LESS Alcohol ~ MARCH 2024 ~ One Day at A Time



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    My friend's cardiologist just told him no more coffee, no more booze. He isn't even a big drinker, I've never seen him have more than 2 ever. So the idea that red wine is good for your heart is out the window. I know personally it makes my heart beat like over 100 bpm at 2:00 am or approximately 5 hours after my last drink. It is really bad for me personally and I have made peace with that. 22 days sober today.

    Bravo Sunny!! 22 days is amazing!!
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    AF - 9
    A - 6

    Last night I was so far under my calorie goal that MFP didn’t like it. My husband is a performance coach with an exercise science degree with an emphasis is physiology, so I’ve been listening to his nutritional advice which is only eat when hungry, eat slowly, and only until you feel full. So, I following that advice, I often don’t meet my minimum calorie goal. Last night, I almost got a glass of wine to make up the difference, but hubby handed me the bag of Chex Mix he was eating (he doesn’t like the pretzels… lol). So, I ate his pretzels to make up the difference instead and headed to bed. This morning was my weekly weigh-in, and I’m down 2 whole pounds! It was so worth it to not drink as much this week. Haven’t have a glass of wine since Monday, and I’m totally fine with it.🙂

    Solid effort! :)
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    @Womona, I totally agree with @xbowhunter and @NonnieDoiron -
    That you came here and posted and acknowledged what happened is, in itself, motivating.
    And I love that you ended your post by giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for the great ST session. Hugs.
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    5 AF
    10 A
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    I’ve been reading all these great posts and can’t wait to get back to a daily routine of connecting here. This thread is full of wonderful people who share the same struggles and just know that LA is achievable! No matter how much - any amount is worthy of hugging yourself.

    My goal is not to be 💯 percent wine free as I live in CA wine country and have learned to cut way back and enjoy it a lot more by making conscious choices and skipping days.

    Honestly, I believe alcohol is way too overrated!!!
    Overall goal is to have less and less this year.

    Actual update:
    AF - 3
    A - 5
    LA - 6 = low alcohol % or under limit