Beyond Unsupportive: Wednesday Morning Rant



  • ThinLizzie0802
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    Set him on fire.

    Why didn't I think of this earlier!? :)

    Love it!
  • Sounds like this coming Saturday you will achieve the best loss of all :) Good riddance
  • likitisplit
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    Get yourself a nice piece of jewelry as a reward for dumping him.
  • redheaddee
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    Easiest way to lose 200 pounds?

    Dump the [email protected]
  • LiftAllThePizzas
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    My 'as of this upcoming Saturday moving out ex"


    On Sunday I brought up some issues going on in our relationship that have just been chewing at my brain.
    I guess that will teach you to try to 'fix' a relationship that is already over.
  • donyellemoniquex3
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    Good riddance! Doesn't sound like he's worth your time.

    Also, what did you see in him exactly ?
  • emacb123
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    Buh, bye ...

    **jazz hands***
  • Wow what an *kitten*, ur better off, who needs that lump of **** lying around!
  • Drop the guy. Clearly hes an *kitten*. You are working hard to get back into shape and sharing it with him in order to hopefully motivate him as well. You should have thrown it right back in his face since you had said he gained weight as well. In the end your better of without him and the best thing you can do is bust *kitten* and throw it in his face. Good luck and best wishes!
  • I'm not on the bandwagon of folks telling you to walk away from your mariage based on your OP. There is more to be done before getting to that point IMHO. This book is almost tailor made to address the situation you describe and it walks you through what I think is the right way to come to the decision you are about to make. attraction plan&sprefix=mindful+attraction+plan,aps,534

    Diresgard - I misread the OP and thought you were married. If he's just a live-in bf, drop and "next". It's still a good book though.
  • wozkaa
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    Buh, bye ...

    **jazz hands***

    Holy god, this GIF made me laugh sooooo much....

    OP, you sound like my EX Sister In Law. She tried for years, and had a sudden 'aha' moment not long after her mother died quite suddenly. She realised she was wasting her life, and was so glad she hadn't fallen pregnant - though they were trying.

    She told him she was leaving, starting sorting their stuff, and one day he came home from work and she was gone. She couldn't tell him when she was leaving because she was afraid of the reaction, and what he would do to stop her.
    She rang me while she had a nice lunch, just minutes before she set off on the 1600 odd km drive to her father's house. I was glad for her, and still am. She has 2 beautiful children with a man who adores her.

    I hope you have a similar happier life, OP :flowerforyou:
  • Emi1974
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    be polite and behave like a lady, even when you feel like you want to scratch his eyes out. When you get the chance wish him all the best for the future and that he may find what he is looking for.

    He will always regret losing you, every time the new one gives him a hard time... best revenge ever :bigsmile:
  • Andreaviolet89
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    He is ****ting all over your achievments because he has none of his own in this department and he is jealous. Don't let him make you feel like what you have done is insignificant. Congrats on the changes you have made!!! As you improve your body, health, and lifestyle, he is staying stagnant. This sort of thing just gets worse as time goes on. I hear that the gym is one of the top places to meet a man. Happy fishing ;)
  • otter090812
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    OP, you are pure class, dealing with him in such a mature and calm way. He should count himself lucky he isn't missing a vital piece of his anatomy after those comments.

    I also agree he's unhappy with himself and jealous of you. I figure that, because until recently I was the same. I hated hearing about my husband's workouts because it just reminded me how I was failing myself. However, I did not abuse or dismiss him, and now I've got myself together a bit, I can see he's actually an inspiration.

    I'm going to guess you will feel an enormous weight lifted from your shoulders around the same time or shortly after he departs. :drinker: Here's to the rest of your life!