Query on healthy fat intake

Hi all,

I am a novice to all of this but I have been reading a bit about that as long as you are eating real foods etc you are getting high quality nutrients. I have tried to reduce my carb intake as much as possible as I found I would be more tired after eating this sort of food. I have started eating foods such as eggs and full fat Greek yoghurt, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds etc.
however this is putting my fat intake way over the daily recommended amount of 20%.
Has anyone found themselves in this position and is it a worry? A lot of it is mono and poly saturated which I believe is also healthy? Any suggestions greatly welcomed. Thanks.


  • yirara
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    Nothing to worry about. The macros MFP gives you are only a starting point and you can change them to anything what you like, or ignore them completely. Some fats are needed for lots of bodily functions, like your brain, digestion, fat soluble vitamins. A minimum amount of protein is also necessary for muscles. Carbs are necessary because they're just yummy 😅 How much you need of what is totally individual, and how much depends a lot on what makes you happy and feel full.
  • Joy_in_the_Simple_Things
    As long as the majority is healthy fats as you mentioned, you should be fine. I eat relatively higher fat, but a lot of it is from seeds, nuts, avocado oil for cooking, etc. and my cholesterol is excellent: high HDL, low LDL and triglycerides are good. It works really well for me in terms of satiety and health. I just need to be sure to track the calories since all fats are high calorie, of course.
  • Corina1143
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    Yes, I'm always fighting to lower my fat intake. I eat low carb simply out of preference. I love veggies, like fruit, don't like grains much. That leaves a lot of room for protein and fat. I do eat quite a bit of protein, but continuously fight the fat war. I try hard to keep my saturated fat down, too. I have high cholesterol, high blood pressure.
  • mtaratoot
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    Be aware that while the fats in those foods is indeed "healthy fat," (as is avocado for example), they also bring lots of calories. If you are working on fat loss, make sure you don't eat too much of them.

    High quality food is good. You can gain weight on high quality food.
  • BelleFleur25
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    If you find you need to limit fats, you can always look at 0% or 2% versions. 0% Greek yogurt is still very creamy and tasty. But I still splurge on my regular havarti. Mostly eating healthy fats like olive oil otherwise.
  • neanderthin
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    Lower carb diets means higher fat by default and ketogenic diets for example are in the 70-80% fat and are helping people reverse diseases like diabetes, fatty liver, PCOS, hypertension etc and in those scenario's fat is imperative for good health, so don't fear the fat, especially naturally.
  • tomcustombuilder
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    Substituting good fat for carbs is perfectly fine as long as you get your protein in and stay within your weekly calorie target.