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New to this, looking to find people to add as friend as accountability buddies to each other. So any 60 something ladies who struggle with comfort eating? I’m a very proud Welsh lady, love watching rugby and football, newbie addicted golf player, full time accountant, Mum, Granny, Wife.


  • AnnPT77
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    Hello, and welcome!

    I'm also 60+ (67), but now in weight maintenance after losing to a healthy weight several years back at 59-60. This can work!

    I'm not the world's best MFP friend (more of a Community gal, realistically), but have a couple of suggestions for finding like minded people.

    For one, there's a thread where 60+ people talk to one another, here:

    Don't be dismayed if you open that up and see old posts. Like any long-running thread in the MFP Community, the newest posts are at the end, on the high-numbered pages. You can skip straight to the end with the page-number/arrow links near the bottom of the page. That said, it's good to read the last couple of pages to get a feel for the thing. It's still an active thread.

    Also, a good way to make friends is to join one of the Motivation or Challenge groups or threads in one of these parts of the Community:

    You can find such groups there by looking at their title lines, then read the intro post to see if that particular one appeals to you. I'd encourage you to consider all-ages/all-sexes groups, not just senior women, because the weight loss challenges are pretty similar for anyone of any age.

    Wishing you much success here: It's possible, and the results are worth it!
  • TeenaMarina
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    Hi Maz, I’m Tara from Peterborough. 50 this year, am I old enough?! 😂 Feel free to add me, would love to be friends. x
  • MazLB
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    Hi TeenaMarina
    If only I could work out how to add you that would be perfect! 😂😂