Guilt Free Chips and Salsa



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    Thank you!!!!! My favorite!
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    looks good! going to have to try this!
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  • i'll have to make these. thanks!
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    I am so making these tonight!!!
    But I just left Walmart on my lunch, I knew there was something I should have been looking for . . . Another stop on the way home I suppose.
    Waht brand is everyone finding for 40 cal each???
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    Bump! Sounds GREAT!
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    My dear friends. If you like corn tortillas and If available where you live, try yo buy Nopal tortillas (only 20 cal each) while normal tortillas are 60 to 110 cal each one. Si if you cut tortillas in 6 parts and bake them (without oil) each totopo (as we call in mexico corn chips) would be about 3.33 calories (almost nothing)

    In nopal tortillas only little corn is used and the main ingredient is Nopal (a kind of mexican cactus widely consumed in mexico and with lots of health benefits almost no calories in it (good to lower cholesterol, sugar, etc), taste is excellent, you would not notice the difference.

    Also try to prepare your own salsa or pico de gallo using natural ingredients (fresh jalapeño or serrano chile, tomato, onion, coriander, etc), processed salsa usually tastes artificial and have lots of sugar in it.
    I am mexican and I can give you lots of authentic salsa recipes.


    Thanks for the tortilla tip. I would certainly be interested in some authentic salsa recipes; please share!!
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    Yum!! Thanks for the post!
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