Falling off the wagon, only to get back on again

Hi, my name is Marla and I live in WV. I am a school teacher. I am a mother of 2. I recently found out that pain I was having was a pulmonary embolism, which was terrifying at my age. I have recently got back "on the diet wagon" and am trying to make better lifestyle choices. I have incorporated more fruit and veggies in every meal, and am trying to be open minded about eating more fish (because I DO NOT like fish or seafood) and getting back to some light exercise. I am really worried I am going to slump back into old lifestyle habits due to stress and lack of time after work. I need motivators and ideas to help curb this from happening. I have 2 children to worry about. My mother died very young due to stroke/heartattack and I do not want my lifestyle choices to make the same fate for my kids. If anyone can provide ideas, insights, ways they stay "on the wagon", or any other motivating ideas, please HELP ME! I would be so grateful for any guidance.


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    You can do it, Marla! That pulmonary embolism must have been very frightening. I'm glad they caught it. I'm also having the same concerns about failing and slumping back into old patterns. I remember reading once that the best predictor of success is believing that you can do it. Having doubts is natural, motivation rises and falls, but believing that you can accomplish it may make the difference! I also am looking for more skills and systems to stay on track. I've been watching youtube videos from people who successfully lost a lot of weight.
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    Thank you for reaching back out to me!! That is amazing and positive and I will write this down. Make it my motivation. My kids also help to remind me that I have to be here for them!! My youngest is 4. So to have this life changing event happen at a young age is motivating me not to lose sight of the goal!
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    That is so scary! Thank you for sharing. I’m a school teacher in CA.
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    There for a minute I was thinking you were like reading my life story except for the PE. Lost my parents young as well to strokes and heart attacks so being 54 of course I’m starting to freak out that I’m on borrowed time. I hate the on again off again, diet. Like you, my time is so crazy busy but it’s just hard sometimes to be able to eat right and I’m just a grab and go kind of girl.
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    You can do this!
    The wagon will always let you back on.

    My brief advice:
    Stop ALL snacks between meals.
    Learn which foods make you feel full the longest.
    Wear a smart watch that can track calorie burn and sync to myfitnesspal. You can earn a little extra food with a workout
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    You got this! Absolutely. Some great advice I received was to take every day as it’s own challenge. Don’t plan down the road. Say “ today I’m not going to eat any sweets and any snacks I have will be fruits and/or veggies.” Then stick to it for that day. If you have to, break it down even further… “for the next two hours I’m going to eat well and get some steps in”… the day it again the next two hours… or the next day. Or however you break it down. Then just try to gradually extend your commitments. Accountability partners help as well. Also, let your kids be your motivation. Pull up their pictures when you feel tempted.
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    Marla, don’t doubt your strength. You are a mother of two and role model to dozens. If you’re worried about the wagon get one to put your kids in and take a walk. Everyone will love it and you’ll be even stronger for the effort!