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Do you get hit on?



  • LiftingRiot
    LiftingRiot Posts: 6,952 Member
    By guys and girls. It's weird
  • 530roman
    530roman Posts: 1,819 Member
    Only if I have my DUFF with me
  • RJ0274
    RJ0274 Posts: 4,174 Member
    still hoping.......
  • guitarrckr
    guitarrckr Posts: 1,717 Member
    kinda yeah, quite a bit, but it dont matter how i look, I play guitar , and thats enough for some gals, bahahaha... j/k
  • Darkhawk1969
    Darkhawk1969 Posts: 1,419 Member
    Pretty often here too.

    I reckon its the big boobs.

    Seems to be a topic of conversation the guys at work enjoy. I dread summer. Boiling hot lab = no lab coat = slipping in pools of drool. And it's not like I dress provocatively at work.

    Somebody mention big boobs lol, nothing wrong with that
  • Darkhawk1969
    Darkhawk1969 Posts: 1,419 Member
    Mech9 wrote: »
    I never get hit on! I'm friendly, I think.. Well... Who knows.. Actually, I take that back 100%. I am standoffish and threaten to kill anybody who walks near me.
    I'm prepared to take the risk lol
  • The_WoIverine
    The_WoIverine Posts: 367 Member
    Pretty often. I live in Miami. Latinos have no shame.

    @aliciamarieUF‌ I'm so glad this doesn't apply to me lol
  • La_Malfaisante_
    La_Malfaisante_ Posts: 1,064 Member
    Nope...only by some pervs on here
  • rockstarginaa
    rockstarginaa Posts: 1,529 Member
    I still do, but not as much as I did before I got married
  • wolfruhn
    wolfruhn Posts: 3,025 Member
    I get hit on loads, every time I post here ;o)
  • Bill8855
    Bill8855 Posts: 4,267 Member
  • Dared2Evolve
    Dared2Evolve Posts: 2,803 Member
    edited March 2015
    Yup ..

  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,841 Member
    Here...not really.
  • wolfruhn
    wolfruhn Posts: 3,025 Member
    @dared2evolve. you one step above! haha made me crease up! right all over the floor!!!
  • BigEdge
    BigEdge Posts: 1,754 Member
    I usually get hit on at bars.

  • Bill8855
    Bill8855 Posts: 4,267 Member
    Sometimes by dudes....which I guess is flattering. Just not into the wang.
  • tibo1783
    tibo1783 Posts: 2,474 Member
    Nope...only by some pervs on here
    hard to believe that one.. not the pervs on MFP they are all over.. meaning in real life..

    and yes oddly enough

  • letsdothis511
    letsdothis511 Posts: 27 Member
    Yes, I get hit on by men and women IRL, and I don't mind. The ego boost is awesome.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
    callsitlikeiseeit Posts: 8,628 Member
    I do, yes.

    I think it has less to do with what you look like or weigh and more to do with your confidence and how you carry yourself.