What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • rheddmobile
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    Walked Parkrun again this morning (also volunteered) - two and a half minutes off last week's time. Which may not seem much but it means that I am slowly regaining my fitness.

    Can't wait to be able to run again.

    I've now completed 85 Parkruns and volunteered on 93 occasions.

    If it cools down later and if the arthritis will allow me, I may go for a gentle, traffic-free bike ride now I have a new bike :)

    I was just thinking about you! I didn’t realize quite how badly you were hurt, that’s terrible. But glad to hear you are recovering from your bike accident.
  • alteredsteve175
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    whmscll wrote: »
    I just reached my goal weight, which in the past has triggered the “yea now I can eat what I want” mentality. But because I am older, my maintenance cals are only 1450. Last night my husband and I went to a dance potluck and I was eyeing the sweets table. I really wanted some, BUT I knew from logging my calories that I didn’t have enough room for sweets (even with the extra cals from dancing) and once I got started I would probably eat too many. So I walked away and asked my husband to rhumba again. Hit my maintenance calories for the day dead on.

    Congratulations on reaching your goal weight! And on your self control! Posts like this are an inspiration!

    HDBKLM Posts: 466 Member
    Ran 5k for the fourth time, and decided to carry on. Finished with a 7k run. Just two weeks ago I could barely run two. Our crazy unseasonable cool weather helped, but am learning to like this running thing. And the fab naps that result, lol.

    From 2 to 7km in just 2 weeks!? That's incredible progress. Well done!