Visualize your Success!

Aaron_K123 Posts: 7,122 Member
I had a fun idea for showing off people's weight loss success. I haven't lost all that much weight in comparison to many on here but I thought I'd post my own just to get this started, I think we could all have a lot of fun with it.

Here is the idea. Think back to the day where you first started to take weight loss seriously and the weight started to come off. What did you weigh back then?

Given what you weigh now how many things do you need to put on/wear/hold in order to get back to that weight? Get on your scale and add and add and add until you see that number.

Using myself I have lost 20 pounds so far. I used to weigh 188 now I weigh 168. I put on 1.5 pounds of clothes, a backpack with my laptop and my lunch weighing 8.5 pounds and held two 5 pound dumbbells to get back to 188.

Lacks creative flair I know but I bet there are many of you out there with a lot more to work with. Come on losers lets see that success visualized!



  • ILiftHeavyAcrylics
    ILiftHeavyAcrylics Posts: 27,732 Member
    I like this idea! Going to give it some thought.
  • QueenBishOTUniverse
    QueenBishOTUniverse Posts: 14,121 Member
    Same here, going to have to think about what I would want to add, I may be carrying multiple cats.....
  • ew_david
    ew_david Posts: 3,474 Member
    If it wasn't late and 85 degrees, I'd totally put on 26# of clothing.

    Great thread!
  • Chevy_Quest
    Chevy_Quest Posts: 2,012 Member
    Count me in... i just need some time to get creative! :drinker:
  • QueenBishOTUniverse
    QueenBishOTUniverse Posts: 14,121 Member
    LOL ok, so I just weighed everyone, so far I have lost 3 of our 4 cats and have less then 1 kitten left to lose.

    And before anyone starts making crazy cat lady jokes, 3 of the 4 cats are my husbands fault. I only claim responsibility for one of them.
  • PikaKnight
    PikaKnight Posts: 34,971 Member
    Interesting idea! Tagging for my feed :)
  • them_and_me
    them_and_me Posts: 60 Member
    My highest weight was 220lbs - 60lbs ago! I could pack my baby and my 3 yo niece and it still wouldn't cover it. Crazy!!
  • RaggedyPond
    RaggedyPond Posts: 1,487 Member

    45lb Powerblock
  • marian4marian
    marian4marian Posts: 94 Member
    great idea. i like to visualize 17 lbs of butter sitting on a table in front of me! that's what i've worked off...and when i carry anything around that weight amount i definitely talk to myself about the fact i used to carry that on my frame...
  • QueenBishOTUniverse
    QueenBishOTUniverse Posts: 14,121 Member
    Bump, still trying to figure out how to hold three cats and take a picture at the same time. :laugh:
  • hartmamp
    hartmamp Posts: 80 Member
    I think this way when I am using weights in workout. I'll pick one up and think, "I used to carry this around just in fat, so I can go heavier."
  • nathalier71
    nathalier71 Posts: 570 Member
    Love it! I'm thinking...I'm thinking...
  • pippadeedippity
    pippadeedippity Posts: 16 Member
    Love this idea! I've lost 31lbs so far and I equate that to a 30 lb bag of dog food. You know the ones you have to sling over your should to carry them? Crazy to think I was carrying that around!
  • csk0018
    csk0018 Posts: 219 Member
    This is an amazing idea! :bigsmile:
  • jmcdonald2011
    jmcdonald2011 Posts: 181 Member
    I work in a bar so I am going to visualize it in what I lug around at work. I have lost just shy of a 24 of beer
  • walker306
    walker306 Posts: 91 Member
    Love it! I've lost 10 about 2 bags of sugar, you know, the 5lb bags?
  • ExistingFish
    ExistingFish Posts: 1,259 Member
    Cool I have lost more than 2 5lb dumbells!

    I can't wait until I can say I have lost what my toddler weighs....
  • Meerataila
    Meerataila Posts: 1,885 Member
    Love it. But I can't figure out how to burden myself with 129 pounds of stuff and not get squished under it!
  • Aaron_K123
    Aaron_K123 Posts: 7,122 Member
    Love it. But I can't figure out how to burden myself with 129 pounds of stuff and not get squished under it!

    Hah but that is exactly what I was hoping for. Would love to see that person who lost 100+ pounds with some giant backpack on trying to slog around some dumbbells while wearing huge boots. I mean that has just got to feel so amazing knowing that all that weight that you struggle to carry was weight you used to carry around every day simply by being that overweight.

    Part of me wanted to make this a challenge, to see if anyone who had lost 50+ pounds would be willing to put that on in a backpack and carry it around all day just to see how that felt.
  • Veil5577
    Veil5577 Posts: 868 Member
    All I'd have to do is pick up my cat.. he's a 20 pounder.
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