Weight Gain

Dear Everyone,
I would like to increase my weight and gain muscles
Never worked out
All day junk food
Wanna start from scratch need help
1-how to calculate food kcal ?
2-what kind of recipes do I need to make?
3-schadule for beginner to workout



  • LucasM8777
    LucasM8777 Posts: 2 Member
    You can calculate your estimated calorie intake using a BMI calculator online or just use the "Goals" feature on myfitnesspal then choose " view guided setup" and it'll tell you how many calories per day. Once you have the per day calories just input the food you eat for each meal, water you drink, snacks you eat, and exercise you do each day and the home page will show you how many calories you have left for that day. If you want to gain weight with muscle lifting weights will get you there.... nobody wants to gain fat. If you're looking for what exercise to do just think in terms of muscle groups and figure in one day of rest for each group worked. STOP EATING JUNK FOOD AND THAT INCLUDES COLA.