Does anyone else weigh themselves EVERY morning?



  • liftnlove_
    liftnlove_ Posts: 112 Member
    Yep. I don't think it's a big deal UNLESS you're one of those people who gets freaked out by fluctuations...if you are, then you should weigh less often to preserve your sanity :)
  • itsbasschick
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    i weigh myself every day because i like numbers :D
  • I usually do once or twice a week purely because I'm way too damn sensitive about the scale. Although I KNOW that weight fluctuates, seeing a pound gain or something can put me in a crap mood the entire day.
  • I do.
  • fabnine
    fabnine Posts: 379 Member
    No- maybe once a month or so.
    I'm only losing half a pound a week, so why check everyday to see if I lost weight yet?
  • jtolman619
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    Yup, I do! I only log my weight once a week, though.
  • nvpixie
    nvpixie Posts: 483 Member
    I do. I don't always log it, but I like to see the fluctuations. I often can tell when I've had too much sodium the day before because I'll be up in weight for a day or so afterwards. It works for me, and I don't feel like I'm obsessive with it.
  • emalethmoon
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    I do, and it drives me a little crazy, but it also helps keep me on track.
  • Rosie5151
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    I weigh every morning, too. I think for me it reminds me every morning to keep on going. When you have a lot to lose you need something to hold onto, something to bring it all in and that is weighing for me!

    Starting Wght: 300 lbs
    Wght to date: 228 lbs

    Next Goal: 200 lbs.

    End Goal ?
  • MityMax96
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    I can't help it!! Lol.

    Can if u like.
    But be careful. Fluctuations will drive u crazy

    I would pick one day each week for weigh-in day.
    Where u can recreate the same variables each weigh in

    Like Monday morning
    First thing
    After bathroom
    In underwear or naked.
    No water
  • sarah_hite
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    Yes. I also only log when my weight goes down.
  • I weigh in each morning first thing...WITHOUT FAIL!
  • I weigh every day, the fluctuations are interesting. But I'm trying to ignore the fluctuations and focus on getting the body fat percentage down instead. But I don't log the weight on MFP unless it goes down.
  • SameMe_JustLess
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    Every day, but Sunday. I ignore the people who say it's bad for you because I don't stress over little fluctuations. :)
  • steffiejoe
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    Yes Ive been doing it for years, even when I was not focused on weightless.:blushing:
  • Yes, every morning.
  • jdhcm2006
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    Every morning after I workout and right before I shower. The only day I don't do it faithfully is on Sunday b/c I'm normally in a rush to get to church.
  • candycvky
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    Usually do.
  • I do and unfortunately, because my scale is synced with my account, it updates it every morning. Does anyone know if there is a setting you can change to only have it update once a week?
  • givingitmybest
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    Yes, absolutely. In fact, I end up weighing twice a day...once in the morning and once at night. If I didn't care what the scale said, I wouldn't be inputting my food with every bite. ;-)