What's makes you beautiful?



  • katkins73
    katkins73 Posts: 416 Member
    I'm friendly and positive and am told I put people at ease (probably because I am an inquisitive chatterbox so ask lots of questions!) I am also good at helping other people feel good about themselves - if I think it in my head I tell them, whether it is that their hair looks nice or that they I have noticed a talent or special quality of theirs. What they don't realise is that when I make them feel good I also feel good :smile:

    Physically I love my lips, they have are big and have a perfect cupids bow, people pay a lot of money for smackers like these :laugh:
  • spirit095
    spirit095 Posts: 1,017 Member
    My quirkiness.

    I am also Canadian! haha
  • sheenarama
    sheenarama Posts: 733 Member
    Because I'm very positive and also very weird. :heart:
  • KseRz
    KseRz Posts: 980 Member
    I am not Canadian :drinker:

  • Noogynoogs
    Noogynoogs Posts: 1,028 Member
    Never in a bad mood
  • oregonzoo
    oregonzoo Posts: 4,251 Member
    big yabbos
    big smile.
  • mjharman
    mjharman Posts: 251 Member
    My calming disposition...it brings comfort to others and I am able to maintain it, dispite great inner turmoil.
  • baba_helly
    baba_helly Posts: 810 Member
    Kegels. And I never say no.
  • MelisMusing
    MelisMusing Posts: 421 Member
    I'm sweet and funny, I have a knack for making people feel comfortable, and I'm a dog person.

    In my mind, being a dog person speaks VOLUMES. :)
  • Desterknee
    Desterknee Posts: 1,056 Member
    My spirit.
  • wheird
    wheird Posts: 7,963 Member
    I took an online quiz once.
  • EddieHaskell97
    EddieHaskell97 Posts: 2,227 Member
    I'm good at making people laugh.

    And I have a decent *kitten*.

    Hmmm, not quite right.
    I love to make people laugh.

    And I have an *kitten* worthy of its own religion.


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  • askeates
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    I really like this topic!!!!

    I have a couple to add to the list that make me very proud.

    - My older kids often tell me that I'm a great mom, and their friends echo that thought. I am always there for all of them when they need me! To me, being able to say that my kids and their friends come to me when they need help, or just want to hang out is the best thing in the world and what every parent wants to have!

    - This surprised me.... I've been singing on stage since I was 4 and I never thought anything of it.... just something I've always loved to do. Recently while doing kereoke (yes, I know, blah, blah, blah) I was approached by this woman and her hubby and told that I really needed to find a way to sing professionally. Not only did I have an amazing singing voice, but the emotions were just inspiring.... :blushing:

    - This is my own feeling about myself... I'm beautiful because I do not try to make myself into something I'm not. I am who I am take me or leave me!
  • Christizzzle
    Christizzzle Posts: 454 Member
    I am a wonderfull mother. People are constantly complimenting me and my kids. There is no greater compliment in the world.
  • sheilanavora
    sheilanavora Posts: 15 Member
    People have told me they love my laugh and how it's so infectious, that I can instantly brighten a room.
    They also tell me I have a nice chest so yeah :)
  • Muddy_Yogi
    Muddy_Yogi Posts: 1,459 Member
    My love for life and fun
  • illbeing
    illbeing Posts: 7 Member
    Oh there's a few things I think I could pick from. I have a pretty adaptable and powerful singing voice, used to be in rock cover band, I'm very crafty (as in sewing and upcycling not sneaky haha) and I'm pretty funny if I do say so myself :D Feels good to say some nice things about me.
  • Jacwhite22
    Jacwhite22 Posts: 7,012 Member
    A dark room?

    Kidding!!! Um...I'd have to say being the best mom I know how to be.

    You're insecure.....don't know what for.....You turning heads when you walk through the dooor
  • puppyface
    puppyface Posts: 12 Member
    What makes me beautiful is no matter how scared I am on the inside I fight for what I love never showing the fear. I have battled many demonds; cancer, abuse as a child and as an adult, the death of my infant granddaughter, homelessness and many others but I always see the blessings in the curses. During some of the worst times in my life I have also found blessings. So I guess you can say I am good at making delicious lemonaid out of what ever life throws at me.

    Oh and I love with my whole heart. I guess that is what really makes me feel beautiful.