craziest thing you have witness your neighbor do?



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    Hang himself

    I had a neighbor commit double murder suicide on his family, came quite as a shock to everyone in my building and the community considering that they were active. (I didn't find out what happened until a police officer knocked on my door.)

    One year someone dumped a bag of used cat litter from a few stories up in the next building over taking out a windshield. (I heard about this from my landlord at the time, he was asking me if I saw anything that day.)

    A few years back one of the neighbors down the street was killed. Suspect he was a drug dealer. My co-worker said that all sorts of people visited him throughout the day and night. At the time my ex-co-worker and I lived on opposite sides of the same block.

    At my dads house, when new neighbors just moved in they were attempting to break the sound barrier and the house is in the country or it seemed like it. They would have parties every weekend and were very loud. Sound carries for miles. They settled down when they had kids.

    I knew someone who had a crazy neighbor, he actually admitted to following my car around for half the day. I mean it was actually disturbing and chilling.

    A couple of years ago I was walking by a house when some guy yells at me to get a life. He lived a good seven minute walk down the road and I have absolutely no idea who this man is.

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    Yesterday my neighbour had to call British Gas in an emergency because he pressed a button that said 'do not press' on his gas meter, because he wanted to know what would happen.
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    lol. these are awesome. and, i think i'm the crazy neighbor. i overheard one neighbor tell another that i'm really weird and never talk to anyone. :#
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    my nieghbour was attached to the front of her husbands car windscreen while he was driving down the road .....she was sectioned the next day!!
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    Drinking a 6-pack of 20-ounce beers one after the other in the yard late at night, then dancing around holding his lit cell phone in one hand and lit cigarette in the other, twirling around waving his arms in circles, then peeing on a tree, talking to the tree, then walking off where I couldn't see him anymore. Guy's spent some serious time in the State Hospital, and I wish they'd just keep him in there. If I get started on the strangest things I've been told by others that this guy has done, I'd be here all day. Psycho freak.
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    I have to admit...these had me spitting coffee onto my desk they were so funny. I don't have a funny one...but the weirdest would happen to be when my my boyhood friend and neighbor (he was about 13 at the time) was crouched down outside his house looking into the basement window of his OWN house which was outside my bedroom window. I looked out and it looked like he was picking weeds or something. I went out to say hello only to notice as I got closer that he was "pleasuring" himself while watching something in the basement. Turns out his older brother was "pleasuring" himself in the basement while watching a porno movie and he wouldn't let my friend watch. When he realized I knew what he was doing, he jumped up and tried to zip himself up quickly. NOT a good idea in the state his little friend was in and he ended up screaming in pain as he zipped his manhood up in his pants. I couldn't stop laughing but did feel bad for him as it took us about 10 minutes to veeeeerrrryyyyyy slowly dislodge the zipper before his Mom found out. Two things that made it even stranger/funnier - first is that to this day he still is pissed at me for interrupting before he "finished" - second, turns out his older sister was watching him/us the whole time from her upstairs window. Good times, good times.....
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    We have 10 foot privacy fences, but from deck to deck, we can all see straight into each other's backyards. My neighbor has had all out orgies on his to watch, but we have to keep the kiddoes inside!
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    Crazy 50-yo neighbor that lives with his mother in a Norman Bates-esq type of situation next door sings to his *kitten* dog in the scariest voice you will ever hear. It will haunt my dreams for eternity.
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    When I was 10 I was taking piano lessons from my neighbour's daughter. We lived out in the sticks and their house was surrounded by forest so they had total privacy. The whole family liked to hang out on their deck in their underwear, which my whole family was pretty used to seeing when we would stop by. One day though I went around to the back of the house and found the father BBQing nude. I could never look him in the eye again.
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    my neighbors are boring..I watched Father Clark our catholic priest that lives across the street run over my garbage can with is rv then drive off! lol...
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    Back when I lived in an apartment, one elderly gent with a walker would always go to the lock box for his mail in slippers and a less-than-decent robe. One day I noticed something hanging on his back, which was quite stooped. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a small brown tabby, no more than a year old at best. I tried to let him know, but he was mostly deaf so I discretely followed him back to his apartment to make sure the tabby wasn't left out in the hall or stuck in the elevator.

    I found out later from his wife that the kitten did indeed belong to them, or more precisely, to their grandson, who had camp and didn't want to leave the kitten home alone all day. The tabby had curled under the robe that was on the top of some freshly washed laundry and when the robe was grabbed and put on, the poor kitten was literally taken for a ride.
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    let their kids pick flowers from my garden... and then cry because they had thorns stuck in their hands
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    Get arrested and tasered by the cops twice in a row and still jump up swinging! What a show lol
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    askeates wrote: »
    The next road over is an older woman that just retired last year. She has decided her new job is to be the caretaker of all the wild cats in our neighborhood..... She has created a cooler city for the cats in her front yard (have ya ever heard of taking the styrafoam coolers, turn them upside down, cut a door out, and then you have an instant cat/small dog house)..... If it was 1 or 2 during the winter it may not seem so strange.... but we are talking year round cooler city! Rows and rows!

    I laughed so hard.
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    I'm pretty sure my Dad was the crazy neighbor growing up, but nothing like what has been discussed so far.

    He built an office in the garage, and spent his retirement starting new businesses and websites, and random projects.

    He had the giant markers and paint brushes that you might remember from ASB and could frequently be seen creating signs and posters protesting...whatever was causing him angst that week. Typically some local political issue. Or...handing out pens that said "this pen writes in spanish".

    He brought entertainment to the entire neighborhood.
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    A few years back we moved into a duplex so we could do some renovations on our house. We were there two days and there was a big Police raid on the place next door and the tenant ran out the back door and was chased by the police!
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    Walk around naked.
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    Recently our neighbors across the street were sitting in the driveway of their million-dollar home in cheap circa-1970s woven lawn chairs, drinking wine out of red Solo cups while their toddlers splashed in a little plastic wading pool (they have a big fancy pool and spa in their backyard).

    When we used to live in NYC we loved to watch "The Neighbor Channel." You see all sorts of interesting things in tightly spaced apartment buildings. People seldom close their blinds.
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    I've been trying so hard not to laugh at these stories! I'm at work haha. My neighbourhood is tame and I haven't had to experience these things luckily.