Does anyone else weigh themselves EVERY morning?



  • yes. every day as if a change has happened day by day! Im pathetic. this website has happened me some move the needle.. need more motivation to move me in the "left direction"
  • I don't, because the fluctuations frustrate me, and honestly, I don't see the point of weighing every day. I weigh every few weeks at most.
  • shaythep
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    I do every morning on the Wii.
  • topazora
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    I don't, but I try to. I always want to make sure to know what my body is doing. If I don't weight myself everyday, its very easy for me to lose track and mess up. Its sort've a way to make sure I'm following through on my diet.
  • wallelf1
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    When I'm in "trying to lose" mode: once a week. Once I hit maintenance, I'll go to every other day. Otherwise, I'll go crazy(er).:laugh:
  • erm not really usually about once a week on a set day... but i'm no scale professional :D!
  • sdelo7
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    I can't help it!! Lol.

    Same here! Although i only record my weight once a week. I find it interesting - sometimes mind boggling! - to see the daily fluctuations.
  • peejaygee1
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    I do too, and graph it using - it helps me separate the facts on my weight trend from the "noise" from excess salt days/dehydration etc...
  • sillyfemaledust
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    I weigh every morning, and log every Friday. Like most of you, it helps me to see patterns.
  • snjohnston
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    Every. Single. Day. :) I do it as a constant reminder to myself and a motivator to keep at it. I have noticed the trends, so I don't freak out if it goes up a little, because I have a good idea of WHY it went up. Plus, it is super exciting when you watch it stay steady for a few days then it just drops one day! I know some suggest weighing only once a week or month, but that just doesn't work for some of us. ;) I say do whatever works for YOU, not someone else. :)
  • Eserra0510
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    Most mornings I do because I have mild congestive heart failure and when it was worse I had to monitor my weight daily and got into the habit.
  • swaggityswagbag
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    Every morning. Luckily it generally has no effect on my moods, but if it does definitely don't torture yourself.

    I know 100% I am in a caloric deficit because I weigh and measure my foods. So I never worry that I'm "gaining weight" if the numbers go up. Without fail, if I maintain/gain weight, either

    1. I worked out the day before and thus retained water,
    2. I haven't gone to the bathroom, or
    3. I ate more carbs than I usually do and thus retained water.

    Keep measuring inches, keep weighing yourself. Watching daily just because is not a bad idea if you don't have your self esteem very intrinsically tied to the numbers.
  • 424a57
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    I do ... I can tell you my weight for anytime in the past 8 years (with the odd exception, I didn't take the scale on vacation, and accidentally missed a day here and there). I don't stress (or get excited) about daily changes, but watch the trends, and I have an "official" weigh-in once a week on Fridays.
    This -- only mine goes back for 6 years and my official weigh-in is my trend weight on Monday.
  • fwhittaker
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    Yep it fascinates me to see how much my weight fluctuates. Especially how much you lose overnight!
  • Goldeeloks615
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    Every flippin day! But it seems to work better for me. Now 1 -2 pound fluctuations don't freak me out so much.
  • amessam8
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    In the beginning I didn't, but I have started doing it now and I realize that the fluctuations don't bother me. I would be more upset if I put in really heard work at the gym and/or was very mindful of my calorie limits for the week and then weight myself at the end of the week only to find that the numbers on the scale didn't reflect my expectations. Now, with daily weighing, I understand my weight fluctuates daily and I'm not as obsessed with the numbers on the scale as I was previously. NSV as well as measuring helps me also triangulate my progress.
  • ekahnicole
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    I weigh every morning as well, at this point its an ingrained habit
  • 12_oz_Curls
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    I do, but I really like to do it before the morning pee, then afterwards! This morning I lost 1.2 lbs in 2 minutes!
  • I never look at the scale EVER lol