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LESS Alcohol ~ MARCH 2024 ~ One Day at A Time



  • xbowhunter
    xbowhunter Posts: 1,010 Member
    March 11th=Day 1 for me
    3/11: AF
    3/12: AF
    3/13: AF
    3/14: AF
    3/15: W
    3/16: AF
    3/17: W
    3/18: W
    3/19: AF
    3/20: W

    Solid effort! truly inspiring!!! :)
  • Michieb125
    Michieb125 Posts: 584 Member
    Picked up some fresh fish and groceries for the weekend yesterday, along with some NA beer (Stella NA 0.0). Followed through with my plans and was AF last night! Slept really well and woke up with a smile on my face and clear head. Now I am ready to prep my garden beds on this mild, cloudy spring day. Will be AF again tonight and I welcome it! Anyone else know that feeling?

    This month has taught me that by holding onto my faith, I can go through hard things.

    AF - 6
    A - 6
    LA - 11 - low alcohol % or under limit
  • SparkSpringtime69
    SparkSpringtime69 Posts: 939 Member
    Sorry, I've been a bit MIA in the commenting (other than just listing my accountability list). Just read through the last few days of posts now.
    @forestdweller1 Triggers are sometimes so easy to see and other times, not so much. I've created a list of things to do instead of drinking, and the really important part for me is to not have any alcohol when I'm doing them for the first time. Otherwise, I'll start to associate a glass of wine with that activity.
    @NonnieDoiron congrats of the dip in the scale!
    @xbowhunter thanks for the kudos. I hope you have a great time in Ontario, and I'd probably be imbibing too. :)
    @Michieb125 I'm glad to hear things are calming down in and around you. Good job on the AF/LA days!
    @I_am_motivated Ethics class - fuunnn :s Good luck with the class.
    @tmbg1 I love the ginger/turmeric combo. I have a recipe for ginger turmeric lemonade that I'm going to make this week.
    A few mentions of AF beer the last few days - such a coincidence because I just bought some yesterday, and I haven't had beer for a long time. I just really wanted something AF, and the lousy Food Lion near me doesn't have and AF wine :( .
  • forestdweller1
    forestdweller1 Posts: 367 Member
    @SparkSpringtime69 ...Your "lousy Food Lion " has done you a gigantic favor by denying you AF wine. I'm not a beer drinker by choice, but the AF beer choices far outshine the nasty [IMHO] AF wines. Kim Crawford LA wine seems to be quite drinkable. Good for you on keeping your A days to a minimum. 👍👍

    Didn't even have AF beer last night. Forgot, and had tea from my peppermint garden instead.
  • tmbg1
    tmbg1 Posts: 1,376 Member
    22 - AF
    1 - LA
    Rainy Saturday and having vanilla black tea and an ice cream sandwich - does less alcohol make anyone else crave sweets more?
  • NonnieDoiron
    NonnieDoiron Posts: 190 Member
    AF - 14
    A - 9

    Plan to stay away from wine tonight as well. I’m exhausted between the alcohol induced crappy sleep I got on Friday night, cooking for the 50ish youth group kids all day Saturday, and waking up early to finish cooking and deliver the lunch. I just need sleep.

    @MissMay I agree with you about the kids at the bar. Just doesn’t seem kosher. Good job on sticking with the unsweet team in a stemmed glass.