Guilt Free Chips and Salsa



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    Thank you so much for this! :smile:
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    chips and salsa are my favvvvvvvorite food. Thanks for a way to indulge in my fave food without the guilt :)
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    bump! and bless you!
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    thank you for sharing! sounds sooo good.
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    bump... yum
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    LOVE chips and salsa! Will try this soon! Thanks for sharing
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    you can also make your own. With 1/4 cup of your flour of choice and just enough water to make a paste. use a regular spoon to portion them out. Roll them out on a floured surface and dust off excess flour. Cut them into triangles or squares and bake at 375 for 5 minutes per side, approximately. Depending on the flour type anywhere from 90-110 cals for all of it. Really yummy and you dont have to worry about any preservatives or other nasty ingredients. I have even used hot sauce instead of flour to give them a bit of a kick.
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    my only concern is that chips and salsa are addictive I may not be able to just stop at 150 Cal !!
    Great idea and post though, thank you for sharing
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    look delisshhh!!!! going to have to try this!
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    Oh I am so excited about this!! Thank you so much. I have a huge weakness for chips and salsa!
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    Here's my Pico De Gallo recipe to go along with the chips. :tongue:

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    Sounds Yummy!
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    What brand are your 40 calorie tortillas?

    Here in England they're way over that amount, but if I have a brand name I could do a search, or may even be able to find some to bring back at Loblaws during my upcoming trip to Canada.

    I use Mission Extra Think Corn Tortillas! 40 calories each and so tasty.
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    Here's my Pico De Gallo recipe to go along with the chips. :tongue:


    Thank you!
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