Does anyone else weigh themselves EVERY morning?

I can't help it!! Lol.


  • SuperTiredMom
    SuperTiredMom Posts: 172 Member
    I do it out of habit, but mostly to monitor my body weight fluctuation throughout the month.
  • indianwin2001
    indianwin2001 Posts: 296 Member
    I'm in the gym 6 days a week and i do everytime--habit
  • zeal26
    zeal26 Posts: 602 Member
    Yes, it keeps me on track. I stopped weighing myself for about 6 weeks and gained 7lb (there were plenty of contributing factors but I think not knowing my weight was a big one).
  • scrapjen
    scrapjen Posts: 387 Member
    I do ... I can tell you my weight for anytime in the past 8 years (with the odd exception, I didn't take the scale on vacation, and accidentally missed a day here and there). I don't stress (or get excited) about daily changes, but watch the trends, and I have an "official" weigh-in once a week on Fridays.
  • 970Mikaela1
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  • ScottH_200
    ScottH_200 Posts: 377 Member
    No, I drive truck and am on the road a few days a week and I'm not going to pay 25 cents every morning to weigh myself at some truck stop bathroom! :-)
  • BekaBooluvsu
    BekaBooluvsu Posts: 470 Member
    Yes, to stay on track. Only log once a week.
  • kimkimcoleman
    kimkimcoleman Posts: 105 Member
    I do. Every morning, first thing.
  • Oxmarqt
    Oxmarqt Posts: 378 Member
    I weigh every morning and only log on Saturday mornings. For the first 35-40 days I weighed both morning (5:15am) and afternoon (5:00pm) just to see how my body adjusted to foods and the day in general.

    By weighing every morning I was able to learn that foods higher in sodium or carbs cause me to "gain" a little or be "flat" for a bit. I also found that I the scale would not show any loss if I ate after about 8:00pm.

    Kinda useless information overall but it taught me about me and how I react to foods. It also revealed to me that my weight loss has a pattern. I will drop a wee bit every day for like 7 days and then nothing for like 5. Then I will lose a few lbs overnight and begin the wee bit again followed by the nothing again. Not sure why it happens but weighing every day and then seeing it on a graph made it really obvious. Doesn't bother me because it is all about averages.

    I don't really get nervous about the number until Thursday or Friday morning though since Saturday is right around the corner.
  • violasmith85
    violasmith85 Posts: 274 Member
    First thing every morning.
  • I weigh every morning and have learned to not get frustrated with the up fluctuations because I've seen that by sticking with the plan the number trends down in the long run. I literally went 3 weeks at or above 209 lbs just recently and all of a sudden dropped to 206 in a couple days eating over 3000 calories one of those days.
  • tibby531
    tibby531 Posts: 717 Member
    yup! I like watching the numbers bounce around. :)
  • EricMurano
    EricMurano Posts: 825 Member
    I do. I like high resolution data hehe. I just make sure I don't freak out if the number goes up from one day to the next. How ever if the number keeps going up 3 days in a row then I know I need to analyse my habits.
  • davert123
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    I weight every day It focuses my mind. The figures go up and down but the ups don't effect me .
  • Joline1207
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    Yes! Sometimes even when I get up to pee during the night. I am terrible.
  • jennifer_417
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    I just started last's been kinda cool because it helps me track normal fluctuations.
  • UmmSqueaky
    UmmSqueaky Posts: 715 Member
    I weigh first thing in the morning and when I get home from work. It reminds me that ups and downs are normal. I only log the Friday morning weigh in.
  • vforvanilla
    vforvanilla Posts: 20 Member
    I weigh myself and measure my stomach every day, but I don't log it every day. I like to know what's going on, but the body fluctuates sooo much for so many dumb reasons, if I logged every day I'd never see any progress, lol!
  • girlviernes
    girlviernes Posts: 2,402 Member
    yes I do, I think it helps me to stay focused and it is something to look forward to. The daily variations are frustrating but over time I'm getting used to it.
  • Shalva
    Shalva Posts: 55 Member
    Yep, it keeps me honest. Every morning first thing...