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  • Looking for MFP friends for motivation and support
  • I've been using the MFP App for several months and just now found the forums online. I'm doing this without much support so I'm looking for friends. Add Me!
  • KaroshiQueen
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    Looking for like-minded MFP friends to stay motivated:

    50 lbs overweight + diagnosed with severe anemia (genetic) - Must get healthy ASAP!

    40 yr old (grand?!)mother, Full-time IT professional, committed to the Slow/Real Food Movement, clean eating & sustainability, low carbs, staying in ketosis, natural probiotics/fermeted foods. (I make homemade kombucha!)

    Very Vegetarian/Vegan-friendly, I'm just not there yet due to the anemia issues. (One step at a time!) I support local farms/producers, don't eat at fast food chains or get groceries at Walmart/Big Box stores.
  • MyTurn2BHappy
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    Feel free to add me :D I'm here for friendship or support!
  • Hi Friends;
    I am new to MFP. Am looking for a diet buddy to help me stay on track. I need to lose 8-10 pounds by Thanksgiving (5 by Thanksgiving and 5 more by Christmas might be more do-able). I've done it before and need help getting back to it. Job less and stress lead me to not stick with my eating plan and have gained back about 7-8 pounds over the last year. Let's shred together! Is there someone on this site to go buddies and checking in?
  • Cantaloupe321
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    I'd love some more if anyone is still looking to add more.
  • mmmmcupcake_
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    I'm new to MFP and looking for motivation and support. Feel free to add me.
  • Hello Everyone! Looking for new friends. Send me a request or message!
  • Nona240
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    Mee!! :smile:
  • onelentilatatime
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    Me too
  • hearthemelody
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    Oh sure, I could use some love!
  • Drea_h85
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    Need more friend to get me to drop the donut! sTAT!
  • keto_1961
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    I would love to connect with other who are trying to lose weight and maintain their losses. I am currently on a ketogenic diet and am interested in comparing notes with others who are limiting their carbohydrate intake significantly.
  • PowerAJS
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    If any of you want to add me, I'm always down with expanding my social circle on here. I'm active and log almost daily.
  • OllyReeves
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    Always happy to have more friends :)
  • Edie30
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    Add me! I don't know how to add people!!! :-)
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    feel free to add me!
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    Feel free to add me :)
  • could always use more friends for encouragement.
  • Trishism
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    I'd love more friends!