What's the saddest song you know?



  • Time in a Bottle. Especially knowing that he died shortly after writing it.
  • Local Boy in the Photograph -Stereophonics.
    Based on a true story af a guy they knew who commited suicide on a railway line.
    There's a line, "He'll always be, 23, but the train runs on and on, past the place they found his clothing" sang by Kelly Jones in a gravel-voiced crescendo. Simply awesome.
  • Maryjaneshoes
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    Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah. And more recently Adele, Someone Like You.
  • John Denver - Annie's Song - because it was played at my mum's funeral - sometimes it makes me smile and think of my lovely mum in a happy way and other times it makes me sob my heart out cos I miss her so much!
  • Lozzy_82
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    The first one that came to mind was Zero by Lamb:

    There's no one here today
    'Cause someone took the light away
    There's nothing in my heart
    Don't think I could even start to explain
    I can't stand the pain of losing something so much a part of me
    Though in reality you were hardly there in my heart, in my heart
    You were everything, everything

    In these few hours a breath of summertime has turned to winter rain
    In such little time all my hope has gone
    Will it ever be the same
    All I ever wanted was to see your face
    To see a little smile from my little one and let
    You know, and let you know
    You were everything, everything

    Babe I did all I could just
    To give you life
    I'd have done anything
    Just to give you life

    Out there in the dark your little spirit is lost without a home
    Oh don't be afraid I'm thinking of you, no you'll never be alone
    Someday, somehow, when the time is right
    May an angel smile upon me and give you life
    To give you life
    I'd give everything
    I'd give everything, everything
    I'd give everything to give you life
    To give you life
  • FairyMiss
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    "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton - but it's really the back story that makes that song tough to listen to.

    so very true
  • Sweet13_Princess
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    Adding two more!!!

    Photographs & Memories - Jim Croce

    Photographs and memories
    Christmas cards you sent to me
    All that I have are these
    To remember you...

    Seasons in the Sun - Terry Jacks

    Goodbye to you, my trusted friend.
    We've known each other since we're nine orten.
    Together we climbed hills or trees.
    Learned of love andABC's,
    skinned our hearts and skinned our knees.
    Goodbye my friend, it'shard to die,
    when all the birds are singing in the sky,
    Now that thespring is in the air.
    Pretty girls are everywhere.
    When you see them I'llbe there.
    We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.
    But the hillsthat we climbed
    were just seasons out of time.
    Goodbye, Papa, please prayfor me,
    I was the black sheep of the family.
    You tried to teach me rightfrom wrong.
    Too much wine and too much song,
    wonder how I getalong.
    Goodbye, Papa, it's hard to die
    when all the birds are singing inthe sky,
    Now that the spring is in the air.
    Little childreneverywhere.
    When you see them I'll be there.
    We had joy, we had fun, wehad seasons in the sun.
    But the wine and the song,
    like the seasons, allhave gone.
    Goodbye, Michelle, my little one.
    You gave me love and helpedme find the sun.
    And every time that I was down
    you would always comearound
    and get my feet back on the ground.
    Goodbye, Michelle, it's hard todie
    when all the bird are singing in the sky,
    Now that the spring is inthe air.
    With the flowers ev'rywhere.
    I whish that we could both bethere.
    We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.
    But the stars wecould reach
    were just starfishs on the beach

    They make me feel like a good cry!!!
  • maserati185
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    "Flowers" by Chris Young is a song in which a man is telling his wife how he should have romanced her but instead he was in the bar... how he's changed now... steady hands, got a job... He says he drove by the junk yard and saw their car. He reflects on how he forced her to get in it that night even though she pleaded not to... and how she died, at his hands. His guilt is incredible, as he ends by saying, "Lord, I’d take your place in this field of stone, if I only had the power... Look what it took for me to finally bring you flowers."

    Second to that, "Kill Myself" by Tim McGraw.
  • magichatter06
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    Sarah McLachlan ...Angel, from City of Angels Movie

    They have this song as the background music in the animal abuse commericals and both of those combined makes me tear up everytime
  • kjgarcia
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    I'm listening to one right now....How Do I Live by LeeAnn Rimes.

    It doesn't have any special meaning to me or anything, it's just sad.
  • - what hurts the most - rascal flatts (this song used to be word for word true for me and even though it no longer is, it's still a dad song in general)
    - how to save a life - the fray (i still relate to this song. "where did i go wrong, i lost a friend, somewhere along in the bitterness")
    - black dahlia - hollywood undead (most people wouldn't think this is a very sad song but when you take the time to listen to the lyrics and can relate by being a cutter, it's definitely sad)
    - the reason - hoobastank (not really a sad song but it makes me sad because me and one of my old friends used to sing it out loud on the bus every morning until he had to move away)
  • jrhstarlight
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    Lykke Li "Possibility" YES to the person who said this one :(

    Also the only song I love by Dave Mathews Fly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d4PzZ5bXYM
    Breathe Me by Sia
    Ryan Star Losing your Memory
    Sum 41 Pieces
    Britney Spears Everytime

    My happy sad song is Building a Family by Mark Isham to perk the mood up in here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni-bUMCKo4c
  • Thomasm198
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    The Fureys - The Old Man


    It always makes me choke up. It reminds me of my Dad :cry:

    The tears have all been shed now
    We've said our last goodbyes
    His souls been blessed
    He's laid to rest
    And it's now I feel alone
    He was more than just a father
    A teacher my best friend
    He can still be heard
    In the tunes we shared
    When we played them on our own

    Now I never will forget him
    For he made me "what I am"
    Though he may be gone
    Memories linger on
    And I miss him, the old man

    As a boy he'd take me walking
    By mountain field and stream
    And he showed me things
    Not known to kings
    And secret between him and me
    Like the colours of the pheasant
    As he rises in the dawn
    And how to fish and make a wish
    Beside the holly tree

    Now I never will forget him
    For he made me "what I am"
    Though he may be gone
    Memories linger on
    And I miss him, the old man

    I thought he'd live forever
    He seemed so big and strong
    But the minutes fly
    And the years roll by
    For a father and a son
    And suddenly when it happened
    There was so much left unsaid
    No second chance
    To tell him thanks
    For everything he's done

    Now I never will forget him
    For he made me "what I am"
    Though he may be gone
    Memories linger on
    And I miss him, the old man
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    Oh I cry also during:
    Wildfire; coat of Many Colours; and my son (who is an opera singer) singing anything, obviously it doesn't take much ;-)

    no-one has mentioned John Mayer and "goodbye my lover", it was on the radio when my husband was dying, and I used to have to stop the car when I was driving to cry. We played it at his funeral.

  • jetscreaminagain
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    Timshel by Mumford and sons and Baby Blue by Dave Matthews Band lately.

    Totally Landslide any version. Totally Pink's Perfect which I sing to my daughter. Both sides now by Joni Mitchell. And even Me and Bobby McGee.back during break up world. And The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel.

    Adagio for strings by Barber is right. And there's a YoYo Ma cello concerto by Mozart I think some movement and I never remember numbers. But it moves me so much. Totally embarrassed I can't name it but they used it in the PTSD episode of the West Wing.

    And. Embarrassingly, Danny Boy always makes me cry.
  • Iamfit4life
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    Simon and Garfunkel- American Tune

    But I so adore the song anyway
  • vaderandbill
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    Cat's in the cradle

  • ch178
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    Sissy's Song - Alan Jackson

    very sad
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    Currently playing: Just A Dream by Carrie Underwood