Back Again...with ADHD and hEDS

Hi all, so I joined MyFitnessPal AGES It was a very very different website back then (the layout, etc). I've tried to get myself going on it multiple times, and I always lost motivation. It turns out...I have ADHD. But I also have hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos. Since 2015 I've been dealing with chronic's nothing serious, and I'm not to the point of needing to medicate to get rid of the pain, but it does make me tired, and it does sometimes limit what I can do. In a fantasy world, I'd want to lose about 70 lbs. I'm being realistic...VERY VERY realistic...and I'll start by saying...8. Only 8 lbs. That's my current goal. I can't exercise a lot, and my doc wants me to focus on food rather than exercise. Meanwhile I'm in physical therapy 2x per week for 30 minutes (though I'm supposed to be doing it daily...I'm just in pain right now and need to push myself to remember). Anyway, I'm back at it, focusing on food and because of the hEDS focusing on strength. Wishing everyone luck!


  • Creamtea42
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    It is not easy is it? I have been battling with my weight for most of my adult life and on and off the “programme” so may times! Good luck @Cathie111!
  • Cathie111
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    It's definitely not. It makes it worse when you were a SAHM for 18 years, who jumped back into college for a new degree (I'm 2 years into that, with 2 to go). I get where the saying "Freshman 15" came from! (though I, fortunately, didn't put on more with school) There's so little time for's crazy!
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    Hellow and welcome much luck to you.