Hello to all, can you help me with achieving my protein goal

I have set an minimum 180 grams of protein goal which i find very tough to achieve, hence i need an advice/help from you guys ( an indian veg+non-veg diet to hit that 180-200 gram goal while staying under 2500 kcals)


  • tomcustombuilder
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    Thats high. If youre basing the amount on total bodyweight, instead, figure it at your target weight which I'm assuming will be much less that where you currently are.
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    This thread may help you identify protein sources you might not have thought of:


    In addition to trying to get a major protein source in each meal, also work at getting little bits of protein from almost everything you eat. (That's a tactic I use as a vegetarian, but it can help non-vegetarians, too: The small bits through the day add up.) There are breads with more protein than others, grains with more protein, veggies with more protein, even some fruits with protein. The thread linked above will help you identify some of those.

    I agree that 180 grams is a high protein number for most people, but if you're very tall, it might be right.

    You can check your protein needs estimate with this research-based source:


    Note that the guide says what Tom said above: If you're currently overweight, it can be a good idea to use a reasonable healthy goal weight as the basis for the calculations. If you're not sure of your goal weight, it's fine to use the middle of the normal BMI range for your height:


    You can work at gradually improving your protein intake. Think about little tweaks you can make incrementally to change your eating habits, to get to a reasonable total. That may be 180, or it may not.

    Best wishes!
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    I'm also thinking your goal is unnecessarily high. What do you get when you use the calculator Ann linked above?
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    What is your height, weight and gender? Those are critical things to help you