craziest thing you have witness your neighbor do?



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    Walk around naked.

    you must live across from me

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    The people in the apartment above me decided to jump off their balcony one day. I ran out to see if he was OK and he was just laughing his a** off.
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    jmt08c wrote: »
    Walk around naked.

    you must live across from me

    I'm not that
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    My neighbor always has a sun visor on... even when it's snowing/raining/cloudy etc... :warning:
  • helenarriaza
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    My old neighbour was a raging alcoholic with some pretty serious mental health issues. Things I saw him do:

    1. Abuse the goldfish in my pond. I mean literally leaning over the fence screaming "You think you'rs so &*^$ing good, swimming up and down, you come over this side of the fence and I'll &^%%ing have you!!"

    2. He would sit in his car, in the garage and rev the absolute hell out of it. One day he knocked it into drive and smashed it straight through his garage door - from the inside.

    3. He would order a taxi, forget he ordered it then come out and scream at the taxi driver waiting outside his house for "spying" on him.

    4. One time the cops had popped around to see my flatmate to get a statement about an incident at her work. He saw the car out front, assumed we were complaing about him, and took to it with a cricket bat.

    Sounds fun. The goldfish thing has me laughing in the middle of my office.
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    So gross! I caught the neighbor eating boogers
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    My neighborhood is an interesting one, I can't wait to move.

    1. Left (first house), neighbor's wife is nuts, she went to spas and bought expensive stuff and her kids were wearing rags. The kids were our friends and I babysat her daughter free for about 2 years until she got jealous she was chatty, learning english and loved being in my house. She got into some sort of religious cult and decided to leave her husband on Jan 1st, taking out all of the furniture. About a month later she came back, without furniture.

    2. Left (second house) A woman used her backyard as a rental property and all of a sudden the whole street was full of trucks carrying lumber (yes, lumber), also her husband had some sort of shady businesses or some really bad luck that the house was raided about 4 times by cops, caught fire twice, was demolished and rebuilt, about 2 people died in it as well as it held huge parties and a funeral (his funeral). Also she had a bunch of angry rottweilers who loved lo be out in the street leash-less; one of them bit my brother and the lady came to us demanding money to pay for the dog's trauma (not even joking). ATM she's flaunting $$$ but she does not work, expecting another raid soon.

    3. Front (first house) woman with young daughter, no husband but from wealthy family was on the mission to set up the daughter with the best man possible, since the girl was a looker but not much of a thinker. All of a sudden she went on a trip to the US and was expected to return in a week, that was about 8 years ago. Turns out girl ended up pregnant from the worse guy, dropped out of university and started renting out the house, now all of her tenants are leaving her since she was spending the rent/utilities money on booze; left her kid alone at the house without food and their power/water/disposal services were being constantly cut off.

    4. Front (second house) is a house about half the size of mine but somehow a complete family lives there per room (about 20 people live in the house), they all have cars and park them EVERYWHERE. If there is a birthday/funeral/holiday/prayer circle it is awful since they clog up the street. Parents were hard working people who broke their backs giving them education and proper things and now they are all a bunch of brats raising brats.

    5. Right (first house) are apartments, usually families switch but 2 have remained. One is a former nun and a priest that met through their preparation, 3 kids, 2 are great 1 is a complete stoner. The other family has a husband who has had the same job since the beginning of time, and was good before but now not so much.

    7. Right (second house) family of four, humble parents, hard working. Somehow the daughter thought she was too good for her family and she started asking for ridiculous amounts of money and impossible presents (trips, a super expensive phone, a car, language lessons, violin lessons), that the parents bought either way; she never took one class and she sold all of the stuff she was gifted. She requested a private university and the parents fought and paid for it, she didn't even enroll; parents went through some financial struggles and started renting out rooms and set up a store but she kept taking the money and abusing her sister in law. Got pregnant of 2 different (married) guys and left her kids in the house. Kicked parents out of the house. Father passed away, mother became ill and was left under daughter's care, she had already recovered but passed away later on from malnutrition. Sold the house, rents out one of its rooms. The son is a good guy, hard working, loving wife and 3 kids (despite 1 passing away), somehow he ended up in the middle of a fight of some relatives and the police arrested all of them, his record went to the gutter and he can't find a job.

    8. Back is a rental property, with 2 teeny tiny rooms. First there was a couple, then their 2 daughters, then the grandmother, then a cousin, then a sister in law and her 2 kids. They are some sort of hoarders.

    Yeah, I'm not much at home; did I mention that?
  • helenarriaza
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    Not a neighbor but on the other side of the block there's a crazy cat lady. We've had to actually go to her house and retrieve our cat because she catnapped her...

    Me. I stole a cat that was being abused by the neighbor's kid. She came banging on the door demanding the cat back and my parents told her we had already given him to someone.

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    askeates wrote: »
    The next road over is an older woman that just retired last year. She has decided her new job is to be the caretaker of all the wild cats in our neighborhood..... She has created a cooler city for the cats in her front yard (have ya ever heard of taking the styrafoam coolers, turn them upside down, cut a door out, and then you have an instant cat/small dog house)..... If it was 1 or 2 during the winter it may not seem so strange.... but we are talking year round cooler city! Rows and rows!

    That is actually quite nice, I can't imagine the smell though. Cat urine is hard to clear.

  • perform a sun worshipping ritual balls naked at 5am this summer. definitely not yoga
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    I'm going to spare you all my craziest neighbor story.

    But, I have a neighbor situation. The people in the apartments across from me left a note on my adjacent neighbors door telling him to stop throwing cigarette butts on the ground. Then he left an angry response on the ground between our apartments. The neighbors that left the original note moved away. But, the smoker neighbor is a huge grump to me now. I don't even want to try and correct it because I don't want to talk to that grump now.
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    Light his palm tree on fire cause he was tired of the debris that was falling from it.
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    My neighbor is one crazy *kitten*. She ripped down part of our fence before in front of us, and proceeded to start a fight about it lol. She ran away from the cops trying to talk to her about a few incidents. She hit someones car with her car, and just sat in her car refusing to come out till the guy gave up and left. She throws out all her trash from her car all over the street. Never picks up after her dog.

    Basically shes quite the gem.
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    At my first apartment, someone in the building across from mine was building pipe bombs. I was sitting at home one night and started seeing flashing police lights outside. Go and look, I can see them in full on bomb gear going in & out of the apartment. Eventually they took items into the field next door and blew up the bombs with a little robot.
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    I think I have been that crazy neighbour.... when I was a teenager, my family had a barbeque, and my family is kind of cursed in that every time we have a barbeque it rains (well maybe that's just how it is in Britain lol...) - and my family will insist that barbeque food *must* be eaten outdoors, no matter what the weather.

    So there we are, in torrential rain, total downpour, eating a full barbeque meal at the garden table under the "sun" umbrella (which didn't offer adequate protection from the rain and we were getting totally drenched, although we were managing to keep our plates from getting flooded).

    Anyway, our neighbour comes out of her house, dressed in a full sou-wester, plastic mac and wellie boots shouting after her dog... She stopped and just looked at us and then said "Well I must say, that's very British!", grabbed the dog and ran back in.

    My own stories of crazy neighbours....

    well the first place I lived in after leaving home.... shortly after moving in I found out that one of the neighbours had been tried but not convicted for a series of notorious murders; the police had screwed up the evidence and he had actually confessed but it couldn't be admitted, and no-one else had been tried for this crime. As in it's likely that he did it but the police couldn't prove it.

    Totally different kind of crazy.... when I lived in Saudi Arabia, one morning I was awoken by the sound of a chicken. Went into the back yard. There, indeed, was a chicken. Chickens do not live wild in Saudi Arabia, and our apartment had a ten foot high wall all around it and this chicken couldn't fly so it was a complete mystery as to how the heck this bird had got there. A bit later, there was a knock on the door. It was the upstairs neighbour asking if we'd seen their chicken. Turns out, they kept chickens (in their upstairs apartment!!) and this one had fallen out of the window and that's how it got into our back yard.
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    I love all of these stories lol!!

    My story isn't as "crazy" as it is just plain creepy and weird... when I was about 16-17, I went outside in my backyard to tan. My neighbor was outside barbecuing and drinking vodka straight out of the bottle. Just for a little back story, he moved in with his wife and 2 kids (one of whom was my age) about 10 yrs ago at the time, so me and my family knew him and his family quite well. He was a really nice guy, always offering my dad help with anything he needed if he was outside working or whatever. Anyways, so I'm just outside laying down and tanning, when he comes up to the fence and calls me over. So I go over and he is obviously hammered, can't even talk. Long story short, he started saying some VERY perverted and just plain gross stuff to me.. to a 16 yr old girl! And he's like, 40 or 50. So gross. He even went ahead and said something along the lines of "I watched you grow up into the beautiful girl that you are"...

    Anyways, I'm sure he didn't remember any of it 'cause the next day he waved and said hi to me like nothing happened LOL... I told my boyfriend, pretty much right after it happened, and needless to say it took me a lot of effort to stop him from going over his house that day... :p
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    winf wrote: »
    My neighbor has been arrested about 5 times in the last 6 weeks, lol

    I think I've been to your neighbors house.
    We get folks like this all the time.

    My neighbor.......he's 81yrs old and a few weeks ago I watched him stalk his 80yr old wife with a water blaster water gun. Soaked her from head to toe. My Wife and I laughed for an hr straight. I was also told not to get any stupid ideas.

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    Back in 1999 i had a neighbour that actually use to pull her pants down and *kitten* on her own front yard at midnight..... still to this day dont know why:/
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    I was on my second-floor porch at my old apt. and something caught my eye in the window next door. My neighbor was washing dishes and her husband was knelt down behind her, pulling her pants down just a few inches and was kissing her butt cheeks!

    what's weird about that?
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    Well... my neighbor is kind of the gardener and painter of the whole neighborhood. When he does ny of this two wither for any of the people or himself, he dresses himself as a man who's facing some sort of biohazard... Gas mask and everything, and I'm not as close as joking as I would like. Oh, come on, not joking at all. That man is crazy