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Looking for totally superficial, token friends...

edmwndedmwnd Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
Look, despite being a member here since 2012, I've only this weekend looked up the community side of things, and as such have no 'friends', and this does seem a little odd, so I'm looking to rectify this social network faux pas asap.

But, to be honest, I'm not really the kind of guy that's going to be on your page every day telling you how awesome you are for eating yoghurt and walking to the grocery store instead of driving. I'm also unlikely to give you a tailor-made 8-week nutrition plan or join you for zumba classes.

So, please let me know if you want to add a fairly disinterested misanthrope who'll appear inoffensively on your list of friends without demanding you hit your targets, but will happily try to cheer you up when your earnest MFP BFFs fail to inspire you with tales of Kale soup and Ketosis.



  • silencioesorosilencioesoro Member Posts: 318 Member Member Posts: 318 Member
    You had me at "fairly disinterested misanthrope."
  • MinMin97MinMin97 Member Posts: 2,734 Member Member Posts: 2,734 Member
    Sure, why not?
  • Go_Mizzou99Go_Mizzou99 Member Posts: 2,643 Member Member Posts: 2,643 Member
    I am an engineer with no social skills and I dress poorly ;-).

    Add me if you want.
  • CindyMarcuzAdamsCindyMarcuzAdams Member, Premium Posts: 3,949 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,949 Member
    Add me if you choose to. I can handle token...or was that it was token...
  • feralkitten1010feralkitten1010 Member Posts: 219 Member Member Posts: 219 Member
    As somewhat of an introvert, I'd consider you a perfect friend. Feel free to add me too!
  • Alatariel75Alatariel75 Member Posts: 17,638 Member Member Posts: 17,638 Member
  • cdealtrycdealtry Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    Hi, I'm in the UK, joined last year and only tonight have taken a good look at the website (iPad freak), also friendless!
  • rachaelgoslanrachaelgoslan Member Posts: 66 Member Posts: 66
    Hi there, add me, I'm happy to be superficial as required x
  • edmwndedmwnd Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
    Well well, my cup overfloweth with superficiality ;)
  • GirlAnachronismEGirlAnachronismE Member Posts: 97 Member Member Posts: 97 Member
    Please do. I find cheerleading all a bit embarrassing (repressed brit here)
  • paperpuddingpaperpudding Member Posts: 6,034 Member Member Posts: 6,034 Member
    I am somewhat bemused by your request OP - I mean, if you don't really need friends you don't have to have them, you know.
    There are some people on here who are active forum posters and don't have friends - because they dont send or accept friends requests.

    However if you are just looking to build a friends list for whatever reason, you can add me.
    I don't send requests but if anyone sends me one, I accept it.
    I am an active poster on the forums but like you I am not a very active friend.
  • Annie_01Annie_01 Member Posts: 3,115 Member Member Posts: 3,115 Member
    Hey...I am just grateful to know that there are other "friends" just as bad as I am...I was beginning to feel a little bad that I wasn't cheering on people for eating under their calorie goals or burning 25 calories for scratching their butt!

    I don't feel so bad any more...not that I ever felt bad...I warn people right up front...sure I'll be your friend...Just don't expect much out of me...
  • coaoalocoaoalo Member Posts: 104 Member Member Posts: 104 Member
    Meh, add me if you want. I'll like your posts if they're interesting but otherwise kind of coast through the "friendship".
  • FlippoloFlippolo Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    I am the best superficial, puts-in-the-bare-minimum-effort kind of friend you'll ever have. Although I've heard it said that I'm a pretty mean "Like" button pusher.
  • CupcakesMom2CupcakesMom2 Member Posts: 154 Member Member Posts: 154 Member
    Feel free to add me, I will like some of what you do and sometimes I'll even comment 'Awesome!"
  • kinkyslinky16kinkyslinky16 Member Posts: 1,478 Member Member Posts: 1,478 Member
    You had me at "fairly disinterested misanthrope."

    Agreed. This is my favorite kind of friend. :flowerforyou:
  • stillnot2latestillnot2late Member Posts: 401 Member Member Posts: 401 Member
    Most interesting post I've seen in a long time
  • crazie4lulucrazie4lulu Member Posts: 796 Member Member Posts: 796 Member
    i tell it like it is... feel free to join my crazie world.. add me!
  • AlluminatiAlluminati Member Posts: 6,276 Member Member Posts: 6,276 Member
    Don't add me.
  • Karababy51Karababy51 Member Posts: 127 Member Member Posts: 127 Member
    I like your style! I'm here every day, but I don't post much about my health/food activities. I do however actively hit the 'like' button on my friends' posts to help with encouragement. I've been known in the past to post an occasional 'Great job,' or other comments if I feel I can be helpful. But, I don't tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do, ever. I'm normally quite laidback, I do post in the forums from time to time though. I lurk more than anything (besides updating my diary) and use the 'search' button frequently when I need information on something. I've learned so much from doing that. Feel free to add me and I'll do the same. :)
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