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    Heather ... you look wonderful in Bea's birthday photos.... and knowing you were in pain shows that you know how to put on a brave face.

    Kylia ... hugs. Sometimes we're the bug; sometimes we're the windshield. Sorry you were the windshield this time around.

    Joy ... 16 dozen pierogis? My back and hips would be locked up solid after that!

    Crystal ... welcome!

    Gray day here near Buffalo
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    And on a lighter note—-Today is: A good day for a nap!!
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    Rita - No doubt your DH's miscommunication "skills" are very stressful for you, especially if he's giving wrong info to the campers. Please, please vent here all you want. We are here for you. <3 HUGS <3Kim is spot on, many of us have been or are going through similar. :(

    If anyone wants to weigh in here..... looking to get a back-up laptop this year. Either a basic model HP with very few bells and whistles or a "renewed" Apple Macbook of some vintage from Amazon. Prices on both are about the same, but the price on the HP can escalate with purchase of the Word/Excel office suite. Thinking of just taking this old HP offline and using just Word and Excel and storing photos.

    Early stages. Plenty of YouTube videos about Mac's - I know nothing about them. Might not be worth the learning curve.

    TIA. <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    Lisa thank you! And Yay for yoga!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Kim ... family can be so dysfunctional. Hugs

    Allie ... for decades I sent gifts to my two nieces that we no longer saw due to a very nasty divorce situation. Never heard a reply. Never even knew if they got the gifts. I reached out every year. Christmas. Easter. Valentine's Day. Birthdays. Nothing. And I almost stopped. My husband asked me why I was sending gifts. Was it to receive acknowledgement or to show them they were thought of and loved. So I kept sending the gifts. And then, one year, one of the girls ... then in her 20s ... reached out! She's shared a lot since then and I feel blessed that we now have a relationship! Choosing love is never wrong.


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    Nothing much going on these days. Quiet life. Husband did take me out for lunch to a restaurant we had not visited. It was called Krakens Cove so photos of octopi everywhere. I had fish and chips and husband had a steak sandwich. The owner served and took care of us. He was a nice guy and we congratulated him on his new business. Noticed the wife sat us down and gave us our menus but that's it. There were a fair amount of people at the restaurant which was encouraging. Thinking this is more his business than hers. We gave him a good tip because he was very personable and we want to see him thrive. Its not often you have a good restaurant serving beef and seafood items and both be yummy. They have a Sunday brunch thing and I noticed an eggs Benedict with shrimp that looked good.