Syncing Tonal workouts with MFP??

Hello! I’m a new MFP user and so far I love it 🙃 I do Tonal workouts several times a week and it would be GREAT if MFP would sync with my Tonal.

Any plans for that in the future?


  • AnnPT77
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    Here in the Community, you're just chatting with other MFP users with no more or insight than yourself. MFP staff don't read all the posts.

    There's a Feature Suggestion section in the Community that they do read. It usually takes a long time for new features to be added, but that would be where to post them to ask or recommend.

    Also, for a new partner interface, both companies need to work on it - probably usually more work from the other company, actually. So, you might want to tell Tonal that you'd appreciate it if they'd partner with MFP.