What's the worst thing a man can say to a woman?



  • lexcoulstring
    lexcoulstring Posts: 385 Member
    what was your name?
  • EDesq
    EDesq Posts: 1,543 Member
    It's YOUR fault....ALL your fault that I cheated, with HIM!!!
  • EDesq
    EDesq Posts: 1,543 Member
    Baby, you got NO azz!
  • bd0027
    bd0027 Posts: 1,053 Member
    "I have AIDS/STDs."

    "I like you a lot, I'm just not looking for a relationship right now."
  • EDesq
    EDesq Posts: 1,543 Member
    YES! I said Finger Condoms! Bytch
  • EDesq
    EDesq Posts: 1,543 Member
    If you love me, you will f**k my friend...I owe him $50.
  • EDesq
    EDesq Posts: 1,543 Member
    I forgot to mention when we were married that I believe in Polygamy...and I intend to exercise my religious rights.
  • Sinisterly
    Sinisterly Posts: 10,913 Member
    "I don't want you to be quiet... I just want you to SHUT UP a little..."
  • EDesq
    EDesq Posts: 1,543 Member
    HEY...Incest runs in my family!
  • EDesq
    EDesq Posts: 1,543 Member
    WE are NOT our genetics! So what my grand dad was an abusive alcoholic and so was my dad...I can handle a few beers and 3 or 5 Jack Blacks with the fellas...so go cook my dinner you dumb bytch!
  • ndj1979
    ndj1979 Posts: 29,145 Member
    are you sure you weight 120#, I thought you were more like 140#…

    or, you are 25, really? I thought you were like 40 ….
  • EricJonrosh
    EricJonrosh Posts: 823 Member
    Apparently anything.
  • SunofaBeach14
    SunofaBeach14 Posts: 4,932 Member
    So I noticed on my trip to Bangkok that I have this itch
  • Jerrypeoples
    Jerrypeoples Posts: 1,541 Member
    ''You should really eat more Special K cereal''.

    im going to be honest. that cereal is good
  • Donners185
    Donners185 Posts: 329 Member
    She is so much hotter than you. How come you don't look like that? bgehfwu ghyerwuiq Agghh!!

    You can't understand that last bit coz thats when I decided to insert my foot in his face!!

    God I am feeling violent today!! lol. Obviously I must be coming on!!! Only possible explanation!! :laugh:
  • harvo
    harvo Posts: 4,676 Member
    My now ex-wife asked me the question, a day after going off on me at the baseball park, "does this dress make me look big" me - "No, the fact that you have an *kitten* the size of a mack truck does. Paint color really doesn't matter". Somehow she tool offense to that...I think she was a little sensative...
  • i love you Becky and your name is Susan.
  • nickowastaken
    nickowastaken Posts: 751 Member
    "Does this smell like chloroform to you?"
  • tesha_chandler
    tesha_chandler Posts: 381 Member
    "You're making a big deal out of nothing"
  • FancyPantsFran
    FancyPantsFran Posts: 3,687 Member
    Uhhh.. Silence is bliss, what are you talking about???

    I never get the silent treatment DAMM what am I doing wrong!!!