Motivation and consistency much needed!

I am 62 y/o female and have crept up and up in weight, have always been physically active and still ski, horse back ride and go bicycling. No major health issues but I have noticed a decrease in strength and need to turn the switch on for better health. Finally I want to look as good as I feel!


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    Hi, welcome to the community!!
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    Hi, and welcome!

    One thing with aging is that we do tend to lose strength and muscle mass if we don't keep challenging our current strength progressively (just working out isn't enough, challenge is required). That not only burns slightly fewer calories at rest (not many) but can also make being active less fun and less easy, so we can slow down a bit and burn fewer calories that way in daily life perhaps as well as in exercise intensity/frequency/duration.

    Getting sub-optimal protein is also common among folks our age** (I'm 67) and can increase the risk of muscle loss.


    Recent research** suggests that the average person does start to see a bit of metabolic slowdown in the 60s, but that's pretty slow.


    The bigger deal is less active lifestyles and gradual muscle loss. Those are definitely things we can work on improving. MFP, the app and the Community, have been quite a help for me. I hope you find it to be so for you, too.

    Best wishes for excellent progress!

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    enjoyed these articles thanks for sharing!