craziest thing you have witness your neighbor do?



  • Lauren8239
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    The next road over is an older woman that just retired last year. She has decided her new job is to be the caretaker of all the wild cats in our neighborhood..... She has created a cooler city for the cats in her front yard (have ya ever heard of taking the styrafoam coolers, turn them upside down, cut a door out, and then you have an instant cat/small dog house)..... If it was 1 or 2 during the winter it may not seem so strange.... but we are talking year round cooler city! Rows and rows!

    I think that is rather awesome. Maybe your neighborhood could donate food to her for the kitties.
  • RachelStidd
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    Well I hope my neighbors aren't on here lol

    To one side I have a wife and ex husband that live together and her boyfriend, this is going on 7 years Ive lived there. The ex still calls his ex wife his wife and the kids call them both grandpa. Whats even weirder is they both have the same name so we call them J1 and J2. And not just us, the whole neighborhood. But they are nice people lol. Just a lil weird to explain to the kids lol.

    All the other 5 surrounding me don't speak English. So a lot of conversations that I don't understand.

    I had someone make a fake bomb out of a battery and put it in my front yard. Woke up to take the kids to school and my whole house was surrounded by Swat team and blocked off. Still pissed they never knocked to tell me to get out of the house, even though it was a dud. My friends actually saw it on the news and called me as I was walking out the door.

    But seriously Im prob the one they would have more stories about on my street if you asked my neighbors :drinker:

    haha LMBO
  • _Tink_
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    When I was in my early 20's I lived in an apartment that was part of a 5 unit building. The neighbors above me would fight all the time, and one night when they were drunk the woman opened the window and started screaming for someone to call the cops, and then she started throwing things out the window - vases, the stereo, CDs, the microwave, get the point. Another time they apparently made up and were having very loud nookie on the common stairs near the front door. :noway:

    That's about as crazy as we've had (thank goodness). I'm sure my neighbors have seen me nekkid more than once, so I'm likely on their "crazy neighbor" lists.
  • Alatariel75
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    OH, I have another one!

    One year I was having a Halloween party and our neightbours, who we never met, crashed it. They were in their late 50's and VERY drunk. I mean, easily the drunkest people at the party.

    All of a sudden the woman is in my kitchen crying her eyes out. She stays there for about half an hour while we all awkwardly avoid her, then she and her boyfriend leave.

    Find out the next morning they had propositioned by flatmates 19 year old brother for a threesome and she was crying in the kitchen because he said no.
  • smb0421
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    chase chickens with a rake
  • Jelaan
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    Came home one day to find her vacuuming her grass. Guess she is a neat freak, they often wash their driveway and sidewalk as well as the road in front of their house. The vacuuming was a new one, we did take a picture as we were sure that no one would believe us lol.

    just edited to add that we will take our neat freak neighbour over those shooting up the neighborhood.

    We think it is something about the house. Five families have lived there in the 22 years we have lived here. All progressively stranger. All obsessive about washing their driveways and sidewalks. The vacuuming woman is the most recent. Now we have neighbours who are on the town secret garden tour list because their yards are so beautiful but I have NEVER seen them vacuuming their grass lol.
  • ummlovelovesyou
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    Get arrested for a drug bust. 5 people sitting on the curb, 5 cop cars.

    Funny thing is, I actually live in a decent neighborhood...they were the bad apples I guess :wink:
  • Dragn77
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    I realized something today...saw my building maintenance guy and he was jokingly like " still live here? I *never* see you!" Ive been doing my walks around the building ever since I got my fitbit a couple weeks ago...someone said hello to me and asked me if I was new, and my neighbor downstairs from me said he hasnt seen me in months and hopes everything is okay. Ive noticed too now that Im out for my walks, neighbors outside talking to each other, they all seem to know each other.

    Ive lived here 2 years, and there are maybe 50 apartments here so its not like its so huge...I realize Im a hermit, but oh man...between recent events and this thread, Im feeling like maybe Im the crazy neighbor...the one with Vit D deficiency who never leaves her apartment LoL
  • OKfarmgal
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    Last year our neighbors tried to steal a computer out of my car when I walked back inside my house. But I locked the doors and he was trying to use a hanger to open the passenger side door. I "accidentally" let my two dogs out (both weigh @ 65lbs) and well, let's just say it didn't end well for him. Later I found out from the officer he was strung out cocaine that day. The idiot tried to sue me, but the judge dismissed the case when the arresting officer told her what happened. They recently moved and I'm happy as a clam!! Even waved bye from my front porch with my dogs on their leashes. He flipped me off and I just kept smiling.
  • Poop on someone's doorstep
  • jaegging
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    My husband happened to come upon one of our old neighbors at WalMart. The neighbor was pacing around the electronics department and generally creeping customers out. The guy stopped pacing, shoved his hand down the back of his pants, then ripped it out and gave it a big sniff. Then he went over to the CDs and started riffling through them. If you don't yet purchase all your music digitally, I suggest now would be a good time to switch.
  • nicolemtracy
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    My neighbor tied her son up to the tree in the yard because he talked back to her. If I recall it was raining too.
  • OlyCapitalChick
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    Bring a prostitute home and then 10 minutes later he escorted back to wherever he found her.:huh:
  • PaigeMaster90
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    Fell off his portch in a fit of rage LOL
  • richied26
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    break into the house to confront his wife and her lover
  • DenDweller
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    Nicest guy ever. We love him and his wife. But, he builds cairns for reasons I cannot fathom. I guess it's just part of his awesomeness.
  • MystifiedFluff
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    Putting on his sprinklers while it was currently raining!
  • Misshodge64
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    Pessing by my door
  • Misshodge64
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    Pissing by my door
  • My neighbor (who lives downstairs) started blasting Garth Brooks at about 8pm. This went on for close to 3 hours. The same song on replay OVER AND OVER. He seemed very lonely (never left his apartment) and super depressed. So once I heard the same song play for so long on replay I called the police to make sure he was okay. I thought maybe he had killed himself. Nope. He apparently was just having a good ol' time by himself, listening to music, drinking, and watching tv.

    Silly me.