Exercise control via exercise

Whenever I feel like I've hit rock bottom in life I attack my weight. When it feels like nothing is in my control I forcefully take control over my body with rigorous exercise/dieting because if I can make progress there (getting fit has been my biggest challenge throughout my life), than I can hopefully find the motivation to make more positive changes.

I don't like to mention my progress to my friends because it feels like I'm bragging and I don't want to rub it in anyone's face, but I am proud of myself & want to share my progress because I've lost 16.5lbs since Jan 12th and I'm very surprised and pleased. Perhaps I could become further inspired or inspire someone else with my journey.

Anyway, good luck to anyone on a similar path & feel free to update me here with your progress. I'll be your biggest cheerleader 😃


  • AnnPT77
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    Nice work, @Nica920!

    I'm with you on not talking with friends about this sort of thing, not just because it could be seen as bragging, but also because it also seems to invite unwanted advice (sometimes based on blogosphere myths that the advice-giver hasn't even tried!).

    You're doing great: Keep up the goodness!