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I recently lost over 120lbs. I was 320lbs at my highest. 296lbs Oct 2022 and under 200lbs 2 weeks ago. I am now finished with the bulk of my weight loss and want to focus on body composition now. I use a wheelchair a lot of the day, due to a neuromuscular disease (Charcot Marie Tooth) and would like to strengthen all muscle groups. And to remain transparent, currently being monitored for 2 weeks via a heart monitor. My cardiologist has approved exercise. I have 5lb and 10lb dumbbells and a stationary bike with resistance bands. I also have a physical therapist I can call if needed to make sure any specific suggestions are safe. I am looking for books, websites, video links and articles for an absolute novice that would love to be “ripped and shredded” in 5 years but needs to be taught starting with basics. (YouTube videos are best because I’m a visual learner). Thank you in advance.


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    Sounds like enough complications that you should hire a personal trainer who knows a lot about your conditions!
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    Congratulations! What an AMAZING accomplishment!

    I'm sorry to hear about your long-term health issues, but you sound like you have a very positive attitude. Can you contact your physical therapist about where to start?

    Otherwise, I'd just try searching YouTube with the search words for your specific disease and see if anything comes up. I think most people here are hesitant to give you advice that might not be right for you. But stay here anyway! There's always something to learn and lots of inspiring people like yourself.
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    Thank you! I’ll speak with my physical therapist after my cardio appointment next week. I’ve been using my stationary bike daily and lifting light weight (10lbs) 3 days a week. My goal is to be able to go to a “regular gym” lol. I will definitely ask about something like that in my area. I know the local hospital has a gym but no trainers that they advertise online. I’ll def stick around, I’m not gonna write all these macros and micros daily haha.
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    Congratulations on your weight loss! Have you heard of “Grow with Jo” on YouTube? She has seated beginner exercises and is very enthusiastic and encouraging!