๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€***JULY 2023 WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE***๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€



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    I'd like to join in.

    I'm a 46yo SAHM from the Pacific Northwest

    July Start Weight: 293.6lbs (heaviest I've ever been)
    July Goal Weight: 283lbs
    Short-term Goal Weight: 250lbs (what I've weighed most of my adult life since having children)
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 165lbs

    July 5: 293.6
    July 8:
    July 15:
    July 22:
    July 29:
    July 31:

    @justanotherjen13 I'm sorry, what does SAHM stand for? Welcome to the group! So glad to have you!
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    My name is Donna. I am 63 years old and I live in the Midwest of the US. I am 5โ€™ 5โ€ tall.

    Start Weight (from June 30, 2023 ): 198.2
    Goal Weight: (5 pound loss) 193.2

    End of Challenge Weight: xxxxx
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 145-155 (Iโ€™ll know it when I get there!)

    Mini challenge: My monthly goal is always about 5 pounds per month. HOWEVER, I never seem to make that. I will continue to keep that goal because it Should Be achievable (even though it is not for me) but never say never, right? So, Between Independence Day Holiday (July 4th) and Labor Day Holiday (Sept 4th) I will weigh somewhere, ANYWHERE in the 180โ€™s. I donโ€™t care if itโ€™s on the brim. Iโ€™ve got to start getting further away from the 200โ€™s again! Starting Weight on 7/4 is 195.4.

    Weight in blue makes me blue because itโ€™s a gain. Weight in fuchsia pink makes me feel cheery because itโ€™s a loss. Weight in black means no change.

    07/01-197.8-(Trend Weight: 197.4)- Today I am celebrating my sonโ€™s 27th birthday and my oldest grandsonโ€™s 17th birthday who were born on the same day. There will be food that is out-of-plan so the key will be portion control. A new month always feels so hopeful. Iโ€™m starting with a small drop on the scale which feels even better. Letโ€™s make July a banner month, my friends! Good luck to everyone on your individual goals. Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends.

    07/08-195.8-(Trend Weight: 196.7)- A nice drop since the start of July. Iโ€™ve already went through a holiday and two birthdays and some travel since the 1st of July so Iโ€™ll call myself proud so farโ€ฆโ€ฆ Trend weight has been looking good too. I am on a new personal challenge for myself. It is listed at the top in red. On paper it is very do-able. In reality, umโ€ฆ.wellโ€ฆ..hmmโ€ฆ. Losing it is hard enough but keeping it, wellโ€ฆ. Thatโ€™s just a whole other ball of wax, now isnโ€™t it? But Iโ€™ll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, Iโ€™ve got to focus on inching that scale down in a healthy and sustainable way.

    07/15-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-
    07/22-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-
    07/29-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-
    07/31-xxxxx-(Trend Weight: xxxxx)-

    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250โ€™s; 240โ€™s; 230โ€™s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180โ€™s; 170's; 160's; 150's
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    @takinitalloff Thanks. I always drop a lot really fast once I actually start controlling portion sizes and cut out snacking on junk.

    @deepwoodslady It means stay-at-home-mom. I'm more like a stay-at-home-gramma now. My youngest kids are 17 and about to turn 13 so they don't really need me much, but I babysit my 4yo grandson several days a week.
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    Heaviest weight: 175.4 in early 2013.
    Original MFP starting weight (January 2018) - 168.2
    July 1 (Starting Weight): - 152.4 (10-day average 153.3)
    July goal - Get back to middle of maintenance range, then maintain current weight
    Ultimate goal - Range between 138 - 148

    I report scale weight and (ten day average weight), and I post on Saturdays.

    July 1: 152.4 (10-day average 153.3)
    July 3: 154.6 (10-day average 153.4)
    July 8 11: 153.2 (10-day average 153.6)
    July 15:
    July 22:
    July 29:
    August 5:

    Total loss for July Posting a few days late as I was out camping at a fair since Wednesday. Looks like I'm doing OK maintaining; not bad for being at a fair and eating so much tasty food for several days. If I drop farther back towards the goal I had, that's fine, and it's also fine if I don't. We'll see how it all goes.

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    Thank you, @enlightenme3 !
    I'm Chris - 73 year old female...5'5" ...I used to be 5'7" but arthritis hit and I lost two inches, so now that two inches is squished around my waist like the billows of a big accordion...
    ...Oh, well. I'll just keep working on it.
    Heaviest: 192.2
    Round GW: 150.0
    UGW: 145.0
    07/01 - 151.3 at 8:00 a.m. ...zero...I did nothing!!
    07/03 - 152.3 at 6:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    07/10 - 150.0 at 8:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    07/17 -
    07/24 -
    07/31 -
    I hope everyone has a good July!!
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    July Start Weight: 156 kbs
    July Goal Weight: 152 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 137lbs

    July 3:156
    July 10: 155
    July 17:
    July 24:
    July 31: