Anyone over 300 pounds when they started?



  • MamaP0610
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    I made the decision to give MFP another go after I gained 30 lbs and am at the highest weight I've ever been.... I am currently 304 lbs and 5'4".
  • funsmile1234
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    I started at 370 and am currently at 218.
  • Iwishyouwell
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    Started at around 320.

    Check the ticker.
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    @ michelle_8106 ...What!! 3 kids!?!? You look great and honestly I thought you were 17! haha!
  • CheeksBryant
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    When I started (didn't start using MFP until well into my journey) I weighed a little over 300 lbs. Now 226
  • childofbodom123
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    I started at 315 pounds, over 18 month I lost 124 pound, have stayed pretty much around the same weight. I am limited to what exercise I can do, I simply walked every day at least 30 minutes and I made sure that I very rarely ate over my calories, 18 month of this and I reached my goal! Pics below ..

    315 pounds


    191 pounds

  • I started out at over 333 lbs.

    I say "over" because I know I was heavier than that at my heaviest but it wasn't until I went in for a health check and I weighed in at 333 lbs. that I saw how heavy I had gotten.

    It wasn't until after a few personal setbacks shortly after my medical check up that I decided to do something about my health.

    Left (current), Right (15 months ago)

    I have lost about 65 lbs. and I continue to lose weight.
  • xTattooedDollx
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    I was at least 330# when I started. My scale only went up to 330#! Im down 87# now and I feel great!
  • Sharon_C
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    Every one of you are inspirational. Thank you for sharing your success. :flowerforyou:
  • starrylioness
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    322 lbs and now...244 :)
  • daddylawbucks
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    I was over 300 at the top, went down to 241 and now back up to 260.... it's a never ending process, but worthwhile doing. Keep up the great work, your story is an inspiration in itself !!
  • trogalicious
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  • arcticfox04
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    I dropped 110lb's a while back.

    Just some random advice while I'm trying to tire myself before bed.
    - Set to 2lb's a week.
    - Drink alot of water. Thats your new favorite drink
    - Exercise is always welcomed 30-60 minutes a day
    - Going over on protein is perfectly fine. MFP default is pretty low tbh.
    - Going over on Carbs isn't fine
    - Fats aren't that bad in the long run.
    - Planning food a day ahead gives you a good head start.
    - Don't cut out foods you like. Don't make it a punishment. The key about losing weight is self control.
    - Drink alot of water. Can't stress that enough.
    - Take a Probiotic and make sure you get enough fiber.
    - Don't worry about getting crazy with watching sugars and such early on. Focus on the basics follow your macro's.
    - You don't want to lose 100lb's you want to lose 10lbs then another 10lbs. Make the goals easy and never look at it as huge challenge the more of mountain you make it feel like the more you'll want to quit. 100lbs can be an overall goal but make 5-10lbs the direct goal. Always have something in reach its not a race just pace yourself.
    - Have fun, don't feel like you can't go out with friends and hide in a corner and eat just rice cakes. 1 bad night/meal won't ruin everything. The biggest mistake I see here is someone has a bad day and over reacts and ends up getting into a relapse and giving up.
    - When you get closer to your overall goal start to slow down the weight loss. The goal is to be able to maintain when you lose the weight.

    Have Fun =)
  • momofGD
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    I started at 321 on October 15, 2013. Not quite 6 months later and I have lost 91 lbs! i went from a size 26 to a size 16/18, I wasn't able to run a quarter mile when I started and now I go out and run 8 miles for fun on the weekends. I plan on doing the Tough Mudder September 6th and a half marathon September 21. The rest of the summer will be random races.
  • Kitship
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    I started at around 310 - 315.

    Down to 242 as of today.
  • trishtrish84
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    I started at 330 lbs. Yesterday when I went to the gym and weighed, I weighed 267. That's a loss of 63lbs so far. I haven't set a goal weight for myself. I figure that when I hit goal, I will know. No chart or scale can tell me how I feel :)
  • Tabbitha1968
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    Started at 330 now almost a year later 258.
  • JoeMO
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    Wow, love reading these success stories. I started about a couple months ago at 312 I'm down 29. Joe