Guilt Free Chips and Salsa



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    GREAT IDEA! I already bring my own tortilla wrapped up in foil and ready!!! I buy the ole extreme wellness kind with only 70 calories!!! WE WILL WIN!!!
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    Looks great. Never thought to make my own.
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    luv this site.....thanks!
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    Great idea!!
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    Yummy! This looks awesome!
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    bumpity bump bump
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    thanks so much. I love me some tortilla chips, but cant ever afford the calories. going to make these soon with the leftover tortillas i have in the fridge!!!
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    Yum, yum!
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    sounds good
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    Thank you for posting, I LOVE salsa and tortilla chips but have never made my own chips yet! I'm going to try it this weekend!
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    The link for the original post doesn't have the chips on it... lots of other great stuff, but not the chips.

    I think that MFP changed the link address for my original post. If you scan through my MFP blog, though, you''ll find it.

    The short answer is:

    1) Cut 40 calorie tortillas into 8 slices.
    2) Lightly spray cookie sheet and arrange chips.
    3) Lightly spray top of chips with cooking spray and season with salt (and garlic and/or rosemary, if desired)
    4) Bake at 400 degrees until they start to brown.
    5) Remove from oven-- AND LET THEM SIT FOR A FEW MINUTEST TO CRISP UP. If you try to eat them immediately they'll taste stale. They get nice and crispy after a few minutes, though.


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    This reminds me of an old recipe I used to make, but it was cinnamon chips and fruit salsa. . . more on the healthy dessert side. I will have to post the recipe once I find it :) Thanks for this! I LOVE chips and salsa!!!
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    Thanks for sharing...gonna try this!!!!
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    awesome recipe thanks,

    also found out the chipotle offers a child size portion of their chips with their salsa for 120 calories total

    I love chipotle mild salsa , we also make home made pico de gallo with all different fresh peppers and tomatoes
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    bump for later :)
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    Now that you have the guilt free chips, you need our "incredible handcrafted award winning salsa". Our company is Salsa Patron based in AZ. Our salsa has won many awards for it's flavor, freshness, and chock full of veggies. We use anywhere from 17-32 fresh ingredients based on the mild to the hot!! If interested, email us at [email protected]

    I'll check you guys out!