1 year, 130 pounds, and a belt



  • RM10003
    RM10003 Posts: 316 Member
    I'm totally impressed by the physical transformation. You look fabulous. But I'm even more impressed by your emotional and mental resilience. You rock!
    this. I'm in awe of your resilience.

    Can I add another "this"? Seriously, you rock.
  • Care76
    Care76 Posts: 556 Member
    Congrats you look amazing!
  • jvbrooks
    jvbrooks Posts: 82 Member
    Congrats! 130 lbs happens to be (roughly) my goal: halfway there in the same amount of time it's taken you. Amazing.
  • AnitraSoto
    AnitraSoto Posts: 725 Member
    You totally rock! Congrats on an awesome job well done!
  • suz155
    suz155 Posts: 326 Member
    Fantastic,,,,you look great.
  • IndiaGuerita1983
    IndiaGuerita1983 Posts: 98 Member

    I work a full-time job and 2 part time jobs. I have 5 kids. One of my kids has pretty intense special needs and requires round-the-clock skilled care. We're broke and we live paycheck to paycheck. I have never ever been healthy. I am genetically predisposed to being overweight. I had a horrible childhood. I went through a messy divorce. I'm a food addict.

    Seriously, name just about any excuse and it's my excuse, too.

    But you can decide today to take your life back. Right now you can make the next right choice. You can.

    What you wrote is how I have kept going for the last 9 months: "No excuses."

    You're amazing. Thanks for the reminder that we have a million excuses...but we just have to keep going.

  • vanillacoffee
    vanillacoffee Posts: 1,024 Member
    AMAZING job. Love your "right now" sentiment too. Thats what its all about. Remembering that this week!
  • Wow!! Just wow!! Amazing and so so inspirational! "Right Now" Love it!
  • Kudos to you!!!! My thought exactly, no time like the present to start watching what you eat. Don't worry about what you ate this morning and don't just say "well I need to start on Monday, start the week right" NO start now. We just have to stick with it. Its not a diet its a life change. You look incredible keep it up...
  • mjpbgtd
    mjpbgtd Posts: 115 Member
    Great job. What an inspiration ... thank you for this wonderful post and reminder to take each moment as it comes and do what we can with it starting now.
  • ttiiggzz
    ttiiggzz Posts: 154 Member
    You look great, and I just love what you wrote!

    Had to do a doubletake on the name... my young adult daughter is an Elizabeth that we call Beth... but when I've lost her in a store for some reason I always yell WIZ!
  • marishka04
    marishka04 Posts: 28 Member
    you are such an inspiration!!!! i've been down for a while now but your story truly touched me... thank you for sharing and congrats and our amazing transformation!!! :)
  • congrats :) awesome <3
  • KerryPozzi
    KerryPozzi Posts: 30 Member
    You look AMAZING! Your kind of history and story is what keeps me going! Love your haircut too!
  • Ivey05131980
    Ivey05131980 Posts: 1,118 Member
    Those jeans in the now pic look too big...just sayin'. Love you, mean it, friend!!

    P.S. Save them for me, i'm 5'8! LOL!
  • Wol5894
    Wol5894 Posts: 127 Member
    Well done you! And for those who say they can't afford to eat "clean" or lots of fresh veg as they are too expensive, read carefully what she says "I live paycheck to paycheck..." Yes, you CAN eat well but you HAVE to plan and stick to it BUT you also have to be able to live with it as a lifestyle change and NOT see it as a short term diet. All you doubters out there, take note...
  • WestCoastWild
    WestCoastWild Posts: 147 Member
    Those jeans in the now pic look too big...just sayin'. Love you, mean it, friend!!

    P.S. Save them for me, i'm 5'8! LOL!

    Furrealz! You are amazing, and look SO happy and healthy :) I just wanna send you some sexy jeans so you can really show off your body, haha.
  • 2stepscloser
    2stepscloser Posts: 2,900 Member
    Outstanding transformation! Love your story and message. Good luck in your upcoming race :)
  • ThriftyChica12
    ThriftyChica12 Posts: 373 Member
    you rock! u inspire me every day!
  • Hildy_J
    Hildy_J Posts: 1,050 Member
    oh. my. god.

    You lost 130 pounds and 15 years along with it!

    What an inspiring, beautiful, strong lady.

    That showed them. :flowerforyou:
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