What was the worst thing someone said to you regarding your

My mom told me once "You looked so pretty when you were thin"
My grandma told me " Do you think he broke up with you because you gained so much weight?"
My son said to me " Mommy your stomach is getting bigger like that big fat guy. Are going to have a baby soon?"
( He is still so young he doesn't know yet though)

I think those are the worst. What have you got?


  • aWashCloth
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    When I was in grade 4, a boy I liked made a comment that he couldn't kiss me even if he was dared, since he wouldn't be able to get around my stomach. =\
  • My mother is always getting in nasty digs. A few weeks ago I told her when I was a kid I would go to the store that was near our house and buy a box of chocolate donuts and a can of whipped cream and just eat them. She says " oh well no wonder your so big"....................Yea thanks MOM.
  • jmelyan23
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    My niece asked me once "Why are you fat?" which did and didn't bother me because she was 3 at the time, but then instead of telling her to be nice, her mom (my sister-in-law) just laughed and told me how kids say funny things. I didn't find it that funny.
  • Mrrwmoo
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    Dad: "You sure you fit that?"

    Grandma: "She's big-boned. She'll never be small. She'll be huge when she grows up." What a downer, I was only 4 years old XP.

    Sister: "HER BUTT'S BIGGER MINE, LOL." Sister is 23 at the time, I was 12. Of course she's a size 0 and gorgeous ;D.

    Mom: *whispers and snickers to all my sisters* "She got big, didn't she? BIG!"

    Sister again: "Stop f*cking eating!"

    Auntie: "My God! Too big!"

    Asian families are so cruel ;D.
  • Shausil82
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    In high school, a guy once said I got uglier every year and since I'm very fat too, no one will want me. I cried for weeks because of what he said. D*uchebag.
  • sheisbrown
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    I had a doctor that once told me that I did not need to ever worry about getting osteoporsis because I was so heavy that simply moving was weight bearing exercise (which I guess, is good for the bones). This is not really terrible- just a strange thing to say to someone. I really didn't know how to take it. I found it to be a wierd passive agressive way to tell me to lose weight. Needless to say, I got a new doctor- one that was able to talk with me about weight loss in a real and helpful way.
  • sckrlov
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    I don't have actual specifics but they all come from my Mother and every single time I see her she has a snide remark about my weight. I have lost 17 lbs and about an inch everywhere and she said to me yesterday, "I don't know, it doesn't seem like you have lost any weight." She used to break my heart with every comment but I have learned to not let her get to me (most of the time) because I know I am working hard every day to lose this weight.
  • audigal2008
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    My mothers an evil B**CH and told me that she hopes she is alive to see my life ruined! Ohhhh and also 2 nights ago called my hubby and said your wife is dead to me! :drinker: cheers to her! EFFFIN idiot!
  • my mum has told me since i was about 12 that i was ugly...then after i had put on some weight at about 15 she changed that to fat and ugly...no wonder my self esteem is shattered still to this day....
  • Bf at the time grabbing my tummy saying "i thought you were working out"

    I was only 130 lbs! UGH. *kitten* hat lol
  • My son (6 at the time) asked me 2 months after the youngest was born, "Mommy why is your belly still fat when you already had the baby?"
    Sitting in an ob/gyn's office with my VERY pregnant friend, the nurse looked at me and said, "If you need an appointment we need to know you're due date and get all your files from your old doctor. Dr. X is very busy coming up because as you can see you are not the only very pregnant mom we have here."

    I walked out of the ob office and about cried... My son being 6 just didn't understand the concept of the belly not going away immediately after baby.
  • Many many moons ago, I used to babysit this little girl (maybe 5-6 years old, then). She told me once "You used to be a lot smaller before". It made me want to cry.

    Before I became pregnant, I had lost 80 lbs. When I had lost all that weight, my Grandma told me "I'm glad you lost all that weight, because you were really fat". I wonder what she's waiting to tell me now that I gained it all back.
  • Pocket_Pixi
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    My brother is a douche and when I was 12 and he was 10 we went out to see my aunt.. she had a 2 door car and as I was getting out my foot got stuck in the seat belt, I was heavier and it looked like I got stuck between the seats he actually said "so.. uh... do you need a little butter or should we call the fire department for the jaws of life."

    it was years ago but that is the one thing anyone ever said about my weight that hurt me..
  • "I'm surprised you get boyfriends so quickly. Men don't usually like fat women."
    "Your boyfriend must be into fat girls/a chubby chaser."
    "You'd be a knock out if you lost ____ pounds."
    "You're pretty for a fat girl."
    "I can understand why you'd want to lose weight."
    "Good for you that you finally see the perks of potentially being skinny."
  • BigDaddyBRC
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    DUDE! WTF, did you save me any beer?
  • harley0269
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    1) my mom told me once that maybe if i wore makeup more maybe my husband wouldnt cheat on me so much. (yep, we are divorced now)
    2) a guy on a first date once told me, that he dont date fat chicks, but since i had a pretty face, & owned my own home, & had a nice car, & fun toys (camper, etc) that ya, ok, he'd date me. (like he was doing me a favor)!
    ~ps. i was only 150 lbs at the time (i was thick but not fat)
  • sheisbrown
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    Also when I was a teenager- My dad told me- in front of all my male relatives- that I was so fat that i looked like I was nine months pregnant. (which I did not- by the way). I have long since forgiven him for this but parents- please note- that saying mean things about your childs weight will not help them lose it!
  • Ruby11222
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    Grandmother: "You're blowing up like a balloon"
  • sandy2006
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    An EX boyfriend told me I was fat and will probably get fatter like my family.
  • My ex told me to lose weight so he can love me and not be embarrassed of me.
    The best one: he said to me, while having sex ... "if you lost this weight (moved his hands to my hips to show me) you wouldn't be so bad. "