Pushing for HARD diet next 45 days - who wants to join ?

I have been competing in sport my whole life but with this app it makes it so much easier to eat different sources of food daily and still make your macros , and not eat EXACTLY same meals each day for months pre comp

I’m pushing hard diet for 45 days and anyone that wants to join and post feedback and methods etc and have that accountability please feel free to join


  • kbrown1527
    kbrown1527 Posts: 65 Member
    I am not and have never been considered an “athlete” however for the past few months I’ve been very consistent with my training and diet.. MFP definitely makes it a lot easier and I’m started to see much more progress. I’d love to join but lack a lot of the knowledge that I’m sure most athletes on here have.. even if I’m just an observer. But I’m def on board to step it up a notch!
    IRONLION51 Posts: 10 Member
    I would love to join this
  • trevnessittnatree
    trevnessittnatree Posts: 44 Member

    Sup buddy would love to link up. I just started back and am trying to loose weight and Bulk at the same time 😬
    I for sure could use a accountability partner.
    I currently work ten hour days and around 3 pm I hit the gym hard for about 2 hours 5 days a week.
    I know sounds like a bit much but hitting 45 has made things harder 😩
  • zak_q
    zak_q Posts: 8 Member
    YUP Im all for pushing hard and being pushed for however long it takes to get the results!