craziest thing you have witness your neighbor do?



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    this crazy *kitten* chick that use to live across the street from me once ran out side butt naked while in the middle of fighting with her boyfriend
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    I was on my second-floor porch at my old apt. and something caught my eye in the window next door. My neighbor was washing dishes and her husband was knelt down behind her, pulling her pants down just a few inches and was kissing her butt cheeks!

    what's weird about that?

    Yeah, that's the opposite of weird.
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    Right now all my neighbors are cool. Pretty sure we aren't the crazy neighbors because they invite us to stuff, and stop us in the hall to talk, and etc.

    Previously, however in another place I lived, I one time came home from an early morning trip to the market with my baby (now my kid) on one arm and the bags in the other. My neighbor who I thought was blind or partially blind due to the way she walked and how her gaze was, seemed to suddenly try to push me or my baby (?) over the railing from the third floor where we lived.

    I went in my door after we crossed paths (the keys were shaking in my hand like a scary movie) and when I looked thru the peephole, she'd circled back and came up to stare in my peephole backwards. So I woke my kid who was on the couch told him what happened and drove to hubs work. He was as shocked as I was and came home to talk to the building manager about it when he was off. We all were puzzled and I admitted it was so shocking that by the end of the day I was questioning whether it had happened like it seemed.

    In the weeks that followed hubs kept informing me that she was odd, and walked oddly and etc. I kept saying, perhaps she's blind. More than she thinks? He is around the public a lot and insisted that was not it.

    One day as I walked out back (our building had a walking path) she had an umbrella for some unknown reason...and crossed over the dog lawn to my side of the path and took a swing at me? the baby's stroller? I wasnt sure what? So I directly stopped her as she passed me and demanded she explain her behavior. She denied it and the look on her face I beleived that she beleived her own lie. So I went to the building manager and they sent the maintenance guy who went running. He came back saying "yes, she is denying it and beleives YOU had an eerie conversation with HER!" I could understand why if she honestly did not recall doing it due to some kind of psychosis or whatnot. They did remark how odd to be carrying an umbrella that sunny day, and that they saw her head down the hall significantly after I'd been walking back there that day.

    My car was keyed that month.
    There were strange sounds that month.

    Eventually she was caught lunging at a family with a baby directly in front of the manager's office seen right through the giant windows. The family was all present including the father and with so many witnesses they immediately made a police report and informed me she was moving out of her apartment as "suggested" by them.

    A week or two later I had to go to the leasing office to ask..."Remember when you said she was moving out of her apartment?" Manager: "yes". Me: "Well why did you guys allow her to move right next door to me on the OTHER side of my unit?" Manager: (jaw drop) What the Hell!?

    I kid you not, the apartment manager was so shocked she actually broke professional protocol and cussed right in front of me and then stood up and paced profusely in sheer anger that, that had happened. Me, "I saw her today as I left my apartment and I thought I was going crazy when she was coming out of the door next to mine on the OTHER side from where she just lived. It was a twilight zone moment." Manager checked her records and when she saw the unit she'd been assigned right next door to ours, that's when she started pacing. She seemed to get flushed a little too. It was an awkward as all get out situation.

    She let me stay in there and opened a room usually closed by that time for me to wait in until my husband came home so I would not have to go back alone and be in there alone since we were now at our wits end as to what we were dealing with.

    Next day they told me they "handled" it by contacting her parents who'd rented the place for her and they'd agreed to do things outside the ordinary to remove her from there since she had some mental condition which was of course none of my business. No matter though, now we were all certain she was gone and management said they personally watched her leave.

    We continued living there for years and everyone else was nice. Except for the new crazy lady couple years later who rollerbladed on one skate in a bikini top even in the winter even at her advanced age and with her tiny white dog. When her dog tried to bite me and then subsequently my kid, I had her removed from the building too. By now they knew I don't cry wolf, and I can spot crazy. This time around I trusted myself much more. They told me later this lady had a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom unit full of crazy that made it easy to evict her. I thought that was a very funny way to put it.
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    ^TL:DR...cathartic post about ACTUAL crazy ladies, not just online ones suspected to be so.
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    askeates wrote: »
    The next road over is an older woman that just retired last year. She has decided her new job is to be the caretaker of all the wild cats in our neighborhood..... She has created a cooler city for the cats in her front yard (have ya ever heard of taking the styrafoam coolers, turn them upside down, cut a door out, and then you have an instant cat/small dog house)..... If it was 1 or 2 during the winter it may not seem so strange.... but we are talking year round cooler city! Rows and rows!

    I laughed so hard.

    me too that one was funny....there were a ton of funny ones in here....this is a cool thread for a lazy weekend...thanks for all the stories guys, you make me feel like I live in suburbia.
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    i once saw a neighbor bang his wife. post script his wife is wild.
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    i once saw a neighbor bang his wife. post script his wife is wild.

    my neighbors once heard my husband bang his wife. post script his wife is loud.
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    when i hold my hand over your mouth youre quiet.
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    that just makes me louder.

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    i know you just cant handle it.
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    Well... my neighbor is kind of the gardener and painter of the whole neighborhood. When he does ny of this two wither for any of the people or himself, he dresses himself as a man who's facing some sort of biohazard... Gas mask and everything, and I'm not as close as joking as I would like. Oh, come on, not joking at all. That man is crazy

    If he's using certain kinds of spray paint, pesticides or other chemicals that are harmful if inhaled then that's probably why he's wearing a mask and any other protective gear he wears. Basic health and safety.
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    I can handle anything. Aks somebody.
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    Can't really think of anything too weird. Years ago, we had a neighbor who owned a horse and one day we just saw it chilling out in his front yard. My dad let my sister and I go over there and pet it (with our neighbor's permission obviously).

    Honestly, our neighbors have probably been subjected to a lot more weirdness from us than we have from them. We have a lot of property and sometimes I walk around nekkid in the summer, taking in the scenery.
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    Light a backyard incinerator on a day of high winds and over 100 degrees. And yes, it did get out of hand, at which time he disappeared and let others try to control it until the fire responders turned up.
  • Came home one night to heavily armed cops staking out our neighbor's house from the behind us neighbor's backyard. Thankfully staked out neighbor never returned and house was soon vacated.
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    I assume he was drunk cause I smelled alcohol. He asked could he perform oral sex on me and he would pay me and he got 200 to 300 cash on him right now. The next day he was friendly like nothing happened
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    He stole the downspout off the building next door. Seriously.
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    I saw a neighbor put up 10-year old fencing while watching another neighbor work out in skimpy attire.
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    Not move away / call the police
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    One neighbor always sun bathes in his tighty whities in his front lawn. :s