Getting discouraged, how do you cope?

Even though I've lost 72lbs I'm still over weight. Just looking in the mirror I can't tell a difference now vs. at my heaviest. I'm just feeling frustrated that I've come so far and still have so much more to go. I get to thinking that I'll never be able to look how I picture myself in my head, because I've been overweight my whole life. Then I get to thinking what's the point of all this if I'm going to look and feel the same way.
I know all the negative thinking comes from my low self esteem and self loathing behavior but those are strong feelings that I've had all my life.
Does anyone else have feeling's like these and how do you cope with them?


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    What was your heaviest? If you were really overweight to begin with then it may take a substantial amount to lose. Are you exercising? If not you SHOULD. Especially if you can do resistance training.

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    I’m sorry your struggling, I know very well the negative self talk in your head. For every negative thought counter it with one or two positive thoughts or affirmations. You will reach your goals one day as long as you don’t stop trying as in don’t give up. Every day is a new day to make healthy choices to help you achieve your goals. You can be the vision of yourself you see in your head. You just have to live the life that person in that vision of yourself lives. Everyday. The time will pass anyways. How you choose to live it is your choice.
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    This is a very common problem. The best thing to do is take weekly measurements and keep a journal. That way you can SEE your progress as you go along. Read the SUCCESS threads. They will pull you up when you are down. Many are inspiring. Just keep going. This is a long-haul project. It's really for the rest of your life to maintain the loss.
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    Struggles with self perception are a horrible thing to deal with. When you look at yourself, you don't easily see the differences because you don't see yourself as you actually are, your ideal of what you want to look like is something that you only have mentally and that can shift, and the changes are slow and you were there for all of them. What can help is comparing pictures of what you were like compared to how you look now. Having lost 72 pounds, there is no chance you will not see large differences. Second suggestion, try to focus less on the way you look and more on the way you can now move and function. I am currently down 70ish pounds, and the reduction in knee pain, back pain, and the like is huge. Along with that, I am able to be far more active without getting winded or exhausted than I could when I was carting 70 pounds of fat around every day. I don't know if this will help, but keep at it. You can do this.
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    Inspiring stories!