☘️🌷March Daily Logging and Weigh in Challenge🌷☘️

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☘️🌷Happy March and Happy Spring!🌷☘️

We are now in our third month of the year, and I absolutely love the start of a new, fresh month. Whether you’re just starting with this group, or you’ve been here for awhile, we’re so glad you’re here on this journey with us. ❤️

This year we’ve added a year-long challenge as well: ❤️⭐️2024 Weekly weigh-in Challenge⭐️❤️

We thought it would be fun to have a place to go for the entire year as well, so make sure you bookmark both of these threads so you can easily find them.

This year is about you setting your personal goals and how you’d like to achieve them and having friends to cheer you on!

We’re so glad you’re here!

Jill 🥰


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    I’m back for another challenge. My goal for March is to amp up the effort and get out of the 170’s. I’d like to lose at least 4 lbs. I’m still obese enough that I should be able to do this.

    Starting weight in March 2023: 230 lbs. (diagnosed with diabetes)
    Goal weight: 120 lbs.
    Height: 5’2”
    Total loss: 54 lbs.
    End of Sept. weight: 187.8 lbs.
    End of October weight: 188
    End of Nov. weight: 186
    End of Dec. weight: 181.4 lbs.
    End of Jan. Weight: 177.6 lbs.
    End of February weight: 176.8 lbs.

    Monthly Weight Loss:
    March-10 lbs. (2023)
    April- 8 lbs.
    May- 5 lbs.
    June- 4.4 lbs. (trip to Europe)
    July- 5.6
    August-7 lbs. joined a ‘challenge’
    September- 2.6 lbs. ( sick)
    October- (gained) .2 lbs.
    November- loss 1.2 lbs.
    December- 4.4 lbs.
    January- 3.6 lbs.
    February-.8 lbs. (cruise)

    March 1- 176.8 lbs. Can’t weigh, so using last scale weight from February. Gym today.
    March 2- away
    March 3- away
    March 4
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    Deb__23 wrote: »
    Hello I would love to join this group
    This is my 3rd time starting the last 2 times there was a lot of personal things going on and being an emotional eater and menopause the weight needs to be going down not up
    I am 54 5'4 do I just post my monthly goals? My first time doing a challenge before but I like this to have some place to go to be held accountable and part of a group thanks :)

    @Deb__23 Hello Deb! Welcome to the group! I don't think Jill has ever had any specific rules for posting etc. Most post every day. You can create your own format/page or you are free to copy paste any other you see including mine if it helps. Along with posting your weight most will tell us how their day had went, share thoughts, goals, ideas, recipes, good book titles, great songs to dance to, their exercise routine, when they've had special occasions such as birthdays. It is nice to use it as a journal for your journey as there may be things that would inspire and help others. It's wonderful to have you here and I hope you will enjoy all your time with us. Jill posts a new challenge at the end of every month for the following month. It's a wonderful group and a very safe and interesting place to be! Let's do this!
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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 63 years old and from Michigan USA. In 2016 I weighed 253 lbs. I am on a journey of health and to get back to the real me.

    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s

    This Challenge Starting Weight (from Feb 29th): 177.0
    Goal: 173.0 (Four lb Loss)
    Actual Ending Weight: xxxxx
    Total Lost/Gained this month: xxxxx

    **********************ONE DAY, ONE STEP, ONE DECISION AT A TIME********************

    Weight in blue makes me blue because it’s a gain. Weight in fuchsia pink makes me feel cheery because it’s a loss. Weight in black means no change.

    03/01-DNW-(Trend Weight DNW)- No weigh Friday as I get up extra early to get grandson ready for the bus. I only weigh later if I lay back down but today I can’t. Also I take my once-per-week Fosamax on this day with 8 oz of water upon waking. Yesterday was a good clean eating day but hardly any movement or exercise so my calorie burn overall was very low. Today will probably not allow me much better. One of the new windows was put in yesterday in the bedroom and floor in bath was prepped for new sub=flooring. A flurry of activity here. Well, my friends, Its a new month. Time to “March” into better health and a more optimal weight (for most of us). Let’s go!

    03/02-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/03-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/04-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/05-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/06-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/07-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/08-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/09-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/10-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/11-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/12-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/13-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/14-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/15-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/16-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/17-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/18-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/19-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/20-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/21-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/22-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/23-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/24-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/25-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/26-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/27-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/28-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/29-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/30-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

    03/31-xxxxx-(Trend Weight xxxxx)-

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    Hi All,

    This is my 7th month with this group! I'm 5'2" and I've just hit my target weight of around 124. One of my goals at this point is to lose maybe 2 more pounds or so and figure out what my maintenance weight range should be. Another goal is to start running again.

    March 1: DNW. I'm sick! I feel terrible. I am not going to weigh or log until I feel better.