LESS Alcohol ~ MARCH 2024 ~ One Day at A Time



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    Hello everyone!
    2 beers yesterday with lunch out. Today we fly out to the west coast for 5 days. I am thankful that my family really does not drink so temptations will be almost 0. I am ok with this.

    So I will check in when I can and read posts as I am able. But back full time starting Tuesday...whoop whoop. Have a great week and weekend all
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    @NonnieDoiron welcome to the discussion. My wine drinking at night would definitely put me to sleep, but it's not a good sleep, and I always feel lethargic and a bit dizzy for the whole next morning. Best of luck reaching your goals this month and beyond.
    @xbowhunter great progress, keep up the good work.
    @lmlmrn hope you have a great vacation!
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    @xbowhunter sorry to hear about the osteoarthritis, but hey, if that’s the final push you need, it’s a blessing in disguise!

    @NonnieDoiron welcome! Ah, catty B****es at work…. Congrats on your retirement, it’s so nice to get out of a bad work environment. Sounds like it was a huge catalyst for the domino effect drinking caused you. Onward and upward!

    Only one glass of wine yesterday I declined the Sambuca I could have shared with DH. Way over calories though! Need to rein that in. Today is a goodbye luncheon for our intern, held at my favorite restaurant. Normally I would have a glass of wine, but since I have to work right afterwards, it’s not a good idea! So, iced tea for me, even though I’ll feel like I’m missing out.
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    @xbowhunter You are so right. A legal evil doesn’t make it ok. I’m happy to report no arguments this week. 🙂

    @SparkSpringtime69 Oh, I knock out real hard after a bottle of wine, but then I wake up in a hot flash around 2am. The next morning, I’m cranking and my head hurts. That’s even if I’ve alternated water between drinks. So, I don’t think I’m metabolizing it well anymore. As a matter of fact, I’m starting to think my liver may be rebelling on me. 🙁

    @Womona Thanks. Over the years I’ve had many “reasons to drink”. None that were really good, but I could always find an excuse. Most birthdays and Christmases my family knows to just get me a bottle of wine because that’s how much I’ve been drinking. It really is time to turn the page, and maybe I’ll buy a wine rack now that can be filled up with those birthday and Christmas bottles! 😁 Not sure how you passed on the Sambuca last night because that is some yummy stuff, but good job!
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    March 11th=Day 1 for me
    3/11: AF
    3/12: AF
    3/13: AF
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    Goals for March
    Mostly Dry (no more than 4 days)
    Possible Exceptions
    First week is a killer
    3/4 - Dinner Out
    3/5 - Dinner Out (may not go)
    3/8 - Fashion Show
    Goal AF = 27+

    Current Streak - AF = 2
    Longest Streak 2024 - AF = 16

    I'm not sure why it's been so tough to get going again this month. I'm going to aim for 50/50...but not much wiggle room :) I've also learned that if I make it past 8pm...I'm usually pretty safe! :)

    @forestdweller1 ~ Not emptying the bottle deserves a BIG pat on the back!! I hope your magnolias survived the snow. This weather has been so unpredictable and I've seen many a plants "a flowering" thinking...it's time!!

    @dmally1 ~ No Drinks, No Cigs, No Takeout, eating well AND Exercise ~ You are crushing it!! Awesome job! Way to wait those 60 seconds!!!

    @Sparkspringtime69 ~ Welcome to the group!

    @tmbg1 ~ hang in there. I noticed what when I cut back on the wine, my sweet tooth wakes up. But you've lowered calories...the scale doesn't know everything!

    @Xbowhunter ~ Sorry you're experience joint paint, yes aging is a LOT of fun at time. You've got this!

    @Sunnydays930 ~ Congrats on 3 weeks +. It is amazing how good it feels.

    @NonnieDoiron ~ Welcome! Kudos to you for focusing on your self and your family! I can totally related to the bottle of wine... working hard to over come it.

    @ahoy_m8 ~ what a great idea of books for only kids expecting a sibbling. Julian loves to read (he couldn't help but to love it).

    @Michieb125 ~ I happy things are improving. I can imagine the stress, so not good for any part of your health journey.

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I hope it's girl...but I really don't care. Healthy is all I need!! :)

    A = 2
    W = 7
    AF = 5
    A=Non Wine Alcohol
    Month Recap by Day
    3/1 ✅️
    3/2 🥃planned, blackberry crown. It was good :)
    3/3 🥃
    3/4 🍷planned
    3/5 🍷
    3/6 🍷
    3/7 🍷
    3/8 🍷
    3/9 ✅️
    3/10 ✅️
    3/11 🍷 The bachelor - I thought it was the last episode
    3/12 🍷home alone ~ it was wonderful :)
    3/13 ✅️
    3/14 ✅️
    2024 Stats
    AF = 87%
    A = 13%
    AF = 58%
    A = 42%
    2023 Stats Detailed
    AF = 53%
    A = 47%
    AF = 29%
    A = 71%
    AF = 0%
    A = 100%
    AF = 14%
    A = 86%
    AF = 23%
    A = 77%
    AF = 27%
    A = 73%
    AF = 0%
    A = 100%
    AF = 0%
    A = 100%
    AF= 0%
    A= 100%
    AF= 0%
    A= 100%
    November - Assumed
    AF= 0%
    A= 100%
    December - Assumed
    AF= 0%
    A= 100%
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    AF - 8
    A - 6

    I was so busy scrapbooking yesterday I didn’t even know what time it was until my husband came home at almost 9:00. I usually start wanting a glass of wine around 7:30-8:00. We usually go to bed around 9:00-9:30, so it was too late for a drink by that point. Plus, I really didn’t want it anyway. And, I slept like a rock last night. 🙂

    Ha, I think one of the keys to breaking the habit of reaching for a drink is to keep the mind and hands busy with something that is trulyenjoyable.
    @Womona I tend to associate certain drinks with certain restaurants and meals. It's one of the mindsets that I'm trying to pay attention to, and trying to chose a new beverage to associate with that restaurant/meal.
    @Rxman1971 Welcome, and I hope you have much success with your goal - keep us posted if you'd like.
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    dmally1 wrote: »
    Day 14 AF.
    Last night I was having a great night and out of nowhere the urge to 'have a drink' took over. The only thing in the house were those nasty twisted shotz things my mom gave me FOREVER ago i found in the back of a cabinet. I thought about it hard but threw them down the sink. I know how it goes first the drink, then I need a cig., then I need a snack, then i need to call people or cry about something, then i need more drinks. NOT WORTH ANY OF IT. especially working out so hard i've dropped 6 pounds already... I just can't keep giving up on myself.

    Also today is 14 days. It hasn't been as painful as I thought it would be but THIS MORNING on my way to work after dropping my kids off at school I had the strongest urge. I was ready to turn around and go to the gas station to buy a pack. then i reminded myself that the craving will last only 60 seconds (i dont think thats true, but that's what i tell myself LOL). During this 60 seconds a guy passed me with a cigarette hanging from his mouth and it just looked awful and turned me off to the idea right away.
    Wow, I've never been able to pour something down the drain, even though I've wanted to do it on more than one occasion. Congrats on the 14 days, that's a great accomplishment!
    I've heard/read that it takes 6 minutes for an urge or craving to pass. I'm glad it took you only 60 seconds and the ugly view (no offense to the guy :smile: ).
    @Michieb125 Sorry to hear you're going through such a serious family issue. Staying LA during that time seems to be working out for you ok. I hope things get better soon.