LESS Alcohol ~ January 2024 ~ One Day at A Time



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    Out of curiosity - I looked back and realize that i didn't do dry January last year but I did start the Naked Mind 30 day challenge of no alcohol on 1/18. I made it for 13 days straight and then it tanked.

    If I recall correctly (it's been a minute), Annie Grace takes a pretty experimental attitude towards the endeavor. There's a lot of reflection, so you're going to learn a lot about your thought patters and associations regardless of how much you abstain. The day I drank in the experiment was maybe a light bulb moment when I had a big realization. All that is to say, for anyone who hasn't tried it, I don't think you can "tank" the experiment unless you stop doing the daily reflections. @itladyee You have inspired me to go back and take a look at the notes I made from that time!

    ETA: Condolences to you, @MissMay. It's hard losing a friend.
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    Stats so far:
    9 days NA
    6 days LA (LA for me means 2 drinks or less)
    2 days - A
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    AF - 14
    A - 2
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    Goals for January
    Almost Dry January
    Exceptions - Done
    Jan 1 - 2 - Vacation
    Jan 8th (ish) husband's birthday celebration
    Current Streak - AF = 11
    Longest Streak -AF = 11

    Even the scale is cooperating...but there's a part of me that wishes I only changed one thing (alcohol) so I could see what the real driver is....but for now...I'll just take the win!

    @michieb125 ~ Every little bit does help and these 3 - 5 lbs weights make a difference. When I started back into the gym on Dec 9th, I started with very little weigh, if any. Now I'm feeling stronger and starting to increase my weight but only to a point of it being a slight challenge. Taking it slow!

    I now know it's all or nothing for me. Once I have a sip if the evil juice it makes me want more & more... lol

    I'm right with you. A bit ago, I started an experiment to allow other alcohol (mixed drinks) but no wine. I didn't get very far due to other circumstances but I may try that again when I decide to drink again.

    A = 0
    W = 2
    AF = 15
    A=Non Wine Alcohol
    Month Recap by Day
    1/1 A 🍷planned
    1/2 AF ✅️
    1/3 AF ✅️
    1/4 AF ✅️
    1/5 AF ✅️
    1/6 A 🍷planned
    1/7 AF ✅️
    1/8 AF ✅️
    1/9 AF ✅️
    1/10 AF ✅️
    1/11 AF ✅️
    1/12 AF ✅️
    1/13 AF ✅️
    1/14 AF ✅️
    1/15 AF ✅️
    1/16 AF ✅️
    1/17 AF ✅️
    2024 Stats
    AF =
    A =
    2023 Stats Detailed
    AF = 53%
    A = 47%
    AF = 29%
    A = 71%
    AF = 0%
    A = 100%
    AF = 14%
    A = 86%
    AF = 23%
    A = 77%
    AF = 27%
    A = 73%
    AF = 0%
    A = 100%
    AF = 0%
    A = 100%
    AF= 0%
    A= 100%
    AF= 0%
    A= 100%
    November - Assumed
    AF= 0%
    A= 100%
    December - Assumed
    AF= 0%
    A= 100%
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    Still going strong. Getting inspiration from all of you.

    Results for Jan 1 - Jan 16
    # of days:
    AF: 13
    A (as planned): 2
    A (over limit): 1
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    @MissMay I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Big big hug to you!!!
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    Hi everyone! I love reading all of your stories, and am cheering you on!

    On Monday I was craving wine for hours before the end of the day. I came home, cooked dinner and had my usual AF Fever tree grapefruit. I told myself if I was still craving wine I’d pour myself one glass. I was and so I did. That’s actually unusual because the AF drink cures my cravings 95% of the time.

    Last night was book club, I had 1.5 drinks, and today killed off the last little bit in the remaining bottle. Amounted to a small glass. Not great, but I plan on AF tomorrow.

    I’m skiing next week, and my ski pants are a bit too snug!!! I hope I can pick up something inexpensive before the trip, my ski outfit is relatively new! I hate the thought of getting new gear, but I’ve gone from size Small to Medium. I don’t relish the thought of being uncomfortable while trying to not fall on my butt skiing.

    Good news is I’m on track to workout 3 times this week! Excited about that. It really is calories in vs. calories out for me. Hey, at least I had enough calories left over today for my little glass of wine!
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    AF 🟰16