Does anyone else weigh themselves EVERY morning?



  • NK1112
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    Every morning ... with a few exceptions here and there. Log it also. I've learned not to trust the scale with the first step-on reading because if I step off, and get back on 10 seconds later I'll likely get a different reading. Take 2 that come up the same in a row and log that as the weight for the day. Helps to know if I have to increase a specific med or not.
  • gracielynn1011
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    I weigh every morning. I don't log it. I only use it to monitor my maintenance range.
  • catchtheislands
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    Yes after poopsies. Its important to know where you stand.
    I give myself 5 lbs leeway for cycle. If I go over its time to change something.
  • jamilynn_8890
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    I weigh every day but only log every 2 or 3 days.
  • wesley58
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    Yes I do it every morning also. Helps motivate me, and also lets me know what I did right or wrong the day before. I know that some days you think you should lose and you don't so makes you wonder what you did wrong.
  • its_betty
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    Yes, I weigh most days. I don't write it down very often. Weighing each day lets me see the trend while ignoring the day-to-day fluctuations.

    I think about the trend: over the past week, has my weight generally gone down? Great! What did I do to help that happen?

    And if the trend is up, I can usually figure out what caused that, too.
  • Cathiesunday
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    Yes, I weigh every day, sometimes a couple times a day. I'm on a serious diet and want to know if anything is happening. :wink:
  • sentaruu
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    i do it every morning.
  • Yes, to stay on track. Only log once a week.

    Totally agree! Its also a form of habit lol
  • Water_Gal
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    Yes. I weigh every day before breakfast. It keeps me accountable and I am motivated for the day ahead. I only log my losses, though, since I haven't really had any gains of more than a few ounces for the six months I have been on MFP.
  • Amerielle
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    Every morning. It goes straight to Trendweight. I have vowed to weigh myself every morning I am at home for the rest of my life. I gain weight if I stop. Much easier to adjust when I start to see the trend going in the wrong direction.
  • Usually, but it's discouraging. I've now been told to try and weight yourself 1 a month - that way you won't be seeing the yoyo water fluctuation and get discouraged. As long as you're being true in your eating & exercise you will be successful. I suppose it's ok if you're on maintenance - so you keep an eye on not gaining, but if your trying to loose not good to weigh every day
  • StrawberryJam40
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    I used to be whenever I felt like it, every few days. But, only count Monday evenings from the scale at the gym, not my home scale. However, it has become more frequent because I just broke into a new 'ten' at 249, and I'm 1 & 1/2 pounds from my first 20 pounds! I don't follow the ups and downs, I don't see how foods effect my body, but I just get EXCITED to hit minor goals!
  • wahmx3
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    This is me exactly, although I know my weight will flucuate , if I am not focused and paying attention, I will gain weight.
    Yes, it keeps me on track. I stopped weighing myself for about 6 weeks and gained 7lb (there were plenty of contributing factors but I think not knowing my weight was a big one).
  • SerendipitySkye
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    I do every morning on my Withing scale. It syncs right to here. Love it.
  • ... I hate this habit.
  • trm68
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    Why would one want to weigh everyday? Just check the notches on your belt, they will tell you. lol. I guess checking your weight everyday is like checking your mail everyday, your looking for a new surprise, yes we check the mail everyday too, it is always the same, billsssssssssssssssssssssss....
  • nannymarty04
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    i have to weigh in every morning because of congestive heart failure, so i don't fill up with fluid, and it get very flusrating, my scale goes up and down everyday, so the heart doctor said i must weigh in with there scale that ts hooked up to my computer, and it sends my weight to doctors office,
  • f0r54ken
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    absolutely! that's just good science ma'boy
  • ponycyndi
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    I do. Because the number I see now makes me happy!! And I know when I'm at the low end of my maintenance range, my small pants will fit, and I run and put them on.