get our home in shape before we retire.

    Now I want to plan meals for the week ahead. I didn't do that last week but my husband and youngest picked up the ball. I have updated my spreadsheet.

    @pamperedlinny Reading your earlier post made me realize I didn’t have to pick up Christmas since I was away. I had to look up palmini pasta. Yes it was hard working every day last week. I like working but what I hate is not having time for everything that needs to be done outside of work.
    @Angief05 I weigh daily. I record it on my spreadsheet and on an app on my phone. I only record lows on MFP because otherwise I would be going up and down and not able to see my progress. The spreadsheet and app helps to see which way the weight is going. I fluctuate a lot but that is why I need to weigh daily. If I weighed weekly it could be my high one day and my low another. It wouldn’t show me my trends overtime very well.
    @KacyCarpe I can relate to a lot of what you wrote in your post.
    @pdd1216 nice NSV. In December I really was careful so I felt more isolated while quarantining the week before I met him.
    @justanotherloser007 Did you already reach your monthly goal? Anyway nice loss. Happy anniversary. I celebrated my 40th while we were quarantining so we could meet my grandson. We ordered BBQ (we were in Texas) for everyone – my son’s family and our friends who let us quarantine in their garage apartment. We plan another celebration later too.
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    It is also nice to see how our lifestyle changes have helped others we love lead a healthier life. My MIL moved in with us last year and has dropped weight and gone completely off of diabetes medicine because she eats the way we do. My Mom, Sister and BIL have all joined MFP and the gym we belong to. We even had a day recently of all playing racquetball together!

    I know I've been MIA and while catching up I read this and was like "OMG! From the MIL that had set out candy dishes with, I forget if it was filled with candy or carbs!!!!"
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    swimmom_1 wrote: »
    It is also nice to see how our lifestyle changes have helped others we love lead a healthier life. My MIL moved in with us last year and has dropped weight and gone completely off of diabetes medicine because she eats the way we do. My Mom, Sister and BIL have all joined MFP and the gym we belong to. We even had a day recently of all playing racquetball together!

    I know I've been MIA and while catching up I read this and was like "OMG! From the MIL that had set out candy dishes with, I forget if it was filled with candy or carbs!!!!"

    The very same MIL. She still puts out her bowl of cheetos and pretzels but now she uses a mini prep bowl size rather than a soup bowl size. She learned recently that if she leaves it on the counter overnight the cat will eat all the remaining cheetos and leave pretzels on the counter so I think she is only pulling out what she plans on eating as a small snack.
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    Gained 80 lbs in the last 7 years this is the year i start taking it back down! Goals: track food everyday, exercise 3 times per week, lose enough weight that I motivate someone else to do the same!
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    Happy Monday! Hope all survived the weekend. Our hot water heater went out Friday and our internet so we have called it our primitive weekend. Oh how spoiled we are! Very grateful to have friends that offered showers. Otherwise the weekend was pretty uneventful. I have met my goal of logging and every day and staying under calorie goal.
    We did go to our son's birthday party. They had all the fixings for BBQ nachos...yum! I was mindful but I was really wanting to pile my plate high! I had enough to not feel deprived so that was good. I have found if I have a little bit that it keeps me from having craving later. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it seems to be working.
    I really want to figure out how to do a little exercise with this bad hip but so far I haven't been successful in doing something that doesn't cause more pain.
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    Hi! I am so happy to find a safe space with others who really understand each other! I am Lauryn, 36, RN, mom of three humans and one doggie. I currently weight 235 and am looking to find my way back to the 150s.
    Most current goals are to get 3 workouts per week, track daily regardless, and hit enough water!!! My ADHD son has insomnia and sleep walks, so as much as I need to focus on getting enough sleep- that’s a task in itself right now.
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    SW 250

    I turn 50 in 10 months, and would like to be down to 200 by then. Dedicated to a healthier life in my 50s by logging my food choices and walking 30 minutes a day Monday through Friday.
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    40 years old
    SW: 300 lb
    Prev Low: 195 lb
    Goal: 180 lb
    Dec 10: 214.8 lb
    Jan 10: 214.2 lb

    Hey all! My head is MUCH better today so that’s a big blessing. I also got a new blog post up after a month break through the holidays. I made a healthy brownie batter dip for this week. If you want to find the recipe it is at pamperedlinny.wixsite.com/coffee-required/post/healthy-brownie-batter-dip

    I finally got back below where I was before December got the best of me. I didn't really gain much but it didn't seem to want to fall back off last week at all. Then this weekend my battery in the scale died so this morning I was happy to get on and see the movement.

    As long as my headache doesn't come back I'm going to try to get to my Zumba class tonight but we shall see.
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    Nov SW: 260
    Dec 1st: 250
    Jan Week 1: 243
    Jan Week 2: 244

    Week 1 goals:

    ⭐️ Swim x4 a week❌️ 1/4
    ⭐️ Log all food✅️ 7/7
    ⭐️ Stay within calorie range❌️ 5/7
    ⭐️ Create x3 a week❌️ 0/3
    ⭐️ Study Spanish x3 a week✅️ 4/3

    I broke my little toe at the beginning of last week, so only got in a day of swimming before that. It hurt to walk the first few days so I ended up staying home...and eating lots of unhealthy things and also more healthy things than I should have. It's hard to get out of the mindset of all or nothing, but that's currently where I reside. So not being able to exercise meant (in my head) I wasn't able to eat well. I only gained a pound, and for that I'm grateful.

    Didn't make anything this week, but I studied Spanish for an extra day. I bought a book of short stories (very beginner and each chapter is only 4 to 6 pages long) and it's kept me interested.

    Hoping to get back into the pool and limit my chocolate consumption for this week.

    Hope everyone is doing well! 💜

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    @magster4isu I heard like this Motivation won't carry you thru, discipline will! I working on the discipline!
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    My name is Mary, 65 from Pennsylvania.
    Been MIA for a few months but still logging in everyday since I started MFP 5/14/21.

    Unfortunately lost my mojo and gained a lot back but not all Thank God! Need to get back on track and focused. I bought a NEW to me, gently used, Commercial PreCor EFX 835 Elliptical. It was delivered the beginning of November, as others here know I wore my previous 10+ year old one out from my extensive workouts. Stopped using it mid November to get my Christmas shopping done earlier than my norm. I was planning to start back up a week ago but had a GI bug and very weak. I restarted today but very slow at 45 minutes and 3 miles compared to my 3 hour historical workout sessions. I will MAYBE workup to it again.

    Good to see some familiar names here and glad to see some new ones too!

    Heaviest weight 255 lbs, twice. :-(
    9/14/20-255 lbs
    5/14/21-232.2 lbs
    4/6/22- 147.6 lbs (107.4 lbs lost) I did NOT have a surgery. Did Keto.
    8/1/22- 167.2 lbs
    12/1/22-198 lbs

    1/1/23- 213.4 lbs
    1/2/23- 213.4 lbs
    1/3/23- 207.4 lbs
    1/4/23- 205.8 lbs
    1/5/23- 205.8 lbs
    1/6/23- 201.4 lbs
    1/7/23- 202.4 lbs
    1/8/23- 204.4 lbs elliptical 45 minutes
    1/9/23- 204.4 lbs elliptical 46 minutes
    1/10/22-201.6 lbs elliptical 47 minutes
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    Hey all!

    I made it to my Zumba class yesterday. It felt good to move and thankfully my head didn't feel any worse afterwards so I think I'll survive. Also, the Hogwarts Challenge Group that I joined in November / December is about to start back up and I just got my invite back into that group. It really was good to have set challenges and things to keep me moving and eating well. I'm hoping I love the second term as much as I did the first.

    My daughter has her annual check up this afternoon so I won't be getting to the gym or anything after work today. However, I'm going to try and get my neighbors to walk again this afternoon. When we walk together on our lunch hour I feel better for the afternoon. I know we go most days but we didn't yesterday and, honestly, I should have done a video workout or gone walking alone or hit my elliptical but I didn't and my whole day felt off by late afternoon. Why do I always forget that it feels better to get up and move rather than keep sitting?

    I did a new recipe blog post yesterday for Healthy Brownie Batter Dip. I actually took this to the dip party we had with one of my book clubs. It was a hit with them and at home with my husband and daughter. I did NOT tell them the main ingredient was black beans until after they had all eaten it. Seriously, I hate beans but I love this dip with my strawberries. https://pamperedlinny.wixsite.com/coffee-required/post/healthy-brownie-batter-dip

    @RavenStCloud That sounds painful. I’m sorry you were hurt.

    @swimmom_1 We’ve all been there. I lost my mojo for a while. I had gotten down to 195 and when I started back up I was at 245. While certainly not my heaviest weight it was pretty darn discouraging. We can do this. I just keep reminding myself this is for life. Ups and downs happen but we can’t give up.
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    Welcome back @swimmom_1 it is very good to see you! Some old and new faces for sure! Very good to see you!
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    Hello everyone.. Glad to have found you again. Reading your goals has really helped me not just to feel helpless , but to form a Plan for getting back on track.
    Porridge for breakfast.
    Stop eating butter( love it too much!).
    Swim 3 x per week. Active every day for at least 30 mins.
    Veggie dinner 2 x per week.
    Stop snacking, seconds and sweets.
    Under 98 kilos by Feb (currently 100)
    Goal for 2023. Overweight rather than obese. Think it’s about 15 kilos/ 33 pounds.
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    Welcome back @swimmom_1 it is very good to see you! Some old and new faces for sure! Very good to see you!

    Thank you @justanotherloser007 . I was glad to see you were still here and still doing well.
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    Hope you're all having a good start to the new year! I'm 5.4lbs down so far!
  • serenecompassion2663
    I’m new to MFP, though not new to attempting to make healthier choices. I’ve struggled with my weight since 1997, and have recently been diagnosed with prediabetes. I’ve been inactive for a long time, but want to start walking. I also love Zumba, dance in general, and yoga. I’d love to get strong enough to downhill ski again.

    I am an artist. I love to read, journal, try new recipes, play chess, and love up on animals. My current fur
    baby is my black cat, Beans. I also love quilts and gnomes.

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

    Current weight: 235
    Goal weight: 150