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Sixers Holiday Challenge - Week 2



  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member
    Good luck with finals Deb! You will do wonderful! And like I told comes first! Don't worry about anything else.

    I am finishing up a few things at my desk and then headed to the dentist. Still a little bumed about missing my workout, but I haven't had a day off for a couple weeks it's okay. So...if I don't talk to you anymore today, have a great evening and I'll talk to you in the morning!!!
  • nellienell12nellienell12 Member Posts: 325 Member Member Posts: 325 Member
    Deb, great job getting under the 200 mark. :drinker: I'm so proud of you. I can't wait till I can say that. I'm hoping by the New Year I can say it.

    Good evening other ladies. How is everyone doing tonight. Hope you all had a wonderful day today. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday, so I'm enjoying my last few hours in my 20's. I kinda want to go out to Chili's for dinner. I know for my cake I have really been wanting a Cold Stone cake. I know, I know, bad, but oh so good!!!:happy:

    Well, I ended with like 300 cals left for the day. Not going to eat anymore tonight. Here's my menu, I know breakfast wasn't all that great, but I need to go out and do a really good grocery shopping, plus I didn't have much time to make anything.

    B- Banana and hot cocoa
    S- 100 cal cheesecake bar
    L- Went to Burger King and got a Tendergrill and onion rings
    D- A rice and ground turkey bake, yum.

    Well, off to bed. Have a wonderful night everyone.:smile:
  • drtammdrtamm Member Posts: 427 Member Posts: 427
    Hey Ladies! Thanks for all the wonderful support. I am doing well. My Mother and I are at a hotel and enjoying some quality time. I have an interview tomorrow afternoon. I want to say that even through the stress, I have been keeping my regular workouts and food schedule.

    Well I better get some rest!

    Thanks again,

    Tamm :flowerforyou:
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    :flowerforyou: HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet daughter:flowerforyou: .....i hope you have a great day and enjoy life. even at 30 life is even greater.
    have fun on your days off. sit back and enjoy the ride.......
    i love you shanell happy birthday....:smooched: :heart:
  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member

    Well is going to be a weird day. No time to really post right now, but I will tell you more a little later.
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    i too will be back later for a longer post. making that chicken, bean, salsa crock pot dish tonight. smells good. MIL just came over she did something to her digital reciever again. she keeps changing the tvs channel and screwing it up. we keep telling her how to fix it. so i just got off the treadmill. told her i would shower and be there soon.
    back later
  • alliestar79alliestar79 Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    Happy Birthday Shanell!
    :drinker: :bigsmile: :heart: :flowerforyou:
  • Phoenix_RisingPhoenix_Rising Member Posts: 11,519 Member Member Posts: 11,519 Member
    Happy Birthday Shanell!:heart:
  • pdxmomof2pdxmomof2 Member Posts: 643 Member Posts: 643
    Happy 30th Birthday Shanell! :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:

    Have a wonderful day!

  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member
    Okay...let me vent just a little! Last night I went to the dentist...did good all day foodwise. Ended up being there FOREVER...then they informed me that I have to have an emergency root canal today. I went to the pharmacy and picked up some vicodin and went home to start most of you know takes about 1.5 hours and it was already 6:30. :grumble: My husband gets home with banana bread that our friend made us...I ate...not one piece, not two peices...the ENTIRE loaf! :sad: (I had the last piece this morning with breakfast). It was low fat...made with applesauce, splenda, and egg beaters...but still...the whole darn thing! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!??!! Apparently NOT thinking! But...I was in such a horrible mood and starving! Oh well...that day is gone. Today is better...but with the root canal right after lunch...who knows how the remainder of the day will be. I'm hoping to feel well enough to get to the gym for my Step class and if I feel well enough I will stay for BodyPump after which I missed yesterday. We will see. is the meal plan so far for today:

    Old Orchard - Healthy Balance Pomegranate Cranberry, 8 FL OZ 29
    Cream of Wheat - Instant - Maple Brown Sugar, 1 packet 130
    Home made - Lower Fat Banana Bread, 1/12 of loaf 180
    Total breakfast 339

    AM snacks
    Kashi Tlc - Baked Apple Spice Cereal Bar, 1 Bar 110
    Coffee - ground, 2 cup 0
    Nestle Coffee Mate - Coffee Creamer (Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel), 2 tbsp 30
    Total AM snacks 140

    Diet Coke - Soft Drink, 12 fl. oz. 0
    Carrots - Baby, 14 pieces 35
    Ae Yo-Lite Yogurt - Yogurt, 6 oz 80
    Home made basic salad with spritzer dressing, 1 meal 83
    Butterball - Grilled Chicken Strips, 3 oz 90
    Total lunch 288

    Dinner will be leftovers (there's lasagna, some chicken/pheasant and pasta, and some taco soup. I promise I will be good the rest of the day...I NEED to be!

  • PedalHoundPedalHound Member Posts: 1,625 Member Member Posts: 1,625 Member
    Happy Birthday Shanell!!

    Kristin, poor you :flowerforyou: That's no fun and double no fun having remorse about the loaf. We've all been there and you don't go there much. You'll make it up :bigsmile:

    Lauryn, nice to see you!! How are you??

    Cathy, nice that you can keep helping her :smile:

    I too must run this morning.. back later with more!
  • Phoenix_RisingPhoenix_Rising Member Posts: 11,519 Member Member Posts: 11,519 Member
    Aw Pedal, you are sweet to ask.

    I'm still in a foul mood. I'm not happy with my job, not happy with my home life... all around 'yuck'. It may be a winter depression, it may be a (slightly late) quarter life crisis, it may be my eyes are open to reality, it may be stupidity. Who knows? Just been a :grumble: lately, and trying not to burden too many people with my dumpy attitude.

    I'm sticking to my guidelines, mostly, and still not losing weight right now. Not sure why. Maybe I'm intaking too much sodium (craving spicy foods like crazy) and retaining water? Maybe it's my PMS deal and I'm just bloating? Maybe I'm building muscle and the weight just is re-distributing? Who knows. It's a bummer. Maybe a few pounds will fall off overnight.

    I'm still lurking in the background, trolling the Sixers board, reading and occasionally commenting. I hope you all are doing super well with your own weight loss goals and are having a happy holiday season!!
  • tjones7tjones7 Member Posts: 306 Member Posts: 306
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANELL!!!!!!!!!!!!::smooched: :blushing: :tongue:


    I worked out yesterday with my friends which was sosososososo hard. CHEATING DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!:tongue: my legs still hurt.
    afterwards I made tilapia and salad for everyone (so good) and I used italian which was hard cause I am a ranch person.

    today, i will clean my house adn then dance for 45 mins
    i've only eaten a snack bag of cheez it's because i fed i was runningf late this morning and did'nt have time to pack lunch or thing about food.

    i'm pretty busy but i think i'm going to eat chicken salad or subway for lunch i don't know i'm soosos tired and overwhelmed with work.




    HAVE A GREAT DAY:heart:
  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member
    Tan...I swear that lunges and squats are the absolute BEST exercises for your legs and buns...they totally shape that part of your body. Good luck!

    And thanks everyone for the kind words...I know I will be's just frustrating when it happens!

    Well...eating lunch quick and then to my appointment. If I don't check back today, I'll be on tomorrow...with a new weigh in...SCARY!
  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member
    Here's another recipe. Sounds SO yummy! I haven't made it yet, but it's on the list for this week...YUM YUM!!!!!

    Upside-Down Pineapple Crush

    PER SERVING (1/8th of dessert, about 2/3 cup): 135 calories, 0.5g fat, 296mg sodium, 30g carbs, 0.5g fiber, 18.5g sugars, 2.5g protein -- POINTS® value 3*

    Crushed pineapple, crushed cookies... this DESSERT is crush-worthy!

    One 20-oz. can crushed pineapple in juice (not drained)
    1 large (6-serving) package fat-free sugar-free vanilla instant pudding mix
    2 cups fat-free vanilla yogurt
    1 cup Cool Whip Free, thawed
    16 Reduced Fat Nilla Wafers, crushed
    Optional Topping: Fat Free Reddi-wip

    In a medium mixing bowl, combine un-drained pineapple, pudding mix, yogurt, and Cool Whip. Mix well. Pour into a medium serving dish (a large pie pan works well). Refrigerate for at least 1 hour, or until ready to serve.

    Top dish evenly with crushed Nilla Wafers just before serving. If you like, finish off each serving with a dollop of Reddi-wip. Enjoy!

  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    ok, settle down time for a little while.
    took shanell to lunch we had mexican. i had a mexican salad. it had lettece, grilled chicken, squash, a little cheese, tomatoes. it was so good. different than just a grilled salad. shanell had a burrto and refried beans. we both did well.

    i have been super tired lately. thinking that because my BP has been on the low low side. it has been a hard push at the gym. so this morning after i took son at 5 instead of going to the gym (today is my light day) i came home and ate breakfast and napped on the couch for 2 hours. woke up feeling much better. i guess i just needed the rest. again i am getting tired. going to take BP here shortly and see where it's at. keep a record of it. i decided on my light days i am going to do the c25k. i was doing my other running plan, but, sorta pushed a little too hard the other day and hurt my knee, so thought i would start again slower and build the knee better.

    changes here we go again. the whole thing is about learning and changing....what a pain, but, so well worth it in the end....

    off to do a few things. cathy
  • alliestar79alliestar79 Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    Kristen - Hope your root canal goes well.....and that you feel better afterwards.

    Lauryn- I am sorry you are feeling the winter blues.....I get that way every winter it seems. We are here to listen if you need us!

    Tan - If you have a step or a set of stairs, try Heel taps. I did about 100 of them today and i still feel the burn in my butt. lol. Just position one foot on the edge of a step (at a height you are comfy with) and with the other foot point your toes up and heel down and bend your other knee until your heel touches the ground then back up. Keep your hands on your hips for balance. OH and be sure to keep your knee and toe in line on the leg that is on the step. I do 20 reps and then switch sides for 5 sets each leg. Add height or weights to increase difficulty. I found this link to a pic of a guy doing them....i wouldnt reccomend the height he is at though.........LOL!!
  • pettmybunnypettmybunny Member Posts: 2,011 Member Member Posts: 2,011 Member
    Happy Birthday Shanell! How nice to have lunch with your mom for your special day.

    Kristen... Don't overdo it if you're not up to step. Root canals are no fun :grumble:

    Tan... Squats, squats and more squats! And walking sideways across a floor with a resistance band under your feet. Stepping on the band with one foot, lift the other behind you, using the band as resistance.

    Cathy, did you get to finish your workout after going to your MIL's?

    Lauryn... Sorry to hear you're grumbly lately. Hope things perk up for you soon. Is it the upcoming holidays. I don't love Christmas, and I find that I'm more snappish when it's this time of year.

    Off to start carting kids to activities... I have a big cake to do, so I didn't get my workout in. I only have about 400 calories left for dinner :sad: I did pick up lots of fresh veggies at the store... so I might make it yet! lol
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    AMY YOOHOO are you around????? trying your chicken crock pot for dinner tonight. about how much is a serving size? i had semi doubled the recipe to make more. DH says maybe around 2 cups is a serving using what it made not doubled and you saying 2-3 servings.
    thanks, cathy
  • DebLafDebLaf Member Posts: 248 Member Posts: 248
    Hi Ladies,
    Just a quick hello. I really feel like I'm out of the loop, not having time to post much. I didn't have time to exercise today or log calories, but I'm trying to stay on track. It's hard to keep up, since I didn't have time for my snacks & now I'm hungry & don't have ingredients for the dinner I had in mind. I can't wait until next week.

    Hope everyone is having a great day.:flowerforyou:
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