The Ultimate Accountability Challenge - Please Join Us for November

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The Ultimate Accountability Challenge
(UAC) provides a supportive environment for those in weight loss or maintenance modes. The team is made up of a wonderful group of peer accountability partners. The emphasis is on our healthy habits and behaviours — the things that are in our control. ✅

We are a volunteer group with a long term track record of team member success. Our group is a terrific blend of folks in weight loss mode and those who are in maintenance mode. Our group emphasizes long-term sustainable changes in habits and behaviours.

Planning for maintenance is key for lifelong success, so the opportunity to learn from those who have been successful at this is a great benefit of the group.

The accountability expectation is daily reporting (as that is how strong habits are built and sustained) of the following:

1. At least 20 minutes of intentional activity. Please do not let this scare you from joining… everyone starts with something they are comfortable and capable of accomplishing.
2. Tracking the caloric intake of all foods and beverages; and,
3. Consuming no more than your chosen limit of daily calories.

Non-fulfilment of any of the first three is considered a “Pass Day”. Each member is able to take 3 Pass Days per month and still qualify for the “Winner’s Circle”. Post every day, no matter your success and you are a Champion! We strongly encourage everyone to stay for the whole month as we all learn how to practice healthy habits for wellness. The goal is lifelong health — not avoiding pass days…. 🌻

The challenge sounds so simple — but it is not as easy as it sounds for most of us. We promise you a wonderful supportive team and the opportunity to learn how to manage your health for life. You can join us here:

(be sure to click on the 'JOIN’ button) 😊


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    I have really enjoyed this group, rejoining each month for the past two years because it really has helped me lose a lot of weight and build better habits. They have a format that makes it easy to make it quick and efficient to post on busy days, and also threads I can spend more time with on days when I want to discuss and get support.
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    I've been part of the UAC since July and it has made a world of a difference for me. I've learned a lot, built new healthy habits, made friends, and lost a bunch of weight. (Weight loss is NOT required, but it was/is my goal.) My life is so much better for being in this group. If you're thinking about joining... click the link above, hit that JOIN button, and see what you think!
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    I’ll be back for my 4th month with the UAC this November! Love this group, it’s educational and supportive. The daily check-ins keep me on track! I highly recommend joining …
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    I have lost 30 pounds and am now on active maintenance for this year and the next. This challenge helped me shape my habits for the better. And it will help me be mindful going forward on how to keep it all off and be healthy.

    What UAC is:
    UAC is a fantastic community with daily discussion.

    UAC builds healthy maintainable habits to manage your weight and your health.

    Successful, long term, weight loss / weight management REQUIRES lifestyle adaption. Not diets. That is the core of UAC.

    If you are looking for the BEST challenge on MFP. *** THIS IS IT ***

    If you are SERIOUS about losing weight and intend to KEEP IT OFF, **FOREVER**, then UAC is the challenge for you.
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    I've joined many groups and challenges over the years, but this is by far the most sensible, helpful, and supportive group I've tried. It's not easy - few end up with 3 or less pass days. However, that's OK because it's the long run that counts. These 3 UAC goals are simply tools to help you achieve your long term goal. I'm down 40 pounds, it's been slow and easy, but I've learned so much and implemented life long habits.
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    This is a great group to join to help you develop Good habits!
  • donna25trinity
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    Joined UAc 3.5 years ago and ot was life changing for me! Opened me up to understanding how tiny habits can result in big change over time!!! I still find this challenge hard and there are many times I don't make the winners circle but I always make champion!!! Give this challamge a go, trust me when i say you will not regret it!! Xo
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    I am wondering approximately how many active members usually participate in a month?
  • TerriRichardson112
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    This is a deceptively simple, but very effective group for accountability.
    3 daily requirements with 3 pass days per month to enter the Winners’ Circle.
    Over 3 pass days? You can still join our Champions if you post each day regardless.

    I have been a member for some time, and the accountability has helped me reach maintenance and stay there.

    Great group of supportive, knowledgable members.

  • victorious55
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    This challenge has kept me focus especially during my most stressful period.
    The rules are simple but very effective.
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    You will love the steady steps and great conversations we have in this group. Join in on the fun. The check-ins are easy to do even with a busy schedule.