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consistently training and dieting but my lower abs are becoming pudgy. tips? help?

i used to train at home then hit a plateau, so i started going to the gym and tried to follow a program but wasnt seeing results so went back to my original style of training but instead at home its in the gym.
after each lifting session i do about 15-20 min cardio HIIY sprint drills.

when i trained at home i would go outdoors and do my hiit usually hitting three miles.
in the gym its much harder to hit three miles on the treadmill which might be the issue with why my abs arent the same anymore.

im used to maintaining a six pack but now im stressing. as a professional dancer i like to keep my body lean and yet shredded/ripped. but the last three months just been hard to bounce back. idk why. people say i looked jacked which my arms and chest and legs are better, but my abs arent.

i train my abs with every workout day. i workout 4 days a week (what i can mentally stand doing, i dont look forward to it) most of my training is for looks and maintain the aesthetic i like.

yes i track my calories. recently increased my protein intake. i diet sunday- thursday. friday and saturday i dont necessarily pig out but i relax on my eating its soooo mentally taxing just dieting and tracking and not being able to eat what i like. especially now with my abs looking like crap i need to cut out more i feel.
or find a way to push longer on the treadmill?

i also teach dance 5 nights a week. i know when im not performing in shows i have to eat less but never been a big issue, ive always maintained.
so im just and worried and want to get back to looking great and having a leaner stomach. what should i do?


  • tomcustombuilder
    tomcustombuilder Posts: 1,926 Member
    Fatloss is a product of a consistent weekly calorie deficit.

    You are taking in too many overall calories so you need to tighten things up
  • Retroguy2000
    Retroguy2000 Posts: 1,621 Member
    edited May 3
    chimpanjb wrote: »
    i dont necessarily pig out but i relax on my eating
    I think we see the issue.

    A little extra time on the treadmill on top of everything else you're already doing won't make much difference.