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What's makes you beautiful?



  • GreenIceFloes
    GreenIceFloes Posts: 1,491 Member
    And being a nice person / not as *kitten*.
  • reddz12
    reddz12 Posts: 350 Member
    I'm quirky and I embrace it. I mask alot of emotion with humor, which isnt always the best for be, but alot of people come to me because they need that sometimes. laughter can be better than a hug based on the situation. And I'm always glad to do it.
  • baba_helly
    baba_helly Posts: 810 Member
    Kegels. And I never say no.

    Did it just get warm in here? :smile:

    No, I'm pretty frigid.
  • lmmathis86
    lmmathis86 Posts: 223 Member
    This really should'nt be hard should it?.....umm I would say I'm a good wife and mom. My little family means the world to be everything I do starts with them in mind!
  • Galatea_Stone
    Galatea_Stone Posts: 2,037 Member
    I am forgiving to a fault.
  • odusgolp
    odusgolp Posts: 10,477 Member
    My dermatologist and Bare Minerals.
  • JulieE1002
    JulieE1002 Posts: 162 Member
    I am born negotiator. I have the ability to help people come to mutually agreeable resolutions to what could potentially be life changing situations. I can see situations from all sides and provide several methods of resolution.
  • raisealittlehell
    raisealittlehell Posts: 341 Member
    Well OP you said this, but it's the same for me. My singing voice. I love to write songs and sing. I do it all the time (and even sometimes I don't realize I am singing) and it brings me great happiness and joy. If I can therefore bring joy to someone else through a song, that is even better!
  • KseRz
    KseRz Posts: 980 Member
    also my open expanding twisted mind which actually goes with what I already said though....

    Is there a YouTube channel to watch this?
  • Ilikelamps
    Ilikelamps Posts: 482 Member
    My butt is magnificent

    I'm hilarious

    And completely full of myself it seems today..

    And I can eat like crazy and barely gain weight..

    Pretty beautiful
  • DavidSTC
    DavidSTC Posts: 173 Member
    Kegels. And I never say no.

    Did it just get warm in here? :smile:

    No, I'm pretty frigid.

    OK. Much cooler now. :tongue:
  • SakuraRose13
    SakuraRose13 Posts: 621 Member
    I'm honest and am loyal , and I sing also of course not many know this but I was in choir for years and in show choir in school which would surprise most because I appeared very introverted at times, and I'm a mother being a mother has made me feel beautiful from within, they have made me a better person.
  • mank32
    mank32 Posts: 1,323 Member
    Satanic rituals involving *kitten*


    i love bringing delight to others through music, art, and cake. i am compassionate. i've been told (more than once) that i'm "easy to be around" and "easy to love." :smooched:
  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,330 Member
    Life is never boring around me. I am able to find joy in the strangest things, and pull those who are around me into my world.
  • krash999
    krash999 Posts: 476 Member
    Lots and Lots of Alcohol!!!!
  • itodd4019
    itodd4019 Posts: 340 Member
    I am a volunteer dog walker at the dog shelter

    I know all of my neighbors and all the people around my offices downtown

    I rounded up all the free agents in the softball league and created a new team. 15 players now have a team that couldn't find one

    I forgive and forget fast

    I'm blonde and blue eyed

    I wouldn't want to be anybody else

    My grown children come to often for help advice and just to check in

    I attracted the greatest chick on the planet!

    Dang I RULE!!!

    But I like you a lot too!
  • IpuffyheartHeelsinthegym
    IpuffyheartHeelsinthegym Posts: 5,573 Member
    I'm half Hawaiian. I'm smart, genuine, kind, caring, compassionate, considerate, supportive, honest, loyal, dependable, sensitive, funny, sweet, patient, understanding, forgiving, and a great mom who puts her kids needs first, always. All of that makes me beautiful.
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,741 Member
    I am reliable. I always follow through on anything I say I'll do, and I never make empty promises or statements.

    The world needs so much more of this. Thanks for being that, seltzer. Something I'm trying to work on right now.

    Thank you!
  • bethlaf
    bethlaf Posts: 954 Member
    me:smile: i am my own special snowflake,:wink: wierd :noway: quirky :glasses: smart :bigsmile: funny :laugh: supportive:huh: and modest..:blushing:
  • JGilchrist23
    JGilchrist23 Posts: 30 Member
    I'm kind and considerate - no pregnant lady is left standing on the metro if I'm there, no-one struggles into our building carrying all their shopping if I see them, I positively LOVE giving directions, and if need be, will take them a bit closer to their destination if needed. All those little things make me feel all snuggly and beautiful inside!!!