Over 200 New Year New Me Part 48



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    Good morning, ladies:

    Lauren: So glad you and Jonathan had a good evening. We all need some special, low-key evenings with our significant others once in a while.

    Andrea: Love your attitude about your dad. As long as your dad is happy and his girlfriend is nice to him and his family, what does the age matter? Best of luck with school!

    I'm so happy everyone is checking in more frequently. Woo hoo! You're all so awesome.

    Checking in for yesterday:
    Calories: Over - family birthday celebration=too much ice cream cake!
    Water: 50.7 oz.
    Exercise: None
    Proud: I didn't eat the entire ice cream cake?
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    Sherry: I'm in the "better safe than sorry" camp and think you should make a doctor appointment. Just my two cents.
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    Good Morning! It's sunny again for the 2nd day in a row in Minnesota and it feels great! Maybe spring is actually here! I had my Nutrition class last night ... mostly about how bad transfats and high fructose corn syrup are on our metabolism, and how eating those as well as eating too many carbs/sugars at a time cause insulin resistance and then metabolic syndrome... and how extra sugar in our blood turns into fat when it can't be metabolized into our cells. And the good news is that stopping eating processed foods that contain transfats and high fructose corn syrup and eating less carbs can help to heal your metabolism. I realized that I have gotten a bit lax with weighing and measuring everything and need to focus on it again, plus I am usually a bit high on their recommended carbs so need to try harder on that (30-32 carbs per meal, 10-20 carbs per snack is their recommendation).

    checking in for yesterday:
    calories: good
    exercise: 20 minute walk which was good because I had to squeeze it in
    water: short
    proud: that I got the 20 minute walk in to pick my son up from school - even though I really didn't have much time and it would have been much easier to just drive.
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    I went to my first Zumba class last night! It was a lot of fun even though I'm sure I looked like a complete fool. I had a good time. Burned 502 calories. Not too bad for trying to get the hang of all the steps. I'm so uncoordinated!! I'm unfreezing my gym membership as well. They have a cardio kickboxing class that is offered now and I can't wait to try it. Got 2 of my friends interested in going with me. I'm ready to get back at this. I wanted to cry when I put on my work pants and they were so dang snug. I don't have any bigger pants and I refuse to buy more. This is why we throw out the fat clothes right?

    lstpaul-I missed your post earlier but just wanted to say it's a big step for you to acknowledge that you might have a problem and I'm glad you got it off your chest. Takes a lot. HUGS! What a scary incident the other night. I'm with Heather. I say better safe then sorry. I would check it out just in case.

    Momma-You are NOT a thread killer! We love you!

    Jesyka-I've been following you on facebook as well. Glad to see you back here! You are an amazing woman and mother!

    mstahl-Glad to see you back and recovering well. Congrats on the go ahead to start working out again slowly. That's great news!

    blue-I've missed seeing you!!

    andrea-I haven't got to "meet" you yet. HELLO!

    Lauren-I know your interviewing for a new job. Good luck to you! I hope you get it!
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    Sherry -- Get your happy butt to the doctor! That's an order. Symptoms like that are nothing to play around with. There are plenty of simple things it could be like you're anemic or were dehydrated, but there are whole list of other things with similar symptoms that could use a good check-out from the doc, you know? :flowerforyou: Learn from my brother! I gave this same speech to my dad a couple weeks ago. He had symptoms of a mini-stroke but then felt okay the next day (so he claimed). His blood pressure is through the roof. His MRI turned out to be just fine but now we know it was likely an isolated incident and as soon as he gets his BP back under control, he'll probably be just fine. If it hadn't been for my brother, I don't think we could've convinced my dad to go to the doctor to see about it.

    Jess -- Yes, that's why we get the fat clothes out of the house! But thank goodness I still had a couple pairs of 16s because they're the only pants I can wear with a belly band right now (Yeah... I'm pretty sure there's no biological need for my thighs to grow during pregnancy. But they definitely have. :embarassed: :laugh:).

    Lauren -- Hooray for a great evening with the hubby!

    Heather -- Oh dear. Mmmmmm, ice cream cake.

    Melinda -- Glad to hear you & Mrs. Fig came to a compromise. And WOOT for bigger tatas!

    They're trying to kill me at work. I'm swamped. I'm trying to get my desk cleaned off before maternity leave, not piled even higher! :grumble:
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    momma: I think you should see a doctor. You are probably right and it was nothing - (maybe low blood sugar?), but it is definitely better to be safe than sorry especially with family history.

    redneckwmn: I need to try Zumba again. I did it an abbreviated class once when it was part of a 'jam' session (where they did a different class every 30 minutes). I felt kind of dumb because I'm not very 'dancy', but who cares! I loved the turbokick class that I used to do - but now it isn't offered at a convenient time. You can make those pants fit comfortably again!

    My brother is having debates with me over information from my nutrition class... he always has to argue everything, brothers! :laugh:
    Anyhow - I thought our latest debate was worth mentioning about sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame are a big no-no in my class. They recommend Stevia, or just a little maple syrup (although maple syrup has a pretty high glycemic index so I'm not sure of why the recommend it - unless it's because it is better than sugar and natural). My brother wanted to know about Agave Nectar. My instructor said that even though it has a low glycemic index - Agave nectar is bad for you. It’s not traditional, not natural, highly refined, and contains more concentrated fructose than high fructose corn syrup. Of course that is an opinion based on various studies ... but there may be other contrary studies.
    I just thought I would pass that on to the group.
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    redneckwmn: I need to try Zumba again. I did it an abbreviated class once when it was part of a 'jam' session (where they did a different class every 30 minutes). I felt kind of dumb because I'm not very 'dancy', but who cares! I loved the turbokick class that I used to do - but now it isn't offered at a convenient time. You can make those pants fit comfortably again!

    I'm not dancy either but it is fun! I can't wait to try out the kickboxing class that's offered at my gym now. I say go for it! Thanks for the encouragment. These pants WILL fit again!
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    Sherry - you're fine now right? So there's no reason to be afraid to call the doctor's office and get in ASAP. It could have been something serious and you will never forgive yourself if it was your "freebie warning". Your friends and your family need you healthy and you should treat yourself the same way you would advise a good friend! :heart: :heart: :flowerforyou:

    For someone recently allowed to exercise I've not left the couch yet today. Ok maybe a couple times but generally I've been pretty sedentary! I have GOT to get up and move! SOON!

    For my fellow nerds I'd like to say -
    May the 4th (be with you). and a very happy Star Wars day!

    Jessica - you are RIGHT that IS why we dumped our clothes as soon as we skinnied out of them! I'm down to two pairs a pants and some skirts that fit me and I'll just have to go back to work looking all skankie if I don't drop 20 lbs pretty fast! I will NOT buy more clothes! NO WAY!

    Plus I really need to get the back to that beautiful 172 before I have the final reconstruction surgery so they can make sure the new girls match the body better! Who knows what lumps or bumps might be hiding below a layer of fat!
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    Crazy crazy crazy!!

    I'm the utility player at work this week (and probably next), so I'm running, running, running! (I don't even have a computer or a phone yet hahah)

    The more I'm around though, the more I know that this is a good fit for me. Great people, great vision, and soon to be AMAZING office! All in good time :)

    I promise as soon as work stuff evens out, I will post more actively.

    Way to keep moving, ladies!

    <3<3 Teresa
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    Momma - I vote for doctor visit! Just to make sure it is nothing!

    I am super happy to be back and am so grateful to have found you all! With that said, I did overeat today - too much bakery bread! :embarassed: At least it wasn't chocolate!!!

    check in:
    cals: over by 300
    water: 70-ish
    exercise: 30 minute walk
    proud: We're all here!
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    Momma - I am with everyone else, i say go get checked out.

    jess - i hear year, since i was like in between sizes(22 and 24) i hadn't gotten rid of my 24's yet, now i can't squeeze in my 22's :sad: but i will get back there

    Did good today, i ate under cals, (with exercise ) i dd 40 min with kinnects at lunch (297 cals) and then took a walk with the family and burned another 175 ....whooohoo

    Work is freaking crazy right now, i jsut wanted to cry i have this proejct everyone said it won't be bad but it is soo much work and i have little time to do it, and i have all these other stuff. Plus another big project went live this week and been stressful
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    Quick Check in then I'm going to try to sneak upstair while Figgy snores on the couch (not one she's supposed to be on but oh well!)

    Calories - over by a few but I'll take it!
    Water - very good!
    Exercise - FIRST DAY AND... and.... zero :(
    Proud - I was sooo hungry and Meghan had this peanut butter cheese cake she was playing with for HOURS this evening. I took two bites but that was it and I didn't have any extra's with dinner.

    Deb- good luck on the project I know how those go!

    Blue - 300 over? You're doing AWESOME! That's like two slices of bread - you are back on it my friend!
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    Just popping by to say hi! I'm moved into my new apartment and finally have the internet up and working again. Now comes the long haul of getting everything put away and organized and decorated.

    I probably won't be on much over the next week - my friends and I got a beach house and then I graduate! :noway: I'm still in shock that graduation is so close. Really looking forward to being at the beach next week...I even bought my first two-piece bathing suit since I was about 6. It's still a full-coverage tankini, but it is adorable and I'm actually looking forward to wearing it.

    Hope you all are well, will try to check in over the weekend.
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    Good morning, ladies!

    Whirlwind week weathers on! (woo! alliteration!) Quick check in and then I'm off. This weekend will be well-earned for sure!

    Calories: Under!
    Water: ~60oz
    Exercise: 30 minute walk with Mr. Gunner
    Proud: I skipped the ever-tempting Jimmy John's for lunch and got a Chicken with hummus plate from Starbucks instead.
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    Good morning, ladies:

    It sounds like everyone has been having some good "wins" this week! Yay!

    Allison: The beach house sounds awesome. Beaches and swimsuits are distant memories for those of us in Minnesota! Enjoy your graduation ceremony if you don't get a chance to check in before then! Congrats!

    lstpaul: I've also heard about agave being worse than other sweeteners. I've personally only had it once and didn't care for it. But, I do like maple syrup on my french toast! (which I eat every other Sunday)

    Jess: You're not dancy? What about all of your two-steppin', lady?

    Teresa: So glad your new job is such a good fit for you. That's awesome!

    Melinda: You only had a few bites of peanut butter cheesecake? That's a HUGE win! Nicely done!

    Last night for dinner, I had a chicken fajita bol from Chipotle and LOVED it. I only had a tiny bit of rice, lots of veggies and salsa, and a little bit of cheese and sour cream. Next time I'm getting rid of the rice completely; it wasn't worth it being in there at all because everything else is so much better. I felt light, satisfied and happy all night after eating it, so I've decided they're my favorite "fast food" restaurant now. Yum!

    Checking in for yesterday:
    Calories: UNDER!
    Water: 50.7 oz.
    Exercise: Walking at volunteer work for 3 hours.
    Proud: I listened when my body told me it wanted veggies for dinner!
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    Good morning! So good to see our board active again! And I agree with Heather - lots of wins all around this week! :bigsmile:

    Need to be super focused today, so just a quick check-in for yesterday.
    Cals - Over, by 423 - UNDER maintenance, which is actually a huge win for me lately
    Water - 88 oz
    Exercise - None
    Proud - `Took some much need me-time last night and just crashed on the couch. I didn't get home until like 8, so the gym was ruled out. HOWEVER, today is the first day of free yoga in Bryant Park, so I'm super excited to go to that today.
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    Just sharing a bit from my latest newsletter from my Nutrition class - I think there are only a few of us in menopause or peri-menopause but this info may be helpful:

    'In my experience, there are three basic solutions to help menopausal women sleep.

    First, I recommend adding a bedtime snack of 1/2 cup of fruit and 1/4 cup of nuts or 2 tablespoons of cream. This snack will help balance your blood sugar and prevent those hot flashes during the night that wake us up.

    If the bedtime snack is not helping on its own, try adding a good quality magnesium supplement. You want either magnesium glycinate or magnesium citrate. Take 400-600 milligrams one-half hour before bed. Many of our clients find that once they start taking magnesium they sleep more soundly then they have in years!

    If you're still having problems after adding the magnesium, try adding USP progesterone cream. Make sure it is USP progesterone and that it does not contain parabens (Progest and Progestikey are two quality brands to try, both are 10% off through 5/31 when you mention this email). Take 1/4 teaspoon and rub the cream on your inner forearms, throat or upper chest. You want to rotate the sites nightly for maximum absorption. Do this one-half hour before bed. Many clients report that progesterone cream not only helps them sleep, but also is calming and balances their moods.'
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    checking in for yesterday:
    calories: good, carbs: good
    exercise: good - and hour of step at the Y
    water: didn't track - likely not so good
    proud: I was craving something after work and had a 2nd afternoon snack - but it was healthy and balanced and then I skipped my bedtime snack to stay under calories

    I'm excited today ... I'm wearing a button up shirt that I have never been able to wear before 'buttoned up' ... I usually wear it open with a tank underneath but today it is buttoned and is actually a bit loose in the waist, I haven't had an actual waist for years!
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    I'm excited today ... I'm wearing a button up shirt that I have never been able to wear before 'buttoned up' ... I usually wear it open with a tank underneath but today it is buttoned and is actually a bit loose in the waist, I haven't had an actual waist for years!

    WOOHOOO!!!! I love this feeling! WAY TO GO LSTPAUL!!! :bigsmile: :drinker: :flowerforyou:
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    lstpaul - wtg on the shirt !!!

    I am here, still nothing down from last week, but i am okay i am feeling good, had good workout, kinnects and walking and probbly will do more today. I am just about .3 bls from where i was last friday, so a little lower would make me happy.

    I know this weekend both sat and sunday i am going to be over, as tomorrow is our anniversry and sat we are going to this brazilian resturant with lots of meat. Hubby really wants to go and we got a groupon for 25 off (it isn't cheap to beign with ) then on sunday we are going to eat with my mom on mothers day.

    But getting right back into it and just keep chugging along.

    Today is the 1st day hubby got on the scale, he is like 10 lbs less than me :sad: Still that is up like 15-20 lbs up instead of my 25-30 lbs.