Over 200 New Year New Me Part 48



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    Hey everyone just wanted to check in..I know it is late..but I am all hyped up on coffee getting this project done for my class. SUCH A PROCRASTINATOR!!

    So I have almost gained all my weight back... went from 12 pounds lost to 2 pounds lost AHHHH..The moral is low, but I am still trying, I am still here. Just need to break out of the my laziness and maybe get back with the dancing games, because they helped me before. I think losing a pound at this point could really boost my confidence!!

    VENTING STARTS HERE-Sorry to vent you guys but I really don't talk about my personal stuff with many people and I just feel like I need someone to listen to me lol.

    Okay. I have just been really stressed lately at home with school, it is my first semester at a 4 year university...my classes are way smaller than I am used to so I am getting way more academic attention than I am used to ..so the pressure to really do good is on...on top of the fact that I must get good grades to keep my scholarship..plus moving here to MA from CA a week before school started REALLY helped the situation.

    Also a lot of family drama..my dad (60) has started dating a 31 year old and my sisters (37 and 40) have been on the phone with me almost everyday raging with disgust ...( which is hard because I was the only one out of the 3 of us to be raised by my dad, so we are super tight)...and is also hard because they want me to pick sides and to talk to my dad about it which really makes me uncomfortable because I am really a non-confrontational person. But to be honest it really does bother me, I have seen pictures of her and almost all of them are of her in super tight mini skirts or dresses..I just get the feeling that she doesn't have good intentions with my father.

    So to make the dad-dating-situation a little more confusing..my dad has known this woman for about 5 years he says. So that made her super young! And she has a 2 year old son...that looks like my dad, I know I am jumping to conclusions...but you never know he has a friend his age that just had a baby...

    This is some soap opera stuff isn't it?!!

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    Nancy -- My due date is July 16th but I'm pretty much just thinking of the entire month of July as my due month so I don't build up all this expectation for July 16th & then go "overdue." Also, so I'm not caught off guard if she decides to come a couple weeks "early."

    lstpaul -- Good for you for acknowledging something that could be turning into a problem for you. It can be really hard to admit something like that to yourself let alone to others! Last year I had started replacing food with cigarettes. The only thing that finally got me to completely stop again was the idea of a baby. It's really difficult to catch yourself with stuff like that when you have such a tendency for addiction like I do.

    Melinda -- Hope all is well at your next appointment. I can definitely relate about Mrs. Figg. My dogs don't understand why they can't clobber me and wrestle with me as usual when I'm on the floor playing with them right now.

    Andrea -- Good luck on your project! I know you did great. :smile:

    I was AWOL yesterday because I had new employee orientation all day. I'm still doing very well with making healthier food choices. I'm not sleeping well and last night was the worst night I've had yet as far as that goes. I'm completely exhausted today. :ohwell:
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    Andrea, that does seem very stressful. I don't think I would want my dad dating a much younger woman who seems to have wrong intentions. That is one of those things that you just don't know what to do. As for school just do YOUR best. That is ALL that you can do. Good Luck:flowerforyou:

    Julie, First baby's are the most unpredictable group of them all....and they are all unpredictable. They are infamously late! I personally have never had a late baby. But I have pretty good sized babies not as big as Debi's but good sized. I think I have told you this before but Ryan was due July 16 and he came July 11!

    Okay everyone look at my ladybug she moved........That means something came off the hips:bigsmile:
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    PM me and I will send you our wedding website, Im proud of it because it took so freaking long to make haha!

    Ill go try to find a ticker- my goal now for the wedding is 185 which is the weight I was when I met Bobby

    Still at 205 this morning and Im getting frustrated ....Onderland is so close I can taste it so Ill be good!
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    Hello sisters! Sorry I have been a bit MIA here lately. I’ve not been too focused on eating or exercising and not surprisingly, that takes away from wanting to post and connect. However, that’s exactly WHEN I need to be posting!

    Meokk – Congratulations!! What an exciting time!! Glad you’re finding support on multiple boards.
    Mstahl – That’s wonderful you’re looking for lower-body exercises only. Do you have access to an exercise bike?
    Jesyka – Welcome back! Congratulations on your new cutie. Glad you’re back and on track – little spurts of exercise add up.
    Lstpaul – Thanks for sharing such a personal thing. You’re right that you can count on us to hold you accountable. Acknowledging there’s a problem is such a big and important first step!
    Momma – As always, thanks for rallying us! WOOHOO for your hips loss!
    Cris – You’ll get back to Onederland soon – I know it!
    Deb – I hope the new house is good. I know you’ll be thrilled when that exercise center opens up. I’m sure you’ll be able to find the best time for you and an empty-ish gym. With it being so close, you’re sure to get there more!
    Blue – My STL sister….glad you are getting focused again and back on the exercise horse.
    Andrea – Sounds like a lot is going on. Look to exercise to get your frustrations out – not those yummy comfort foods! Stay strong and good luck with the end of the semester.
    Julie – So glad you were tracking again this weekend! You’ve done a really great job managing your weight gain with this pregnancy!

    Checking in for yesterday.
    Cals – Over…always over. 1881
    Water – 64 oz
    Exercise – Nada
    Proud – Had a second interview, I think it went pretty well. I’ll know for sure by next Wednesday I think. I’m currently applying for three different jobs – all within my current company. Lots of stress and anxiety, but I’m doing my best!
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    Stopping in to say hello. Having a very difficult taking coming to check in and read posts! :flowerforyou: I know your all doing great!
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    Good morning, ladies!

    Sorry I've been missing. I was off work on Thursday and too busy to hop on the computer. Yesterday I was playing catch-up and cleaning up the mess my co-worker made while I was out on Friday.

    Sherry: Thanks for sending me a message to check on me. It's much appreciated!

    Meokk: If you happen to read this, congrats! I love your baby ticker.

    Deb: Congrats on the huge loss last week. Take the credit for it and RUN!

    Cris: Love your wedding ticker! September is going to be here so fast...

    Jesyka: Welcome back! I've followed your pregnancy and Nathan's birth on Facebook, but it's nice to have you back here.

    Lauren: Fingers crossed that you get one of the three jobs!

    As for me, this weekend was full of junk food, but it was worth it. I'm up just a teeny bit from last week and am sure it will be gone by Friday. I spent the weekend at the Minnesota Horse Expo and had some good times with friends. Now it's back to the grind, but hopefully I'll be back to checking in daily.
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    :flowerforyou: Thanks for all your support ladies. It was really hard to admit my worries about having developed a gambling problem out loud (or kind of out loud in a post). It has really been just the last 2 months that I have been going too often (almost weekly), spending too much.... but boy those losses add up fast! I was justifying it at first to myself by saying it was a good thing - I was just 'treating' myself in a non-food way for every pound I was losing ... but the amount per pound kept going up until I couldn't justify it anymore! And I feel like I am lying to my husband by admission - not telling him how much I have spent, and I think that makes me feel the worst because I know he wouldn't be happy if he knew. It isn't like I spent the mortgage money or anything like that - but I did spend extra cash that we had that could have gone towards other things. Time to stop it now before it does get worse! It is weird though how much I still try to justify it in my head ... oh I can still just go and spend the free coupons that they send me ... which would be fine if I could trust myself not to spend our money too! I think it is really going to help me to have shared it with you guys because it was a tough thing to do.

    momma: woo hoo on the inches lost!
    Andrea: you have a lot going on, take care of yourself! that is a hard one with your dad - but he is a grown man and all you can do is be there for him, and hope his new girlfriend has good intentions and hopefully he is happy.
    mstahl: your dog sounds pretty sweet, dogs can tell when we aren't feeling well and want to help - even if it is making you crazy!
    Cris: for some reason I had it in my head that your wedding date was sooner - nice to hear it again to get that straight, the next few months are going to go fast!
    LIttlespy: by July 1 you will be ready ... at least I know I was ready a month before! but then I got scared and cried the day I was scheduled to go into the hospital to be induced - because I knew life would never be the same - but it changed in very good ways. :flowerforyou: (except when I am stressed about having a full-blown teenager! :wink: )
    Elmox: I realized that when I gained 20 pounds last year I was avoiding posting most of that time, it definitely helps to stay in touch here!

    ... oh I forgot the other things I was going to post, but I'd better get back to work
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    p.s. did NOT have a good food day yesterday. I was feeling kind of emotional about my realization that I had a gambling problem and made a lot of comfort food last night (meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn) and went waaaay over on carbs and calories. So the scale was up 3 pounds this morning ... I know most of that has to be water retention but I was still bummed because yesterday morning I was down. Oh well - I have until Friday to get the scale to move back down. I really want to hit my 20 pounds lost by Friday.
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    Okay yesterday when I was prowling around all day NO ONE!!!! Today I am gone and everyone comes back?

    Am I a thread Killer?:sick: :laugh: :laugh:

    It is nice to see so many of you!!!!!

    Cris I love that stinking adorable wedding ticker.:flowerforyou:

    Heather I think that is the key to success even the skinniest of people have these bad eating days, what keeps them thin is they get back to eating healthy and those sperts are occasional. My 14 yo who weighs 105 and is very thin but muscular and healthy looking will eat eat eat, then she will have days where she is nibbling. I think she subconsciously zig zags her calories.:laugh:

    lstpaul, I am proud of you and I know that you will hit your 20 pound mark this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Jess, it is nice to see you:flowerforyou:

    Lauren the right job is YOURS!!!!!!!!!!:flowerforyou: I am just having some faith for ya sister!!!
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    Oh man! forgot how hard it was to be able to type more than 2 sentences with a newborn around:laugh:

    Cris- YAY!! I'm so happy for you and your upcoming wedding :happy: I just looked at your wedding date and realized, you're getting married on my birthday :laugh: I think that means its an awesome day:wink:

    Mstahl- Thank you :) Time flies by so quickly it's hard to believe his cuddly little tush is already 2wks old today! Damn computer bag! Your mastiff sounds like our 6month old kitten right now, he hasn't taken too kindly to not being the baby anymore, poor thing has been in EVERYONE'S face since we brought Nathan home just looking for some sort of attention.

    Julie- I love your idea of looking at it as your "due month" especially when it comes to others with their well meaning "when is baby coming" "still haven't had that little one":tongue:

    Momma- Yes! for the lady bug moving hip loss :happy:

    Heather- Thank you :) I'm SOO glad to be back!! It feels like coming home all over again :smile:

    lstpaul- You realized, early I might add, that your gambling was presenting a problem. You're also talking about it, and seeking steps to remedy the situation. One night caving into the meatloaf and potatoes should never put a damper on the awesomeness that you showed by knowing you were trading one unhealthy lifestyle for another. You'll get a grasp on it all quickly, I know you will :):flowerforyou:

    So I've been adamantly logging everything since I came back, no matter how crazy it gets around here, I plan on sticking with it this time!! My eating habits seem much better when I'm conscious of what it is I'm putting into my body, I think it's more out of guilt and shame of seeing all the crap listed on my daily food diary that helps me avoid most of it :laugh:
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    check in -
    cals - 433 over :sad:
    water - bad
    Exercise - none
    proud - that even though i didn't do great today i logged everything , i didn't necessarily eat bad things , just more cals than i was allowed on top of not exercising today :sad:
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    :love: :flowerforyou: :happy: OH man! I love you guys so much! I'm so happy we're all on here together!:heart::smooched:

    Doctor's appointment went well! The nurse said I can use our eliptical machine as long as my arms have the range of motion (and if they don't to work on it) just don't actually WORK the arms for a few more weeks -that's WAY better than I thought i'd hear! She said to just go for five minutes every few hours (the one I have at home) for a few days, then ten minutes and so on.

    To celebrate we went to this amazing little Thai restaurant near where I work and Ken and I shared three dishes. Oops. Then tonight I met friends at PF Changes. Over all I didn't do as badly as I had expected... And tomorrow I'll be able to move a little YAY!

    I moved Figgy's dog bed from our family room to our bedroom. She slept on it last night - she came over and snuffled me a few times to make sure I was still there - but didn't try to get up on the bed WIN!!!

    Checking in:
    Calories - over
    exercise - none
    Water - great!
    Proud - have you seen the desserts they have at PF CHange? I managed to say no!
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    Julie! My birthday is July 17th! I am hoping for one day late! :laugh:

    Andrea - It does sound like you have a lot of stress going on. Focusing on school may help get your mind off your father's issues. I agree with whomever said that he is an adult and makes his own decisions and all you can do is be there for him.

    Chris - that wedding will be here before you know it! And Maisie (sp?) will be two months old at that time! :noway:

    All the rest of my sisters - We're here together and we can do this!

    I had another great day. Woot!

    check in:
    cals: under a bit
    water: 90
    exercise: 45 minutes at the gym! Five minutes more than last week!
    proud: Another great day! :happy:
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    Andrea - I'm almost 30 years younger than my husband. We'll have been married for 25 years this fall. Of all the issues we've had, age is a minor thing. It's about personality and the ability to compromise and being able to be friends etc... Good luck! And remember we can't control others we can only control how we react to them.

    Also wanted to tell you guys they "expanded" me again today and evened out "the girls" - I feel like I'm huge because they're these mounds but I'm probably still below a B cup. It's a strange sensation when they add the fluid and I'm streatched tight but it's not really painful.

    Bluenote - you are BACK!
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    Good morning sisters!

    Holy crap it's been a busy week (this one and last one)! It's amazing how fast time goes when you actually leave the house for work. haha. I was a little worried about the lack of time I would have to workout, but at least these first few days have been hellacious workouts!! I spent 4 hours yesterday morning scrubbing (like hardcore scrubbing) filing cabinets. I think once things settle down and I get into more of a routine, it'll be easier to get real workouts in.

    And! Adam's sister said she was going to give us her treadmill. Woo!!!

    Next week should be more calm (hopefully) so I will try to be around more then.

    So great to see everyone posting!

    Checking in for yesterday:
    Calories - under!
    Water - not enough
    Exercise - Four hours of cleaning 100-year-old filing cabinets
    Proud - Getting the office put together, it's going to look amazing!
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    Thank you everyone for the advice and support, it is hard especially the fact that I can't control stuff like this. It is true, I do need to realize that I can't control the situation, but I can control my own behavior and what now. I need to tell my sisters that I don't want to hear about it anymore, that it is what it is...and if they want my dad to know something, they need to talk to him about it, I am not a messenger!! I don't personally have a problem with the age thing as much as my sisters since they feel he should not date anyone younger than his oldest child...I guess I can see how awkward that may feel, but in any case she is still older than me!!
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    :love: :flowerforyou: :happy: OH man! I love you guys so much! I'm so happy we're all on here together!:heart::smooched:

    My thoughts exactly!! I just love how supportive and encouraging this board is. xoxoxoxox for all of you!

    Andrea, I think telling your sisters you don't want to hear it is a great idea and will let them know you don't want to be part of the gossip.
    Teresa, WTG on all that cleaning and a BIG WOOHOO for the treadmill. That will be awesome to have.
    Mstahl, watch out girl - the girls are coming back!! :wink:
    Blue, you ARE BACK! I love that you're building back up to longer exercise.
    Momma, thanks for the faith with my job hunt. I've got it too - I've also got the anxiety! Must focus on more faith and less anxiety!

    Cals - 496 over, 2032 :grumble:
    Water - Only 40 oz. DRINK WOMAN!
    Exercise - Walked 2 miles
    Proud - Got some really great time with Jonathan last night. We've both been busy and a ilttle edgy, so it was great to connect through talking and couch (heyo!) pilates. :blushing:
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    Momma, thanks for the faith with my job hunt. I've got it too - I've also got the anxiety! Must focus on more faith and less anxiety!

    :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
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    This week is so busy with kids, college, field trips, projects due, and just regular everyday stuff that we always have. I am so tired. I had an incident the other night that I wonder if I should be concerned about. Sunday I started feeling very exhausted, I thought maybe it was due to stress and I brushed it off. Monday I exercised and did my daily routine. My husband wanted to take a walk after dinner and I did not want to but I did anyway. We are about 2 miles from home and I started feeling so tired that I did not think I could hold my body up. The hat on my head felt like a brick, I started to get light headed and a bit dizzy. My husband thought maybe I was dehydrated and gave me water. I drank a fair amount of water through out the day but it was a pretty warm day 80's. I drank and did not feel better as I walked I began to drag my feet , I could not pick them up. My husband wanted me to stay and he go get the car, I said noway I don't want to sit on the canal and wait 15 minutes for him to walk home and get the car I would rather just walk. As I walked I noticed my shadow and i looked "floppy" as I walked. My husband turns around and says "You are floppy, what is wrong?" My answer I dont know. We continued to walk and I continued to get more and more exhausted. My husband got very afraid and says in a frightened voice "YOU HAVE TO GET IN SHAPE. YOU ARE GOING TO END UP HAVING A HEART ATTACK" Longer story shortened I finally made it home and I could not do anything but lay down. After about an hour all of a sudden I felt fine. I said I feel fine now. husband's response your voice sounds normal now, it was so weak and listless earlier. I tell my sister about the incident and she scared me. She was worried something happened. I told her I thought that I would feel concerned and I did not I just felt exhausted. She says you may not have been in your right mind, because that sounds worrisome knowing our family history. (strokes, heart attacks, highblood pressure) She thinks i should make a dr appt. I think I feel fine now so why waste money when I have a ton of highschool/college expenses right now. Anyhow what do you all think?